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  1. If you lot don't shut the hell up with your childishness and name calling I'm going to bypass the ignore list and put you all straight on my shun list. SEE HOW YOU LIKE THAT.
  2. I've got 90 now and I will beat you one day.
  3. They're not lazy, they're just really really shit. [EDIT]Gosh!
  4. Oh man now I'm a bit nervous again. This thread is a rollercoaster.
  5. Hello! I've got a question for YOU. Would Microsoft ban a console for having one of those do-it-youself hard drive upgrades? I put in a non-official 120gb hard drive about a year ago but that's the only modification I've made to my 360. Am I in DANGER?
  6. It's brilliant! Yesterday I got several different timeout messages, tonight I always get past the license agreement level but then get a general 'server connection error' or something. I love the way they feed you new bits of content, a bit at a time.
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