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  1. FUCKING HELL I think I just rendered all other music unnecessary! Chumbawamba (Amnesia) vs Slipknot (Before I Forget): "Chumbefore I Forget"
  2. AND ME PLEASE but keep it quiet yeah
  3. This one starts off incredibly, loses its way a bit, then pulls it all back together from the second 'hot dog/jumping frog' chorus to the end. Plus sometimes it gets the track name just right! "Hard Party Of Rock N Roll" - Prefab Sprout & Andrew WK
  4. I missed this thread the first time around - this website is incredible! (Sometimes.) I've tried dozens of combinations but here's one I'm particularly happy with. Even if you don't make it all the way through (and you should), at least listen to the first 40 seconds or so! "Sickness Look The In Anger" by Oasisturbed
  5. @ZOK All independent record shops with a physical store who have their own website. The RSD bureaucrats seem to be quite strict about this kind of thing, I know Norman Records made a fuss about getting offered some unsold dregs a few weeks after everybody else has picked at the bones. You might want to check the Twitter feeds of a few shops near you, I've just checked my local shops and it looks like they sold out of Bobbi Humphrey quite early on the Saturday!
  6. I looked at that one, also the Everlast album. They're both almost 40 quid! I might be interested in Hefner as that's normally priced, but I'm not making a special trip. I bet there are people queueing up now, not going to look for the photos on Twitter because it would be too depressing. Er, happy record store day everybody! I hope Vinyl Santa brings everything you want.
  7. You can find out here: https://checkmydeck.herokuapp.com Your Steam ID isn't your username, it's a 17-digit code hidden away in your Steam account pages somewhere. Then sort it by the first column (LC) (last checked) and the most recent additions will be at the top.
  8. Ooh, are people starting to put out guides to upgrade the storage? Have you got any links please?
  9. You've already paid! From the order email: Apparently my order is in the 22k realm, so I'll probably be waiting until 2024 or something.
  10. Jesus Christ! I'm sure this isn't news to most of you but it was to me - I was sure it was going to be necessary to install Windows on the Deck to access 'other' game stores but it looks like an absolute piece of piss to get other stuff working natively. Here's a 5 minute video which makes it look incredibly easy. I'm looking forward to wherever I fall in Q2 even more now!
  11. Me too! Wordle 229 2/6 ⬜🟨⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  12. CREW! Anyone around tonight? Need XP and LP - last chance to get to Bloodstone! (Except for @ryanski who's done loads!)
  13. The bar on the main Rivals screen with the LP, XP and spotlight scores? That updates in real time. We're so close guys. So close! I'm starting to think that they might have made this stupid game about dicking about with plastic instruments too complicated, guys.
  14. Hey crew pals, we've blitzed the spotlight songs this week - just need some more XP and LP and we'll be on course for Bloodstone!
  15. Any XP and LP is always valuable, especially in the higher tiers!
  16. XP is based on playing loads of songs forever, nothing else matters. LP is given at the end of each week, by being the best you can be in that week at each particular song on an individual instrument. Spotlight scores are bullshit unless you're a virtuoso elite bastard, because it turns out that Americans care a lot about being the best, don't know where that mindset comes from.
  17. Okay, crew - this is the last week of the season and we're within touching distance of bloodstone! I think we've rinsed the spotlight songs so we just need a few people to grind out some xp and LP. We can do it!!!!
  18. Good news! According to this list from Harmonix, your guitar is compatible. Bad news! You'll need a Rock Band Legacy Adapter to make the bastard work - which are also now selling for stupid prices. Mine broke about a month ago, so I fucked around for almost an entire day with a soldering iron before admitting defeat and ordering another one from CEX.
  19. Thanks a lot, @Pungee, you've cost me a lot of money! And I love it! I went for an i7-10700k and my first ever NVMe installation (two of them!) I'm still using my old 1070 but I'll be upgrading that when the new cards come out later this year!
  20. Mmm, I really fancy your PC. Is that weird? Please tell me more about it! What components is it hiding? Is it quiet under pressure? I might get one.
  21. I've sent him an invite, I assume he's still using the same account!
  22. There's a guy called Patrick something who I don't think is from the forum, and I haven't ever noticed him playing anyway- I could kick him out and add your boy back in? We added our 8-year-old last week because he's getting into playing the guitar/bass, so we'll definitely be playing when the next season starts! On a related note I'm after some wireless drums, if anybody wants to send me some 360/xbox one wireless drums then I will send you whatever you want in return (money. A small amount of money).
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