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  1. Listen, I don't care if every single one of you hates every single minute of the time you spend playing these dreadful songs this week. We're all going to have to grit our teeth and joylessly bash away at them for at least 12 hours a day - AT LEAST - if we're going to have a chance of taking our rightful place in Bloodstone tier alongside such famous crews as 'Smash Moth' and 'EMERGENCY ROOSTER'. Daga Daga Bush has done 9 songs already. He is spending his school holidays wisely.
  2. We've found our spare, it's just a basic plastic original one so you might want to strap some metal to it or something. PM me your address and I'll send it over, unless you'd rather have ryanski's indestructible one!
  3. XBOX CREW ASSEMBLE! I just drove Munty out of the living room with 30 minutes of weird high-pitched noise and beat her score on The Shins by 13000 points, we're within reach of the line but we need XP XP xP
  4. Yeah, it's shit and it looks like it's all yours!!!!! [edit] We've already got Carly Rae though, don't worry about that one.
  5. Has anyone got 'Zombie'? Pretty sure Munty's going to refuse to have anything to do with that turgid mess.
  6. We were going to get a load of XP to try for promotion last night, but then we saw a picture of the horrific digital t-shirts you got as a reward, and decided not to bother really.
  7. Was someone talking about needing the adaptor for the ION Drum Rocker? It's back in stock apparently. http://pdp.com/en/afterglow/rock-bandtm-wired-legacy-adapter It looks like it's only available from America so it'll probably cost a fortune to get it sent over but at least they're making it again. [EDIT] and they'll only ship it to Canada, Mexico and the US. Er, sorry.
  8. The promotion line is around 90%, so we need to get at least 80% on the spotlight scores before XP even matters for promotion, because our overall mark is an average of the spotlight and XP scores. I'll study those charts I linked to earlier. Not sure what they mean though.
  9. Just found this intimidating list of things, but buggered if I know what they're all on about in there. Oh shit, here's one somebody's trying to keep up to date with all the DLC. There's tabs at the bottom for the different games and DLC. I expect all of us to memorise everything in that document if we want to get to bloodstone.
  10. I don't think HOPOs make a difference to the score. As far as I can tell it's all about overdrive - it's just about experimenting with the best time to set it off to hit the most notes, and never ever ever missing a single note.
  11. If you just happen to have a George Harrison Xbox 360 guitar taking up space I'll gladly take it off your hands - it's the best one I've ever played and I'm terrified mine is going to break. Terrified!
  12. That Busted song is fucking good, to be fair.
  13. I think you have to buy through the 360 if you don't have a credit card/paypal on your account, even if the item is free or you've got enough credit on your account to cover it. I heard that if you use one of those pre-paid debit cards then that's a way round it, but I never got round to trying. Oh wait, that completely contradicts what I just said. Bollocks.
  14. shut up you guys I'm blushing
  15. Imagine playing that in VR. Minter is going to kill somebody.
  16. I solved the interference issue with my left joycon. Easy enough fix, but now all my fish are dead
  17. It sacrifices the souls of your Joy Cons to generate power. That's why the buggers keep dying.
  18. Shed Seven have got a new album coming out this year, guys. Everything's going to be okay.
  19. We've changed the filters to only show DLC in the hope that we'll get more 'first play' xp that way but it's tough moving up the rankings this week.
  20. There are 28 games, not all of them have been announced/shown yet. Nintendo have really managed something special with this title, though. Watch one of the videos. You'll think "Wow. That's the worst one. That's got to be the worst one of these minigames." Now watch the other videos. Every single time, you'll have the same reaction. How have they managed this??!? Nintendo. Beyond superlatives.
  21. I think local quickplay counts towards spotlight score and xp, but online quickplay didn't seem to - it certainly didn't save the score when we tried it last week. We generally play 2-player through the rivals option on the menu though so I can't be 100% sure. Although you need to choose quickplay to do brutal mode don't you? So local quickplay must count I guess.
  22. U2, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Phil Collins. All the greats.
  23. https://twitter.com/RockBand/status/826959578185289728
  24. I know I'm pathetic, but it's a foldable guitar. I had to have it!
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