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  1. There is a code on the back of the RB3 manual, I was ineffectually typing it into every 'redeem code' box I could find last night.
  2. Thank you! I took NERRAEN6HL3W
  3. Ha, absolutely the perfect time and place to air such sentiments. Excellent work.
  4. mr twig

    Rock Band!

    That's right, Sheffield! We've got kids now so I can grow my own band to play with. The little one only seems to like Smash Mouth at the moment though
  5. mr twig

    Rock Band!

    Ah well, that's too far for me. Even for Rock Band.
  6. They were selling virtual fuel in exactly the same way in the Trials mobile game. Most people just shook their heads sadly and carried on playing Candy Crush. I think the controversy here stems from the fact that petrol prices have fallen recently, but app store prices just got shunted upwards again. Don't think we haven't noticed, Apple.
  7. Don't be ridiculous not every Ubisoft game is like that. I found another screenshot on Steam, looks good.
  8. NEG, you know I think you're a wonderful man. But one of these days you're going to have to accept that Sonic is a fucking bellend.
  9. Number 1! For now! 21,420! I look forward to being soundly beaten within the next few minutes but for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy being The Best. Nice game guys well done!
  10. The box art has leaked as well.
  11. 3 months' worth of ps+ and a British Cop Skin Pack.
  12. Tropico 3 is free on the humble store at the moment.
  13. I made a romantic picture for you and NEG to share. To be honest, looking at it with fresh eyes, it's actually a little sinister.
  14. Hey gang don't forget you can get Lococycle for $1.95 (along with some other games that aren't Lococycle) for the next 6 hours! Lococycle! https://www.indiegala.com
  15. Time to invest in that Drinking Balaclava you've been promising yourself.
  16. revlob wins with that uncanny representation of David Bowie's 'ginger lesbian' phase!
  17. Does anyone want Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate? The first person to post a picture of David Bowie slaying a monster WINS!
  18. Fucking hell, let's not be too hasty about this.
  19. I beat the boss by boarding it. You just need to leave one guy alive otherwise its AI takes over. It's well easy, you must just be rubbish. (I was playing it on easy.)
  20. I gave up on it when my strapping young player got cramp in the cinema and lost skill points. I just fucking lost it. Saw red and clicked delete. Livid, I was.
  21. Only in conjunction with Kinect
  22. Little Miss Sunshines (Because it's written by that guy, and there's that planet with two suns or something. If you have to explain it, it makes the joke better.)
  23. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Jedi Mind Trick
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