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  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Jedi Mind Trick
  2. The game 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' should offer you the option to play as sisters for fuck's sake Starbreeze you sexist misogynist pricks.
  3. I'm so sorry, I didn't know my head could fit right up there.
  4. Hey gang, this is out on Steam now so you should go and buy it on Steam. (£3.99) Or it's in this bundle for a month, with some other games that aren't as good, for £2.99.
  5. They don't, it's you. You're getting older.
  6. Mario handles indoor plumbing, Yoshi handles the drains (Dinorod).They just make Luigi wait in the van.
  7. That's what Mario calls himself when he's speeding along the motorway in his little plumber's van.
  8. Ninteando should save money by only turning the servers on between 11pm and 3am. Just in case anyone you're playing against is a naughty man with his bum out.
  9. Metro: Last Light and BioShock Infinite
  10. Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines
  11. You bet your sweet tits it is! Now you can see why mother is so proud.
  12. I love Space Giraffe too and I got all the achievements including the Long-Necked Long March and my mum was very proud of me.
  13. Nintendo's recent blockbuster cartoon series 'The Misadventures Of Link' proves that Link has the charisma and range to carry a full-length movie.
  14. Thank you son, I'm going to try this 'Gorky 17'.
  15. I haven't even played the single player so I'm really looking forward to this weekend too. I just can't decide which part to download first!
  16. Nintendo's marketing continues to astound. The final name will have to include Zelda in it, won't it? Probably 'Zelda: Arena' or something. Imagine if other bastards released half-arsed trailers like that.
  17. His ear was at the wrong angle so I had to mangle the arm a little bit. Also it looks a bit shitty in general now I look at it again. Happy Christmas!
  18. Ask dudley, I can't be bothered [edit] Oh here it is. Like that, but more precarious.
  19. These game subtitles are getting worse all the time. Hyrule Warriors: Not Final Name
  20. I've got nothing on top of mine except a small table upon which is balanced a ps4, 360 and ps3.
  21. Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?
  22. At least he says he's ashamed of it now. He doesn't mean it, but it's a start.
  23. Imagine if they had another crack at a Sonic game with today's technology. Just imagine. That or Steel Diver.
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