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  1. Just caught the sturgeon too. Now I can sleep
  2. Thanks @jonnyalpha have left you a tip at the top of the plaza
  3. What’s your creator ID? Hopefully easier to enter that once instead of entering each one.
  4. Thanks for the cheap turnips @Mr Do 71 I left a few fossils which you hopefully don’t have.
  5. Just finished this and it was really enjoyable. Got most stuff first time through so didn’t need to do too much backtracking. Could have done with about 3 more months in the oven to polish the combat and fix the performance and weird glitches though - the enemies dropping in static when you approach and then switching to animated after a sec really took you out of it.
  6. Not gonna lie, thought Martin Lawrence was in a fat suit at the start.
  7. That was just beautiful. Can't wait to see it again!
  8. polygon_monkey

    SNES Mini

    I've got a spare amazon order and smiths pickup from the edinburgh store if anyone wants them. Otherwise I'll be cancelling them next week.
  9. polygon_monkey

    SNES Mini

    This reminds me that I still have an in-store pickup at Smyths I don't need anymore. Anyone want a pick up at the Edinburgh Store?
  10. polygon_monkey

    SNES Mini

    That's some slow postage
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