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  1. If you’re used to more arcade-y racers (or even something like Forza) then it’s quite a steep learning curve, going even a little bit off track is very unforgiving and if you mess up a corner you’ll probably want to start the stage again (which thankfully is instant). I thought I’d made a mistake buying it to begin with but stick with it and you find yourself getting better and better at it and it’s very satisfying when you manage to string together a sequence of corners, sliding perfectly from one to the next. The Dualsense stuff is AMAZING. You can feel every change in surface a
  2. Has anyone managed to update Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PS4 to PS5?
  3. Yeah, I was download some PS4 games to it. I’ve disconnected and played about half an hour of bug snax okay. I’ve deleted astrobot and am downloading it again.
  4. Well this is going poorly. Trying to play astrobot and it keeps freezing or crashing. (the first time the controller stopped responding and then the game slowed down to about 1 frame every few seconds). Anyone else had similar issues?
  5. Currys pre-9am glitch crew checking in My copies of Spider-Man and ass creed arrived from Amazon and they turned out to be Christmas stockings instead My address label was stuck over another address label so maybe shenanigans going on but thankfully they’ve already agreed to send them out again. Got Demon Souls in a different order to keep my busy
  6. I got the “dispatching today” email from curry’s and got a DPD tracking email in the middle of the night. Not counting my chickens until I have a PS5 in hand but it’s looking positive at least.
  7. I ordered 4.30 with the loophole and got the same email.
  8. I have a Currys wish list glitch order and a Very order. Hopefully at least one will stick.
  9. If you want to cancel, I’ll take your order
  10. I know I’ve left it too late, but where’s gonna have extra stock to order?
  11. Checked my bank this morning and I've also got a Klarna direct debit setup. Why would they do that before approving finance? I did go through the application process 3-4 times before getting the declined message - maybe that's why? No email from Smyths yet.
  12. Looking at the xbox uk and Klarna twitter accounts, this has not gone well for anyone.
  13. It came up as a hard check for me.
  14. Has everyone who just tried on Smyths with XAA been declined? It's a bit puzzling as, outside my mortgage application, I've got a pretty good credit rating.
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