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  1. Defeated the final boss last night with 120 hours on the clock. What a game. I haven't started NG+ yet, still just checking out areas of the maps with no grace points and am finding new caves and catacombs. Will this game ever run out of content?
  2. Finally beat Melania last night after god knows how many attempts. The key for me was equipping a shield before summoning the mimic tear so that it survived into phase 2. Although the time I beat her was messy as fuck and I'd had much clearer runs before. A win is a win though. Now I can go finish the game.
  3. Felt totally defeated by the totally optional final legacy dungeon and it's boss. It's just not a fun place or fight. Guess I'll come back to it when I've cleared CFA.
  4. So close. Haven't gotten that close again. (World boss in the north west of the map)
  5. I've also been playing this and it's pretty good fun. Very janky but fun. Haven't quite gotten the hang of sensitive (or basic) gliding yet so that's a bit frustrating and I find reaching for my 'guns' to be annoyingly unreliable (I keep grabbing that bloody cookie or nothing at all) but that's probably because I've been playing sitting. I'll give it a go standing up tonight.
  6. My VR Optician and Elite Strap with Battery both arrived yesterday so I've had quite the VR upgrade. It's so good not needing to mash my glasses into my face.
  7. Did an hour and a half or RE4 last night and I think I'm getting past the slight nausea I was getting when I first tried it (full movement/turning etc). It's really an exceptional conversion.
  8. Just side loaded Doom 3 and surely this was what the game was made for. Was John Carmack playing the really long game?
  9. I assume it's a pointless endeavour to try get HL: Alyx up and running on my 2018 i9 MacBook Pro via bootcamp/air link?
  10. Yeah, we got every ball on the course we played and then did the treasure quest.
  11. Just did a round of walkabout mini golf with some friends and holy hell that's a killer app.
  12. Where's the best place to get prescription lenses? My glasses getting pushed hard into the bridge of my nose is getting old.
  13. Just finished. Loved this. The final boss was a perfect difficulty (as were most of them). Took a while but just kept getting better and better at the fight. Also the shine spark puzzles were one of the best bits
  14. What is the special? Asking for a friend who may or not be at a couple of chucklefucks. Edit: figured it out.
  15. Must say, after that boss, (and another little mini boss afterwards) I'm a bit lost. Didn't appear to get any new powers. Currently exploring the far reaches of the map for some place new.
  16. Does anyone else keep quitting out to the load screen my mistake when retrying bosses as you’re just hammering buttons to get back in
  17. It's on the Switch Online Snes service. It's also on the new 3DS emulation service too
  18. This port is so good. Quake(world) was very much my jam back in the day. I don’t want to count the hours my pals and I spent playing this down at the uni computer lab in 1st and 2nd year.
  19. I've contacted Fedex and they say it's stuck at customs clearance and they're gonna escalate it. I assume a brexit thing.
  20. Anyone else's controller been sitting at Charles De Gaulle for a week? It was meant to be delivered over a week ago but the tracking has just been sitting there.
  21. I really enjoyed a show called invasion that was cancelled after one series. Kind of an invasion of the body snatchers type deal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_(American_TV_series)
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