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  1. @murray island is just 100% interference now (just trying to pop back for the second time to sell my last load of nips) edit: In now. I hope you enjoy your squat toilet
  2. I know I'm lttp, but @michael, if you're still open later on can I get a code too?
  3. Thanks weavus. Your island is incredible.
  4. Just had the exact same thing! I will get 10, I willllllll!!
  5. I’m okay for that but if anyone here wants to buy it, Iet me know and I’ll open up.
  6. I haven’t had a shooting star yet. Is there some trick to it?
  7. Code is still valid. Thank you very much for sharing
  8. I’m now obsessed with path building, terraforming and planting/decorating my town
  9. Ah, thanks. Removes my need to pop every bloody easter balloon now. I really wish they'd just take stuff out of your house storage when you're crafting in your house - that's the number 1 QOL update I'd like to see
  10. Anyone got any of the following duplicate easter recipes they'd like to trade? Bunny day arch Wobbling zipper toy Bunny day wand Didn't get a single recipe yesterday.
  11. Got this from nook shopping today Wish I had it in real life
  12. Just caught the sturgeon too. Now I can sleep
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