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  1. Does any one have the official Nintendo case (this one: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6739557) and is it any good? Thinking I might pick that up as now I have it in the flesh there is no way I'm just chucking it in a bag.
  2. My friend code is SW-0540-8997-0892 (ischemic)
  3. I am filled with regret for using Amazon now. Jealous of all you DPD-ers.
  4. Mine has gone from Edinburgh to Dundee and I'm in Dunfermline so I assume I have a long wait ahead of me.
  5. Also in the Amazon shipped pool. Switch with Amazon Logistics and Zelda with Royal Mail. Lets see who wins, eh?
  6. Yeah, I couldn't get the one I wanted and had to settle for the ID I wanted with '64' on the end.
  7. Pro controller is coming today and I'm not at home amazon Zelda is "dispatching now", amazon switch is still "pre-ordered" Today is going to be torture, isn't it?
  8. My Zelda (and weirdy Mario Kart) are sitting at "Not yet dispatched" and the switch is at "Pre-ordered". Don't understand Amazon at all.
  9. Just finished the community centre after waiting for a rabbits foot. My stupid rabbits didn't deliver but got one as a drop from a serpent in the skull cave. Feels good man. Edit: Of course my rabbits drop a rabbit's foot the next day
  10. My wife drifts in and out of playing games. She has her own PS4 and in the past couple of years we've played a lot of DC Universe Online and The Division together. She was also really into Gone Home and The Telltale Batman game.
  11. Thanks, ordered from Simply Games. Thought I was gonna have to cancel my switch + zelda preorder due to a career change and needing to go a month without pay until I sold some Yeezy's yesterday. Just in the nick of time.
  12. Which replacement thumbsticks would people recommend. My day one sticks are now worn out and I wouldn't mind the new ones having the slight texture that my wife's 'newer-but-pre-slim' PS4 has.
  13. Was in the same boat so I've preordered both. Grey is down for the 3rd, Neon for the 9th so I'll cancel the neon nearer the time if that doesn't shift.
  14. Finished this tonight. 10% frustration with controls and camera, 90% why I love video games. Trico
  15. The ending of The Mist was pretty great/fucked up
  16. Anyone else finding that this really canes the battery on their 3DS? Unplugged my 3DS from an over night charge yesterday morning, played for about an hour at most and had it in sleep the rest of time time - (new) 3DS (XL) was dead when I went to play this lunch time.
  17. Went on honeymoon, got a thing. 3DS XL for scale. It's so cute!
  18. This was hilarious and fucked up in so many ways. It also stays with you - bits of dialogue, the music, certain images.
  19. I'm very LTTP but I just P4:G this weekend (true ending with 69 hours on the clock!). This was my first persona game - is it worth my time playing P3 on vita or will I find it too much of a step back from P4? (Totes pumped for P5 now too)
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