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  1. Goddamn it, put my old postcode on my amazon order by mistake (normally get stuff delivered to work but am off this week). Not getting redelivered until Friday
  2. Can someone do me a favour and measure the depth of the limited edition box?
  3. Don't suppose the limited edition in amazon packaging will fit through a standard letter box, will it?
  4. Yeah, I think the crucible is fine. I'm old and slow and shit and even I got a few 5 kill streaks going last night. Also the end of that moon mission on hard - holy shit! (Did it solo, died like 30 times).
  5. If anyone has a spare 360 code for a friend, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. Loving this a lot. The Strike map is just so damn fun.
  7. Here are a couple of PS4 codes: KQ33-F6NN-9R9T A35B-R5N9-574T
  8. ^^ U-1 - give the below a go. For anyone with the same issue that I had, hit this link up: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/download/list That let me download the client and now I'm in downloading the game proper.
  9. I redeemed by code on the website and now I get this screen screen when I go into the destiny square in the 'View downloads' section on PSN. Anyone else getting this?
  10. Is there anyway to trigger the download from the psn website instead of waiting for the store to load on the PS4?
  11. Bad Boys, The Rock and Armageddon are stone cold classics. Also, Bad Boys 2 gave us this:
  12. Is anyone else struggling to give a shit about this game? The driving doesn't feel meaningful in anyway, the protagonist's voice irritates the hell out of me, have't been blown away with any of the missions yet. Thinking of trading in for Mario Kart already. Is it worth sticking with (Only up to the backseat driver mission)?
  13. Does anyone know why my PS4 doesn't seem to download updates when in standby? Getting fed up of turning on my PS4 to be greeted with 7gb DCUO updates. I've got plus, have enabled waking PS4 via network in power saving and have enabled automatic downloads in system. Very annoying.
  14. My girlfriend and I are also playing this (she on PS3, me on PS4). We got up to level 30 last week and have been working through the T1 content. Got 40cr gear last night. Just three more to T2 (I think). We're on the euro PVE server - ischemic and super_nic. It by far the thing I've played most on PS4 (even been playing it through the vita now and again).
  15. Do those amazon.com $5 promo codes stack?
  16. How do you actually melee kill someone? I tried a couple times last night and they just ended killing me with a knife instead (including Kerraig - harsh!).
  17. My girlfriend has logged into DC Universe online fine on PS3 but I can't get on with the PS4. Very annoying!
  18. So, anyone going into BF4 tonight? If so can I get some invites? I could really do with some people telling me how to actually play this.
  19. I was trying that last night and apart from my first game I couldn't get it to work with any mukkers I also have no idea how the chat works.
  20. You need to make your US account your primary account on the PS4. That's what I've done and everything else works fine when I'm in my UK one. Tried to connect to some rllmuker BF4 games tonight but just couldn't get in
  21. Thanks for the info!
  22. I have a question about DC Universe online. My girlfriend has taken a liking to it and I'd like to play online with her to help her advance. We're playing it on the PS4 at the moment but can I download it on my PS3 for free? I assume I'll need to set up another PSN account or can we play on the same account at the same time? Will I need another PS Plus account? Do PS3 and PS4 even play together?
  23. I'm up for some Battlefield this evening. Probably sometime after 9.30.
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