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  1. Yeah, I found the demo to be shit, but am finding the full thing rather more compelling. The only things that annoy me are the horrible, horrible load times and combat. I much prefer the hacking/sneaking/rpging and if there are more that two people with decent guns you end up getting bum rushed and killed (and I keep forgetting to save often enough). It runs okay on my machine with full settings at 1024x768
  2. Best PS2 Game 1. Virtua Fighter 4 : Evo 2. Silent Hill 3 3. Dynasty Warriors 3 XL Best Xbox Game 1. Project Gotham Racing 2 2. Knights of the Old Republic 3. Topspin Tennis Best GC Game 1. Metroid Prime 2. Legend of Zelda : The Windwaker 3. Viewtiful Joe Best PC Game 1. Call of Duty 2. Max Payne 2 3. Trackmania Demo Best GBA Game 1. Wario Ware 2. Mario & Luigi 3. Metroid Fusion Best Technical achievment (software) 1. F-Zero GX 2. Project Gotham 2 3. Viewtiful Joe Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) 1. Steel Battalion Controller 2. EyeToy 3. GBA SP Best Developer 1. Retro 2. Nintendo 3. Bizarre Creations Best Publisher 1. Nintendo 2. Microsoft 3. Rockstar Most Wanted game Of 2004 1. Half-Life 2 2. Doom 3 3. Metal Gear Solid : TTT Best Overall Game of the Year. 1. Metroid Prime 2. Project Gotham Racing 2 3. Virtua Fighter 4 : Evolution
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