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  1. Got red and white rose seeds available in my store. Open for the next half an hour or so: GSL8T
  2. @Mr Do 71 I'm at 100, so could I get in on that sweet 97 action please?
  3. Okay, hamster town open again: DJKV5 I'll leave it open for an hour or two.
  4. I've picked all my fruit today but I've got a sassy pink gorilla neighbour and there's a hamster in a cage for sale in my shop, if that tickles you. Dodo code: 7853H Friend code: SW-4516-1572-1711
  5. Looking for comfort in food, with my usual staple of beef stew belonging in less enlightened times, I stumbled on this recipe: https://www.budgetbytes.com/vegan-winter-lentil-stew/ It's super simple to do, and cheap as well. Following the recipe amounts, we got about 7 sizable bowls from it. And it tasted wonderful with some buttered bread! The only tricky thing to get was brown lentils - our local shops only seem to have green and red. Suspect it would work well with green, but I ordered a big bag of brown off Amazon and it come out great.
  6. Bob Pape's account of the R-Type conversion for the Spectrum is good reading on this subject as well: http://www.bizzley.com/
  7. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago from Activ Consult and got it delivered today. Fitted it without a problem, spent 15 minutes waiting for Where Time Stood Still to load, then realised I probably wouldn't do that too much more
  8. Well, I think I'm pretty much done! If you scoot back to the beginning of the video, you can see the loading screen in all its colour clashing glory. Progress: - Added difficulty curve, which hopefully tops out at level 12 (I don't know, I can't get past level 5!) - Added two players - Added arcade font - Added sound effect - Added loading screen - Bug fixed! If you want to give it a go, grab it from my github: https://github.com/davetansley/thepitspectrum (link in the readme). Warning, it will probably have bugs So, first venture in assembly and game development in general... Overall, it was a load of fun! I got quite obsessed with it for a while there, and loved seeing the thing come together. Coding for the Spectrum feels finite, you know? Like you could one day master it. This is totally different to modern languages and systems, the mastery of which seems a folorn hope at best. And the process gave me a newfound respect for 80s coders, especially those who were involved in arcade conversions. I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating it must have been to debug code without modern tools, and I do wonder just how they managed to replicate coinop mechanisms so well without MAME running in a window beside them! Biggest frustrations? Once I got over the conceptual difficulty of assembly language coding, I think the sound was the thing that annoyed me the most. Realising just how limited the 48k beeper is and how creative you need to be to get it to something interesting (not to mention the effect on game speed!) Finally, porting The Pit made me realise just how much of an annoying game The Pit actually is! So many peculiar design decisions (most of which I've tried to replicate faithfully!) and frustrating little control quirks... I guess what I'm trying to say is, "don't blame me!"
  9. Progress: - Added falling missiles - Added pit monster - Added pit trap - Added robots - Added shooting - Added options screen - Added joystick support - Added some placeholder (and awful) sound effects - Performance improvements Busy week! Actually, most of this week was spent rebuilding stuff from the ground up for performance. I redid my buffering routine after adding in the monster and finding the framerate tanked... shifting sprites is real expensive! Next time, I'd probably consider using pre-shifted sprites for the time it would save. I don't seem to be coming close to the memory limit, on this game at least. Everything else was relatively trouble free. The code is at the stage where adding in new stuff is really just adding in variations on existing themes, so a lot of code can be repurposed. Not that I'm doing too much of that... I seem to be mostly content to copy and paste routines, rather than make them generic. The shame of doing that is offset by the lack of mental anguish trying to shoehorn register states into other scenarios. Maybe one day I'll refactor it... ho ho! One great thing this week was the release of zesarux 8.1, which fixed the issues I was having with the Z80 debugger and made problem diagnosis 100x easier. It's so nice to be able to step back and forward through code as it runs... Okay, the game is mostly complete now! Certaintly, all of the game elements are there. It all hangs together reasonably well. So what's left to do? 1) Make sure the 1/2 player transition is working properly. I've been kind of coding with this in mind all along, but haven't tied it all together. I'm sure it'll be fine 2) Figure out the difficulty progression. At the moment, things are just pretty much drawing as I coded them, so I need to put in a level based difficulty structure. Looking at videos of the arcade, this seems fairly simple: tank speed, robot speed, dig speed, pit speed and missile drop rate. So I just need to parameterise those, and tie them into the level transition. It also has a kill screen on level 12, where the speed becomes too fast to complete. So I'll be aiming to reproduce that. 3) The arcade also has a second rock layout on alternate levels. 4) Sound effects. And that's it. Oh, and I want to make the font a little more arcadey. A cheat mode might help as well, since I'm too rubbish to get very far in the game!
  10. I should say that on the two TVs/monitors I've tried, the HDMI power issue wasn't an issue. The unit properly powers off when unplugged from the power. I've also not run into any HDMI incompatibilities, over hundreds of games tried. I do have an issue with HDMI sound, but I have the same issue on some MiSTer cores, so I'm inclined to believe that's a quirk of that particular monitor.
  11. Progress... - Added scoring - Added high score table - Added level completion - Added tank shooting - Also fixed a load of bugs Phew! The tank shooting turned out to be not as awful as I thought it would be. Once I had some functions sorted out to check if chars were empty, to copy characters down, it all came together. Interestingly, having the timer in place really adds something to navigating the bottom half of the screen. Knowing that it's ticking away up there and you can't see it really adds to the tension of trying to get out of the diamond room. Only got a few functional tasks left now: - Robots - The Pit room - Falling missiles - Shooting Then it's just making sure two player works, increasing the difficulty, different level layouts etc. Then I can finally play around with my Next
  12. Mine arrived... only given it the briefest glance so far, but initial impressions are very good. It's a weirdly sexy thing, which is an odd thing to say about a Spectrum.
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