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  1. Yeah. There's one part in the demo where my partner and I audibly gasped at what happened to the pet...
  2. I sat down to play some Next Fest demos last night, docked with a controller, as was the style back then... Man, the Next Fest store pages just do not work on the Steam Deck (at least, docked). I could only get it to show six or so games, couldn't browse categories, couldn't even see any of the promised hundreds. Does it work handheld? In the end, I had to go to desktop mode and do it from there. Of the games I did manage to play, found some that ended up on my wishlist: Planet of Lana - gorgeous Limbo-esque side-scroller. Bzzzt - infuriating but addictive pixel-art Celeste-esque playformer.
  3. I've gone down a rabbit hole of making D6-only sets, for that all-important 8D6 fireball roll... A blood-skull set: A black and white hydro-dipped set: A gelatinous cube set: And another hydro-dipped set (unfinished):
  4. I totally identify with this. It's great to be absorbed by something, isn't it? To be so into a game that you think about it at work and look up wikis in your lunch break. But that is rare, and can't often be forced. Whenever I've found such a game, it's been one that I've stumbled on by accident. Very few games that I set out trying to make the one game ever worked out like that. And this ends up causing stress... you're always looking for that one game, and when you find yourself an hour into a game that isn't working out, you start to regret the time you've wasted that could have been spent playing the one game. This generally ends with seeking refuge in familiarity - a Dark Souls run, an old MMO, some retro games that are nowhere near as good as you remember. It was a lot easier when I was young. Getting a single £7.99 game every six months on the Spectrum had a focusing effect - you either make this the one game or you go back to lego. Nowadays there are so many options... a paralysis of choice.
  5. We did a mini-LAN party at the weekend and played a tonne of AoE2, with me on SteamDeck. Worked great, though had to set it to Proton GE to stop the SteamDeck causing sync issues in the game. (also - it will never stop being bewildering that a Linux handheld can hold its own at a LAN party with "real" Windows gaming PCs!)
  6. Dropping this here in case it's of any use to anyone in the future... In the last few months, I found myself having two odd problems with games on the Deck: - Blasphemous - I was utterly unable to do one particular jump. If you've played the game, it's one of the wind-assisted jumps in the mountains. It should have been tricksy, but not too difficult. Every video I watch showed nothing special, but no matter how pixel-perfect I made the timing, I was always falling short. - Deep Rock Galactic - had an issue with mouse pointer when docked. It was moving real sluggish, kind of heavy and lagged, really difficult to play with. The game was absolutely fine when running with a joypad. In both cases, I figured out that the problem was caused by me limiting the frame rate to 30fps in the SteamDeck performance tab. For Deep Rock, I'd done it for stability. For Blasphemous it was accidentally set at the system level. In both cases, removing the limit solved these unlikely problems. Mouse control now perfect in Deep Rock, made the jump first time and every time in Blasphemous.
  7. It seemed like we defeated ourselves. Some really dodgy play calls, unforced errors, time management and our elite receivers forgetting how to catch. I hope Skylar doesn't take it too hard... thought he did well for the most part. Defense was pretty solid for most of the game as well, and it's good to see Sanders has his mojo back.
  8. Basically, try to relax and enjoy the tens of thousands of games covering 20+ years that they've already squeezed into the little box
  9. This post seems like a really, really long time ago now... FML.
  10. Started to play through Blasphemous... which feels more Souls-like than Metroidvania, but I guess it fits the topic. Really enjoying it so far. Done about four bosses, and found they had that familiar iterative process of failing and learning, learning and failing, seen in Souls games. Really, really love the look of it, it seems to be pixel art done exactly right. Importantly, it has that gradually filling map with bits you can see you should go to, but can't quite get there yet.
  11. Yep, pretty much exclusively. Much prefer couch gaming to handheld. It works well, for the most part, though it's not quite as slick as plugging a normal console into a TV. No wake from the controller, oddities with Bluetooth, usual resolution and performance tinkering. But nothing that's enough to put me off.
  12. It can be a bit confusing. If you just run a game docked and try to change the resolution, it will indeed only let you choose 720p. The trick is to set the properties of the game using the cog on the game page. Here, you change the resolution you want the game to have available. I've found that setting it to "Native" lets me choose any resolution when docked. There's also the docked resolution which is set in Settings > Display... which I believe is the resolution sent to the TV in docked mode. I have this set to 1080p.
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