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  1. I really hated these when they came out of the pot, but my better half persuaded me to polish one up and try giving it a gold inking. I'm so glad I did! The result is weird, kind of antique looking, not captured well in photographs. They ended up being one of my favourite sets!
  2. The flashing lights make it sound like it's just not connecting - have you tried another USB port? Does the main MiSTer controller config see it? Any other cores?
  3. Do you have the mode select switch on the back on the right one? (the one you configured it with) I used mine on "X" for x-input, which I think gets you the most buttons and vibration.
  4. Not sure about the first, but you can disable the display into popup by setting "video_info" to 0 in the MiSTer.ini file.
  5. I just tried a PRO2 with the 8bitdo adaptor rather than the BT adaptor, and both analog and vibration work through it. I do seem to remember now you mention it that I had to flash it with a firmware update to get it to work, but I can't remember which one.
  6. Just a normal BT adaptor. I also have the 8bitdo adaptor (because for some reason, my BT adaptor can't connect two PRO2s at the same time) - it works with d-pad mode, but come to think of it, I've never tried it with the analogs. When I get a minute, I'll fire it up and try.
  7. Hmmm, I think I just defined them in the MiSTer controller mapping (not the core specific mapping). Then they just started working in the PSX core when I had the pad configured to "Analog" mode in the menu.
  8. "No-one Can Stop Mr Domino".
  9. Yes. And that's my preferred way of running it. I keep the OS on a minimally sized SD card, which I can image for backup easily. And I use a USB stick or USB hard drive to keep all my games on. It's fairly transparent the way it works... it just uses the first /games/<console> folder that it finds, going from SD card, to usb0, to usb1 etc.
  10. Presumably, yeah. I use them over BT and I don't notice a single problem - but I appreciate this is a sensitivity thing. For me, the biggest lag is between my brain and hands, the BT is nippy in comparison
  11. I use a couple of 8bitdo Pro 2s (https://smile.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Bluetooth-Controller-Android-Raspberry/dp/B08XY8H9D5) And, honestly, they've been great for PSX. Analogue works fine where needed, and it has the right layout. You do need to know where the cross/circle/etc lie on the buttons, but that should be muscle memory by now, right?
  12. Hah, you're probably right. But then it changes from being a fun hobby to something where I need to make sure people are happy. Like a job Much nicer to just post filthy gratuitous dice porn all over the internet:
  13. If it's dice porn you want, I got you covered... Here's the first of the petri dish pours, polished and inked. Close up on the D4: And here's a work in progress. I wanted to make a set that was a little lighter this time. Might have cranked the Unicorn Dial up a notch too far!
  14. The last couple of pours have been experiments with the "Petri Dish" method - that is, you load drip ink and a heavy white mixitive on top of your resin, and the mixitive and ink sink down through the mould, forming these weird tendrils that look wild up close. The main problem with this technique is that some "drips" make it to the other side, forming opaque patches of pigment, but I think this can add to the creeping pestilence vibe. Got a couple of videos on instragram showing how these were made: https://www.instagram.com/luckbringersdice/reels/ (as yet uninked an unpolished)
  15. I bought this one just last week and think it's really excellent for the money. Choice of BT or 5GHz via a dongle (I am just using BT, and it seems fine to my old reflexes). It feels sturdy and well built, and has stood up to a weekend of Track n Field just fine.
  16. Decided to treat these dice as individuals, rather than a coherent set, with a view to figuring out which combination I like the most and making that into a set. Trouble is, I love em all (but I think the D20 is edging it for me). More glamour shots on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CchlWTANbtB/
  17. I've also been experimenting with blank inclusions - that is, dice shapes that have no numbers and are smaller than normal dice slightly. You can use these blanks to make interesting patterns or designs that don't involve mixing resin, then stuff them in a normal mould with some clear resin to seal them. For this experiment, I'm trying out hydro dipping. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcdATFrAg-a/ Looking forward to seeing how the final dice turn out!
  18. Covid knocked me off my game for a few weeks, but I'm back on the dice train with this fiery set.
  19. Another week, another set. I'm trying to get into the habit of completing a full set each week, but sometimes it's difficult to come up with new ideas. So on weeks where I can't think of anything, I just redo the last set with different colours. This week I used the same technique as with the ice set from last week, but with darker colours (a hint of violet and lots of black). The result is a lot more menacing. I love the set, mostly, but the lower sided dice look a lot better than the higher dice. The more sides, the less black is needed, otherwise it tends to overwhelm and you lose the effect. They tend to look good up close, but inky black from a distance.
  20. I've been playing a lot of PS1 recently, enjoying just idly clicking through games and playing things I missed. I'm finding things hold up a lot better than I expected and I can see myself spending a lot of time in the PSX core. But I want to avoid getting paralysed by choice. That is, I need to find a focus and stick to it. FVII is doing that for me at the moment for purely nostalgic reasons and I'd like to continue that without falling into my usual trap of having everything and playing nothing. So, a couple of ideas I've been thinking about: 1) Rename /media/usb0/games to /media/usb0/allgames and starting from scratch. If I hear about a game that sounds good, or I get an urge to play something, I "collect it" (copy from allgames to games). It's not a huge thing, but it adds a bit of friction and limits my options when I'm cruising for something to play. 2) Find a PSX "game of the month" club and let my peers choose for me
  21. I'm 20 hours into FFVII, half was on bin/cue, half was on CHD and I haven't noticed a single difference.
  22. Hobby at the moment. I've mostly been making them for gifts. I'd like to start selling them on Etsy or somewhere eventually... if just to reduce the amount of sets of dice we have cluttering up the house at the moment
  23. Both of those, if you're going full end to end. Basically, you start with some 3D printed "Master" dice (don't have to be 3D printed, you could use an existing set). Here's some that I did last year: The fin supports are to ensure that the dice edges print perfectly straight. You then spend a lot of time sanding and polishing these dice so that they're as shiny as you can get them, then you make silicone moulds from them. Here I'm making individual moulds: This particular type of mould is called a "cap mould", where you pour the silicone in two halves. First with the dice flat on the bottom, then again to complete the mould with the first half flipped upside down. Here's a multi-dice slab mould ready to pour the second half: When you separate the halves and pop out the dice, you're left with perfect imprints of all the faces. The pink bits here are blobs of plasticine that I use to form "registration keys" to ensure that the two halves align properly - basically, you dig out the plasticine before pouring the second half, so that the negative space is captured in the other half and the two bits lock together. When you have your moulds, you can then make dice! This is done by pouring coloured resin into the mould and putting it into a pressure pot at about 40psi for 24 hours. Finally, you pop them out and give them a sand and polish, then ink them by basically covering a face in paint then wiping off the excess with your finger. Then you're done!
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