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  1. Ahh, I misunderstood - I have a Chromecast Ultra which I guess isn’t compatible with side loading. Is this what you have?:
  2. The Rise of Skywalker was incredibly shit. Still not prequels-bad, as it was a fairly well put together movie at least (i.e. not 2 hours of people walking down CGI corridors). The worst crime was just not letting one director/writer/whatever be the guiding force for the entire trilogy, and handing it back and forth with no plan. The whole thing reeks of making it up as they go along, which is why the final entry is such a mess. The Last Jedi is easily the best in the series, although TFA isn’t without its moments (Falcon Flies Again is one of the best sequences in the entire saga tbh).
  3. Ep 6 was great. Too many funny moments and lines. The phone call to the limousine place though
  4. Season 2 of this has started in the US, and it’s just as great as before. It’s a shame it still hasn’t been picked up over here, not even on Sky Atlantic or whatever, because it’s wonderful.
  5. Nice, I might try this. Is there a favoured guide to follow to get XCG on there?
  6. Bought this on Switch and I dunno, it’s pretty shit. I mean, I’m terrible at SMB and I think I only ever got to the final stage of the medium difficulty a couple of times. But without lives and continues, I just blasted through to the end and then got stuck on the last level, and played it over and over but couldn’t do it so I just quit the game. It was odd. And I felt nothing by getting to that point.
  7. It’s odd, but the fact I have like 5000 other games still to play softens the blow.
  8. Yeah, just get whichever Sandisk Ultra is the best value at the time.
  9. Averaging 3 goals per game so far this season. Crazy. Shame some shonky defending has led to a few more draws than we need.
  10. Started the new Back Page pod while I was out shopping, and I've enjoyed it so far. Noticed some pretty rough editing though - cut mid-word or mid-breath. Sort it out fellas. Can't wait to finish it off though
  11. Ya kidding me right? This is a world with several failed dinosaur theme parks. Plus that shit would be all over Instagram and YouTube.
  12. I mean, let’s be honest, the CGI was pretty bloody fantastic in that last bit, with all of the light sources around the T-Rex. It was pretty boring though. And Fallen Kingdom was dreadful, so I have little hope this will be any good. Also why haven’t they evacuated the place with a huge dinosaur on the loose?
  13. Was there tonight! Was never going to be the most exciting game as we were already through, but I got an awesome view of that Thiago goal. Blew the roof off.
  14. Sonic All Stars and Transformed were great. Team Sonic Racing on PS4/Xbone was shite.
  15. It makes Beetle Adventure look like Outrun 2.
  16. The thing that really has progressed is the delivery method. We’ve left behind a (largely) disc-only world, reserved for AAA and AA games, with console download games being treated like second class citizens. Some of the best games I’ve played over the last few years have been cheap, indie, download-only titles. They wouldn’t have existed ten years ago. So yes, games have progressed. A lot. We’ve never had it better.
  17. It’s weird isn’t it? The first film is a PG, and that shot is probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.
  18. Yeah, kinda echoes my thoughts on this. It looks cool and fun and all of that, but it’s not very exciting to play. The corners don’t seem big enough to drift around either, and yeah, the boost doesn’t do much. Hydrothunder, now that was a fantastic arcade racer.
  19. Is it really any cheaper than changing to Russia/Poland/wherever and buying it from there? Cruis’n Blast is like, £16 from Czech Republic, which is another 4 quid off.
  20. This. Easily one of my top games of all time, and far more than a puzzle game. I don’t think any of the games you listed will age much at all, they’re all pretty timeless. Also, Return of the Obra Dinn.
  21. Yep One of those great episodes with loads of plot strands, all weaving in an out of each other. Amazing pay off too.
  22. I reckon it’s the HD update that had the biggest improvement, not ‘the best game that received an HD update’. I was never much of a fan of the original, but mainly because of the silly waggle controls. Started it a couple times and gave up after a few hours. Mapping the sword to the right stick was a masterstroke. Link’s Awakening is a lovely update too.
  23. I love Zelda so I’ll always go with that over Donkey Kong tbh.
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