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  1. Daijisho looks incredible, and appears to remove the layer of jank that Android-based handhelds tend to have. I’ll be putting it on my Retroid Pocket 3+ when it arrives (which should be very soon). It’s a shame about JelOS, but as you say, I’m sure there will be a fork of some kind. You would like to think OTA updates wouldn’t be affected though? 351Elec/AmberElec was always my favourite on the RG351, so hopefully they’ll release a 353 version soon.
  2. I settled on JelOS. I tried Ark but all of the themes looked shite and it felt a bit janky.
  3. Watched the Judi Dench one and it was lovely. Touching the way she talks about her husband. I think more than anything it’s just nice to see Louis spend time with people who aren’t far-right nuts and neo-nazis, and who enjoy his company. Could watch hundreds of these. Nice, uncomplicated viewing.
  4. Interestingly, my iTunes copy that I bought in 2017 for £3.99 has had a free upgrade to the 4K version with all of the deleted scenes.
  5. I guess it’s not a game for you then? When I see that I get super excited at the thought I’ll be unlocking abilities which will give me access to new areas and secrets later on. I’ve set the combat difficulty to low, and I’ve been turning on No Fail mode for the bosses. Makes it much better for me.
  6. Alien is a 15 now, and I think I first saw it when I was around her age. Loved it. Yeah, not sure what’s silly about Poltergeist, seems perfect really - no blood or sex. Have you seen The Others? That’s a 12.
  7. Unless you’re talking about the non-cloud version, it really isn’t. But yeah, I’d take a native version for a few quid over a cloud version any day of the week.
  8. Been playing more of this last night, and I can’t believe I’m saying it, I’m actually stunned, but it’s wonderful. Flawed, of course, and I don’t really understand what all of the collectibles are for or why I’m taking this thing to that character, but I’m just loving running around this sandbox world. It’s everything a 3D Sonic game should have been: a massive sandbox to run around in, filled with boosters, ramps, grind rails, rings, and things to collect, with short end-to-end ‘classic’ stages with a bunch of goals to achieve. And he’s really fun to control, not super twitchy like before. I do wish it would stop raining though. The sun comes out every now and then and the game looks much better for it, but that should be the default view. Maybe the bad weather should only appear when you’re fighting a boss, like in Bowser’s Fury? Other than that, the first island is probably a bit sparse and could do with a few more interesting environments, but the realistic look isn’t as bad as I was expecting, and does look nice when the sun is out.
  9. Log in to someone’s PS5 (as a guest is fine) and you can claim The Last Guardian and a bunch of other games as PS Plus games and keep them forever on your normal sub. I’m happy to do it for you remotely if you want to change your password/change it back. It’s worth doing even if you do end up getting Extra, as they’ll stay on your account even if you drop back down.
  10. Out of all the results so far, nothing comes close to a seeing a third world country underdog come from one-nil down…
  11. Interested in this too, so please do share any finds! I’ve been thinking we need a ‘360/PS3 on Steam’ thread to share and keep track of them tbh, now might be that time.
  12. Yeah fuck it, the new trailer looks cool, it’s Cameron, and I’ve not been to the IMAX in ages. Also sick of superhero movies.
  13. Not Avatar bashing here btw, and I quite like the first film. But I just went on to book at the IMAX and saw the 3 hours 10 minutes runtime and holy fuck, I don’t think I can sit in a cinema seat for that long. It was different in 2009 when IMAX 3D was all new and exciting, but I don’t think I’m that bothered about seeing how the story continues right now, certainly not for 190 minutes. I think that’s a big ask for audiences. Maybe I’ll be more interested in Avatar 3 once I’ve seen 2?
  14. Watched the Stormzy one last week. I know precisely fuck all about him other than the Banksy vest he wore, but he came across well and I really enjoyed it. Listened to some of his stuff after that. Started the one with Bear Grylls, another person who I know little about, but he was a proper smarmy cunt and I turned it off after 20 minutes. Judi Dench next I guess.
  15. Had a go on this in Blackpool a few years back. It did look past its best, but was incredible to see. I had no idea it existed until we came across it!
  16. OK, the first section on the island is excellent. Sonic controls really well, and running around finding the springs and those glowing orb things is fun. Easily the best Sonic has felt in 3D.
  17. Holy shit, this first Cyberspace/Green Hill stage is super fun. Nice and short, and had great fun replaying it until I’d achieved all of the goals. I mean, this is what you want from a Sonic game right? Super short stages that you can blitz through and achieve some goals.
  18. Do the islands get brighter and the skies clear as you defeat evil?
  19. It doesn’t, just fun and colourful. On the flip side, why does everything have to be dark and grey and cloudy?
  20. Still terrible. Should be like this: I mean this animation actually gives me an erection.
  21. £28 for PS4 or PS5 version from Amazon. I’ve bitten. Would prefer it on a handheld but can’t be doing with a non-60fps Sonic game. But seriously, this title screen: However, despite the grim dark setting that nobody asked for, I’m really looking forward to messing around in the game-world as Sonic. Looks like a decent game to chill with, much like Burnout Paradise. I think that’s what the 3D Sonic games are best at, really. I own most of them and I play them from time to time. I don’t think they’re particularly good games, but they’re fun to mess around in, and I’m hoping this leans into that.
  22. Amazed to find the Anbernic RG353VS handles Saturn really well, so I put a few games on there. Don’t think I’ve ever played a Saturn game before. Bug! was one of those games I remember seeing for sale when I was about 10. Being a Mega Drive owner, platformers were my life, and to see a cute character platformer for a new console in the new CD boxes was super exciting. Crazy I have so much nostalgia for something I’ve never played. Anyway, I’ve had a go now and it’s utter shite Started Panzer Dragoon Saga earlier and it’s obviously rough by today’s standards, but the opening section certainly intrigued me. Gets you right into some action without loads of dialogue. Does it still hold up, and is it worth sticking with?
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