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  1. Colour me interested! Definitely going to see this once my entire extended family have recovered from covid and we can get a baby sitter. Crazy how there was 18 years between Halloween and Scream, but 26 years between Scream and Scream.
  2. Save it for the ‘OK, so what’s the least reliable controller’ thread.
  3. Kinect Just horrible. How did this sell so many units again? The best part is it used you as the controller. That’s right, YOU are the worst controller.
  4. Hah, yeah that was awful. Before it came out It seemed like an interesting way to turn the touch screen into a stick. The d-pad on the original DS was terrible too, the worst Nintendo d-pad as far as I can remember. With no stick it was just totally ill-fitting to 3D games.
  5. I mean, they really need to do this. Most of the fringe Mario characters are crap, and the Zelda/F-Zero etc DLC tracks for MK8 were cool.
  6. I bought Burnout Paradise Remastered for like 3 quid from the PSN store but I’m not counting it because I already own it on 360, Xbox One and Switch and I only bought it so I could muck around on it with a PS5-owning mate for a couple of hours last night. Already have my 3 quid’s worth.
  7. For me the only flaw is that it’s a bit of a pain in the arse finding bodies to play the snippets again. I get why, otherwise once you’ve found them all the game would just turn into selecting things from a menu, but some that are closely linked and require cross-referencing can be quite far apart. Not sure what the best solution would be for that.
  8. I get that it’s hard lines only, but aren’t phone lines in the matrix just part of the matrix? Like, computer code? Why do phone lines magically link to the real world? And if you know the matrix isn’t real, why can’t you just pull the thing out of the back of your head?
  9. @spanx Good to hear I spent the first couple of runs doing my own thing too. There is actually some direction on (or near) the home planet if you look out for it. Chatting to some of the folk in the starting area might give you some tips. Although it might not feel like it, there’s a definite structure, but flying around and getting lost is also half the fun.
  10. I mean, at least hunting games are upfront about what they’re offering. If you play one of those and disagree with the senseless animal murder you’ve only yourself to blame.
  11. Figuring out that online in the original Ghost Recon on Xbox you could crawl under the army barracks, stand up, and shoot through the walls with only your feet on show.
  12. Honestly, don’t be If I really love a game I’ll be hooked on it ‘til the end. Outer Wilds for example: I couldn’t think of anything else while I was playing it, and couldn’t wait to get back on it. But if a game loses my interest and I move onto something else, it was never meant to be.
  13. This is an interesting point, and something I noticed. There’s one point where Neo and Trinity: In the original they needed to find a pay phone, which always seemed a little odd and isn’t explained very well I don’t think, but for dramatic purposes you can understand why they can’t have someone just leave the matrix whenever they want. Another point on this bit:
  14. So how is the PS5 upgrade going to work for this and Lost Legacy? The collection is £49.99, but apparently I can get it for £10 if I own either 4 or Lost Legacy? Can I play both of them even if I only have one of those games? Annoyingly, I traded in Uncharted 4 a few months ago because I had it on PS Plus, but I’ve heard that doesn’t count when redeeming this upgrade, but I do have Lost Legacy on disc. As ever, this is a confusing mess
  15. Followed Here’s mine: https://www.backloggd.com/u/Paulando Not complete yet, but that’s probably for the best
  16. I could probably make a backlog of dozens of games, maybe hundreds, if I properly delved into my catalogue. I’m just keeping it to a small number of recent-ish games I do definitely want to play this year. One huge benefit of ditching my PS Pro, PS VR, and One X (with Game Pass) in 2021 and going PS5-only, was massively reducing the games available to me. I still have a large PS4/PS5 library of course, but I’ve kept it out of sight by only downloading games I’m ready to play right now. As a result, I probably finished more games in 2021 than I ever have, and picked up 4 or 5 platinum trophies too (having never unlocked one before). I’m definitely getting better at this.
  17. This is the kicker, really. Sales are the biggest problem. I rarely buy discounted games to play now, it’s almost always for when I ‘get round to them’. You can probably guess how often I actually do get round to them. It’s so hard to pass up a good bargain, but the best way to handle it is to realise in between you buying it and playing it (if the latter ever happens), there’s a high probability it’ll be on sale again anyway. I also try to imagine how I’ll feel once the instant rush of buying and downloading it has passed, and that usually puts me off buying it at all. I will allow a few exceptions over the year for quick-hit arcade games. Like, I bought Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for a few quid towards the end of the year. I won’t spend hours and hours with it, I’ve just had a few quick blasts, but that’s worth a few quid to me.
  18. I’ve finished it twice, and feel like playing it again after these latest posts. While you remember some of the methods for discovering the identities, and it’s easier than the first time you played it, it still feels fresh enough on a second play through. I gave it a good couple of years though.
  19. I’m in. I have a problem with picking up loads of cheap games I never play, or don’t play for very long. I managed to go this whole holiday season only buying one - The Forgotten City - which I’m proud of. I even resisted Saint’s Row IV for 2 quid, because I knew I’d never play it. More of that please.
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