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  1. 15 minutes ago, cubik said:

    Also, I can't decide if my memory is playing tricks on me. I tried a couple of PS1 games (Mr Driller and Tekken 2) and the intro videos have seriously crazy MPEG compression, I don't remember them being that bad quality back back in the day

    Hah! I remember seeing the intro video to Tekken 2 and wondering how 3D graphics could ever get any better. I’m sure they were that bad. I mean, this was even before mpeg-2 compression for DVD.

  2. Another odd thing is that the ‘Classics Catalogue’ is a benefit of the Premium sub. That’s the PS1/2/3 library, right?


    Well, no. It has lots of random PS4 games mixed in:




    And when you view one it suggests it’s only included as part of this classics catalogue:




    So for the tiers you have:

    - PlayStation Plus Collection (PS5™) (Essentials)

    - Games Catalogue (Extra)

    - Classic Catalogue (Premium)


    And it seems pretty arbitrary which one of these groups a game will be from. So confusing.

  3. Here’s an odd thing. I was scrolling through the games and noticed FFX/X-2, and that I’d purchased it:




    I’ve only purchased the Vita version and afaik it isn’t cross-buy. So I did a little more digging and found the purchase email:



    …which confirms it was actually a game included on PS Now that I ‘purchased’. But that isn’t purchased right? If I unsubscribe or it gets removed from PS Plus Premium it’ll disappear?


    That’s just so fucking confusing.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Smoothy said:

    Does anyone have a list of the issues?  The only main ones I can see are:

    1. Sonic 3 MJ music was swapped out, new version isn't amazing
    2. Sonic 3 and Knuckles can't be played separately unlike all the other earlier collections
    3. No physical release
    4. Confusing DLC options


    Someone replied to that thread and suggested searching for #SonicOrigins on Twitter, as people were posting bugs.


    This was one of the first I saw. It’s not a bug as such, just a silly oversight:



  5. 29 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    Why are so many of the games streaming only? I don’t get it. I understand the PS3 games were already “stream only” as they were part of PSNow but, most of the PS4 stuff seems to only be available by streaming too.

    Which PS4 games are streaming only? You should be able to download all of them.

  6. I have the Premium sub until October, confirmed on the account management screen, and mine also says it renews at £49.99.


    Let me be clear: this isn’t a ‘put you down to the bottom tier in case the top one isn’t what you wanted’, it’s another backend fuck up on Sony’s part, probably displaying the previous renewal price and not the updated one. They’ll quietly update it over the next few days and hope nobody noticed.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    The PS5 stuff is ok, Returnal and Demon souls to try out are good as I have the other PS5 games, trial of latest Horizon will be given a go so not all bad.

    The trials will save me a bit of cash I reckon. 5 hours with Horizon Forbidden West is probably all I’d manage anyway, same with 2 hours on Hot Wheels.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Harrisown said:

    Personally I think I’ve already got my value for money.

    Returnal, Miles Morales, Mafia Remaster,Guardians of the galaxy 


    Yeah, the PS1 collection is clearly crap but there’s plenty of other good stuff on there. It’s like 0.5% of the service.


    The front-end for the ‘classic’ stuff is appalling. PS1/PS2/PS3 stuff all mixed in, some labelled as PS4, no way to filter by original platform, no original box art so you can’t really tell what’s what, and cloud streaming has the PS3 games mixed in with PS4 stuff. It should allow you to filter to each platform at least.


    But honestly, PS1 stuff will never be good enough. Even if they got the emulation perfect and only NTSC versions, the selection would never be all you ever hoped for. Do yourself a favour and buy a RG351 device to play them all perfectly on a handheld, or a cheap Android-based TV device to play on your TV.

  9. Seems to be a really good selection of games on there already, quite a few I’ve wanted to have a go of but haven’t bought yet. I had a game on my wishlist too, waiting for a sale, but that’s popped up as ‘included’ this morning, which was a nice surprise.

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