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  1. 17 minutes ago, ckny said:

    So this launches tomorrow. A quick scroll through their Twitter account it seems they have Halo (which they’re also promoting is on Channel 5), Star Trek and Teen Wolf. Yay?


    Anyone planning to sign up for this?

    We are!



    It’s free with Sky Cinema :ph34r:

    I’m in for the new Beavis and Butthead film.

  2. Ghostbusters 2 (no, seriously).


    It was December 1989, so I would’ve been five at the time. My sister was two-and-a-half, and my mum was heavily pregnant with my brother. Knowing I was obsessed with Ghostbusters (the film and the cartoon series), she took us all out on her own on the train, including pram, with a bus and a walk either side for good measure.


    I remember being super excited, wore my The Real Ghostbusters sweatshirt, and took ‘Fright Features’ Egon with me:



    I also remember being absolutely terrified of the Scoleri brothers. GB2 gets a bad rap, but it’ll always have a special place in my heart for this reason.

  3. 17 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

    And it takes way, way too long to get going, the start is almost, but not quite as bad, as Skyward Sword.

    I got bored after a couple of hours of this on the Wii, and the same with Skyward Sword - I had two false starts on that and just gave up. The opening bored me to tears.

    I wasn’t so much a Zelda fan at the time though, and my tastes have changed a hell of a lot since then. When I came back to the HD remake of this, and then the Switch remake of SS, I found the opening sections absolutely delightful. Just loved pottering around.

  4. Last upgrade was to a Panasonic 65DX902, and I see nothing to make an upgrade worthwhile. Next one will be an OLED, obvs, but only to a bigger screen (75”+).


    An HDFury Arcana has given me eArc support (with no possibility for lag), and I have no need for anything more than 4K60 right now.


    6 minutes ago, Popo said:

    Out of interest what were the benefits of plasma, at the time? It’s a development I skipped entirely. 


    Much better black levels and motion iirc.

  5. On 17/01/2017 at 13:51, Paulando said:

    Closing in on 50 hours now, and I'm partway through the fifth dungeon. I've spent a lot of time hunting bugs, poes and heart pieces - there's so much stuff to find.


    When I entered Snowpeak I was expecting the usual 'snowy caves' dungeon, but the Snowpeak Ruins mansion made for a nice surprise; it's lovely ^_^

    ^ I ended up finishing it after this - 70 hours or so? I absolutely loved it.


    I actually think ‘Zelda’ is my favourite genre. And while some are better than others, none of them last forever, so I’m fortunate for each one I get to play.

  6. 5 hours ago, Djx said:

    Nintendo have done this sort of thing already when they released the 'New' Nintendo 3DS.

    If not for the ongoing chip shortage, The OLED Switch would have also been upgraded with a new performance enhancing chipset alongside the other improvements.

    The New 3DS had the grand total of one exclusive game and some emulated SNES games.

  7. 23 minutes ago, HarMGM said:

    Eagle eyed forumites will notice that this is more in line with their handheld lines, barring the GBA.

    It’s crazy the GBA was only around for 3 1/2 years before the DS came out. It has a large and pretty incredible software library, and felt like it was out for ages.

  8. Cloud gaming is definitely a threat to Nintendo’s business model. I can see Microsoft releasing their own streaming-only handheld for Game Pass, which would kind of turn your Xbox into a Switch-like device, as long as you’re using somewhere with WiFi (you can already do this with a third party handheld or a phone + controller, but it’s far from mainstream).


    There will be always be a market for native games though. Can you imagine sorting out your kids’ network connections in the car while they’re playing Animal Crossing, or explaining why they can’t play it on a plane.

  9. There’s a really good action scene somewhere in the trailer bit of The Lost World. The main issue is that it’s far too long (it’s like 11 minutes or something?), the wire work is awful, it’s pretty grim how Eddie ends up, and the cheeseburger joke is the worst thing in the film.


    But yeah, the bit where Sarah moves around the glass as it cracks is super tense, and when the trailer falls down around them. Cut the crap out and out it would be really great.

  10. 45 minutes ago, Rayn said:

    We no longer get big first party titles and most other releases are inferior ports of games that's been available on other platforms for a while. 

    This is really, really underselling it.


    First off, there have been plenty of great first party titles, with more on the way I’m sure (Breath of the Wild 2, surely another 3D Mario, and Metroid Prime 4).


    But crucially, it’s my absolute favourite console to play indie titles, and most of them aren’t too compromised on the less powerful hardware (if at all).


    Even if they released a Switch Pro now, with beefier hardware, you’d still get “inferior ports of games that's been available on other platforms for a while”, as it could never match up to the big home consoles.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Retroid said:

    It's got that weird stickiness from the looks of it, you see when Sonic runs off a platform he's just suddenly there on the platform below. It's like they're terrified of using real physics and so you're probably not going to get much genuine momentum.

    It's a shame how serious this feels as well, I'd love a similar open-world with giant Bee Bot's and Motobugs, scale them up and you could have some really interesting encounters. The world theme being a mishmash of this and the classic tiles could really work as well. This though just looks charmless.

    But two guys on the Internet liked it. WHAT MORE DYA WANT??

  12. I mean, it took them 5 years to come with this? And it’s not even finished. It’s just the same old 3D Sonic bullshit in a slightly-more-open-world than before.


    And people are saying the opening tutorial is rubbish. They can’t even get that right ffs.

  13. 4 hours ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    Toy story 2. 


    How is it better than the first film, exactly? When everything was fresh. They made it into a pretty standard road movie, and it has that boring Jessie song too.


    It’s the worst one of the original three, and I would never choose to watch it over any of the others, probably not even Toy Story 4 because at least that has Duke Kaboom.


    I’m saying Toy Story.

  14. Some future draft ideas:


    FPS draft with sub-genres as categories (perhaps: wartime/military, sci-fi, horror, immersive SIM, RPG, online, licensed, console-exclusive, local multiplayer, non-shooter?).


    Maybe some Sony vs Nintendo console head-to-heads too, with no duplicated multi-format titles (PS1/N64, PS2/GC, DS/PSP, 3DS/Vita). Maybe leave Wii U out of that one.


    Ultimate handheld, with handheld-only games allowed (up to 3DS, so no Switch).

  15. The 90s PC draft was excellent. An interesting way to discuss old PC games and gaming in the 90s, but with the added excitement of a draft.



    Samuel wins for getting RCT as it’s the only PC game I truly loved and still play to this day.


    Matthew can get in the sea for conflating it with Theme Park though.


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