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  1. If you’re not sure it’s for you I recommend watching the first couple of minutes of this video, which explains the first match: After that it pauses and there’s a spoiler warning, so turn it off at that point.
  2. Super easy if it’s your thing. The first matches are done really well, and make you feel clever for getting them, while also teaching you how the game is played. If the game isn’t for you, you’ll know very early on.
  3. No, but can you imagine this guy ever stealing from you?:
  4. ^ I have a feeling this is going to be true. It‘ll be utter shite, but interesting shite nonetheless.
  5. Thanks for ruining my Christmas x
  6. Started playing Paper Mario on the N64 thing and it’s brilliant so far. Some of the sprites are a little blocky, but it holds up incredibly well. Not a million miles away from Paper Mario 2, and much better than most other N64 games. Think this will make a nice Christmas game. This is where someone tells me I’m not allowed to enjoy it because the sound is 5ms out or whatever. Anyway, I would love either one of these to have a full remake, or even just to have PM2 made available for a current Nintendo console through emulation. None of the sequels have lived up to these original games, which is a real shame.
  7. It’s definitely going to be fully Marmite. Either you’ll love it or you’ll wish it never existed. And I kind of like that? That’s surely better than a middle of the road sequel that doesn’t do anything particularly interesting. It can’t be worse than the bowling sfx in Reloaded.
  8. The second Yooka is really good actually, and much better than the first, well worth 6 quid. The first game is pretty poor really, and I did find it quite tough/frustrating.
  9. Not really. I’m sure I’ve picked it up for about £6 once. It’s the Wii game, so while it’s definitely worth 6 quid, it’s a bit of a ‘play once and forget about it’ kind of game.
  10. I actually think GTA’s demo was better than the full game. 10 minutes to run around and cause as much havoc as you can, and perfect for passing around a controller. Our record was around 6 or 7 Gourangas in one round.
  11. So much about Sonic: Lost World nailed what a 3D Sonic game should be: 60fps (on Wii U), colourful graphics and stages, not just holding forward and boost until you hit something, enemies that aren’t just the same orange robot copied and pasted etc. Even though it copied a lot from Super Mario Galaxy it was still wildly different from any other 3D Sonic, and all the better for it. However, it was just as frustrating to play thanks to imprecise controls and some terrible level design. Such a shame.
  12. Always thought Sonic needed to be darker and ultra-realistic.
  13. FUUUUUUUUUCK Up there with the Alisson goal last season. Frustrating game though!!
  14. Yeah, the payoff was a bit odd. Like, he was using the charger, so what? What about his character made that a funny scenario? I guess it was just a reason to get him to run across the roof and ultimately fall through. Although let’s be honest, the ‘take the rest of the day off’ line was gold.
  15. Urgh. I mean, I reckon JJ did bring a lot of good stuff to the series. Remember that first trailer, with BB-8 bouncing along the sand? Absolutely magical after the dumpster fire prequels. But this stuff. Shoehorning all this family shit in, and the Millennium Falcon, making the galaxy even smaller. It’s just rubbish and lazy.
  16. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-now Rafa’s at the wheel, at the wheel, Rafa’s at the wheel
  17. Ahh, I misunderstood - I have a Chromecast Ultra which I guess isn’t compatible with side loading. Is this what you have?:
  18. The Rise of Skywalker was incredibly shit. Still not prequels-bad, as it was a fairly well put together movie at least (i.e. not 2 hours of people walking down CGI corridors). The worst crime was just not letting one director/writer/whatever be the guiding force for the entire trilogy, and handing it back and forth with no plan. The whole thing reeks of making it up as they go along, which is why the final entry is such a mess. The Last Jedi is easily the best in the series, although TFA isn’t without its moments (Falcon Flies Again is one of the best sequences in the entire saga tbh).
  19. Ep 6 was great. Too many funny moments and lines. The phone call to the limousine place though
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