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  1. 20 minutes ago, Junker said:

    With this new service What is happening to those games you can play for free on PS5 - PlayStation collection or whatever it’s called ?

    They’re claimed on your account like standard PS Plus games, so the Essential tier covers them.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Ketchup said:



    Yeah, this is gorgeous. It should definitely look like this.


    Sonic Lost World is the best-looking 3D Sonic game I reckon, and exactly how a 3D Sonic game should look. Proper badniks too, not the same generic robot copy and pasted a few hundred times. It also had a run button iirc, which I think all 3D Sonics should have, as he’s too twitchy otherwise.


    The level design was crap/frustrating though, which killed it stone dead.



  3. 1 hour ago, SonOfSoAngry said:


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    The fire being used to torture Kenobi? Vader blows it out using the force, kinda like using dynamite to put out on oil well fire.


    I thought it was a neat touch.




    I thought that, but why did he just stand there looking sad rather than putting out the second lot of fire?


  4. Episode 3 of this was much better. A nice, simple adventure story, and Leia was fine. I think Reva has been great too, especially in this one, and Tala was excellent.



    The lightsaber fight was better than anything in the prequels. Scrappy and raw. The fire stuff was a bit weird though. Why did it suddenly disappear?


    The laser gate was funny. Probably a classic case of the script not matching up with the eventual production design, but nobody noticing. Pretty careless really, like a lot of other stuff in the show.


    Loved that weird alien who gave them a lift to the checkpoint. Quite nice, but also a bit of a twat.


  5. Not sure about that, but Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie was excellent.


    Oh, the 2D games are fabulous up to and including Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and then Sonic Mania. Nobody has yet to find a really good template for 3D Sonic, but they’ve existed for so long now that it’s all a lot of players will have ever known, so they can’t really change the tried and tested 60-70%-Metacritic-score formula too much. I think it’s doomed to be a bit naff forever.

  6. I mean look, some of them definitely have their moments, maybe even all of them. They all have a really good stage here and there, or an exciting set piece. But none of them are really good games.


    From what I’ve seen and/or played of it, Sonic 06 is probably the exception to this. Genuinely can’t think of any redeeming features.

  7. 9 hours ago, SuperCapes said:


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    Chopping that poor ladies hand clean off? For no reason! 




    Ultimately, everything that she has done will be for the greater good, and in a later episode she will have a moment of reflection on the terrible things she’s had to do to get there.


    This shit writes itself.


  8. 24 minutes ago, englishbob said:

    Lol - why can't time-limited trials of games happen at the lowest tier? IDGI, do they not want to sell anything?

    I guess it uses game streaming, which, I would imagine, carries a significant cost?

  9. Sad to see us fizzle out towards the end, with the subs having no impact (Keita wtf), after a strong start. Too many players were off too, and we didn’t make the most of the chances we had. Good to see Konate more than hold his own against one of the best teams in the world though, he was great.


    But yeah, so proud of what this team has achieved this season, with so many incredible moments and goals. Feel exhausted myself, need a good break too :lol:

  10. Finished both episodes now. It’s pretty shit really :lol:


    It’s flat, and there was no tension or excitement in any of the sequences.


    Like, he goes to a planet, finds Leia in about five minutes, then runs about a bit. It’s just odd.

    Leia kills it stone dead for me too. The girl isn’t good enough, although she doesn’t have much to work with to be fair. Such a wasted opportunity.

    It’s frustrating because I love Ewan as Obi-Wan, and he deserves a chance to redeem himself after the dreadful prequels. Hopefully it picks up.

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