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  1. I’ve done about 3 loops and still can’t work out how to activate the DLC on purpose lol. You’ll be fine.
  2. That’s how to do a Curb episode. Ep 3 was amazing. Definitely one I’ll be watching again in future. ’Hello! I see you! I acknowledge you! I connect with you!’
  3. She’d also have way more than one shampoo and one conditioner
  4. @Jamie John One I loved from the final boss stage:
  5. Oh yeah, she was great. I hope Larry continues trying to shoehorn her into Young Larry in future episodes.
  6. It’s quite easy to identify the people who only played this because it’s free on Game Pass.
  7. I only had an issue with one item: The ‘correct homes’ thing is very well done, I think. The requirements seem to be loose with some items (some can be put on the floor, some can be put in any room), and stricter with others. That the mechanic exists make me carefully consider what each item is, and if it does have an obvious home, rather than shoving it anywhere. It’s also used as a plot device:
  8. Not quite finished it yet but it really is wonderful so far. It’s a gentle, stress-free Tetris-like puzzle game at its core, but it’s far more than that. It tells a story through inanimate objects, with no characters or dialogue, and it’s full of lovely little touches. Some of my favourites: Please don’t think it’s just ’put shit anywhere’ simulator. It’s a very carefully constructed game, and I feel like I’ve probably missed loads already.
  9. Every season has the odd shiter though, and sometimes it does take a few episodes for the plot to unravel. I imagine he’ll continue shopping his show around different networks, which will be the big focus for the season?
  10. Just had a look on Steam and it looks lovely, right up my street. Nice to see with this and Bonfire Peaks in the last issue, they’re giving space to small but great indie puzzlers.
  11. I want to play ElecHead based on name alone.
  12. Curb is at its best when it unfolds organically. I reckon you’re allowed one of these extreme coincidences per movie/per episode. Any more, and it just reeks of lazy writing.
  13. Ehh, not the best this week. Basically if an AI wrote a Curb episode it would probably be something like this. The waiting room/medical professional thing again, and a few too many extreme coincidences to be up there with the best of them. Not a great conclusion either. Still lots of laughs, it’s just Curb has a particularly high benchmark. Interesting that he’s been binned off by Netflix so early though, I thought they’d stretch that one out.
  14. Why would they drop a subscription service with $$$s of guaranteed annual income? They’re in it for the long haul with this service, which is why it’s a sub and not buying each game individually as before. It doesn’t suit them to drop it when a new console comes along. Future consoles will surely keep the same architecture and will be fully backwards compatible.
  15. At the end of the day, they’re a business with finite resources and money. It’s be great for them to spend more time with these games, shaving a few extra ms off the response times and making every texture appear as it does in the originals, but the time and resources required to do this for every game, for something only a tiny proportion of the user base would notice, means it just isn’t feasible. The games are certainly ‘good enough’, and I had a quick go of Ocarina a few days ago and it played absolutely fine to my untrained eye. I reckon this service is going to grow and grow, add more platforms (GBA and GC?), and become a really great one stop shop to play most of Nintendo’s back catalogue in a legal way on their own hardware. I think the price will stay the same, and the extra DLC was just a sweetener for this year while there aren’t many games.
  16. Good idea: click L3 for run. Bad idea: hold L3 for run.
  17. Noticed it on the Switch store earlier and thought it looked incredibly cute. Do you think it would suit mouse and keyboard better?
  18. But it’s fun to play along with in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.
  19. OK. I love Tomb Raider. Fucking love it. It was the first real 3D game I ever played after getting a PlayStation for Christmas 1997. Playing that after enduring the twilight years of the Mega Drive was like entering another dimension. I mean, the originals play horribly now. I had a go on one recently on my RG351P, and I’d forgotten you had to slowly walk to the edge of a drop, jump back, run forward and time your jump, and then hold a button to grab the ledge. Awful. But back in 1996, of course, all you cared about was exploring the incredible 3D environments. It remains one of my favourite game series of all time, and I’ve finished them all apart from Angel of Darkness (I had a brief go of this out of curiosity and it really is shite). That includes the two isometric games, which were great, and Lara Croft Go, which is a wonderful little puzzler, and probably the best phone game I’ve ever played. It’s changed a lot since the first game, but it’s definitely kept a big part of what I loved about it back then, which is what keeps pulling me back. It might not have that intense level of loneliness and isolation that the first game had, and the modern games certainly aren’t without their flaws, but I’d much rather chuck Lara around a level than most other third person action heroes.
  20. FFVII was the first RPG I ever played. Genuinely didn’t think I liked them before I played that, and it grabbed me instantly. It was super exciting, and taught me the basics of turn-based combat (and with the scorpion boss taught me you don’t necessarily attack on every turn). It has a lot of ground to cover in that first section, but it’s very short and doesn’t outstay its welcome even on subsequent plays. Genius game design.
  21. Urgh, definitely this. Tried a few of them now, even bought the last big one on PS4 digitally for like fifty quid (wtaf?). The second I press attack and my character starts an incredibly slow animation to drag this huge lance off the floor I immediately know I’ve made another big mistake.
  22. @iknowgungfu But just to add to this, you’d be better making them their own Apple ID linked to yours using family sharing - it gives you parent controls over what they use and download too.
  23. This is a good one. I mean, even looking back at the synopsis of the game now, it sounds ridiculous. But those first few stages just grab you and communicate exactly what the game is about, crazy humour and all.
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