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  1. 2 minutes ago, Pelekophoros said:

    Yeah, that's shocking. Also, how have they attributed value to a redemption code? They're bought in units of time for an amount of money.

    They’re not, it’s only for subs discounted through Sony themselves.

  2. Yeah, there’s a line between it being an actual gameplay mechanic or a nuisance. Like, if I had an inventory of just a few items, I wouldn’t feel bad about dropping most things because I know that’s what the game wants me to do.


    I hate when you have a limited inventory, but it’s large enough so if/when you do fill it up, it takes an age to sort out. Then I need to make dozens of decisions about whether I’ll need something or not. Piss poor design.


    Any player-friendly feature like being able to mark junk/sell all junk in one go/sell or drop useless tat automatically is good though.

  3. It works for some games, like Resident Evil, where carrying a limited amount of ammo and herbs feeds into the horror and tension. Other games will dish out inventory upgrades as a reward for reaching milestones, for better or for worse.


    If you can’t think of a reason for it to be there then don’t include it, but you just need to consider a decent way to sort and keep track of what you’ve collected!

  4. (Disclaimer: I haven’t listened to the new pod yet, though I have read comments about it)

    The main difference, I guess, is that before now it was recorded as live, and now it’ll be recorded and then edited. That’s the bit where a lot of podcasts fall down for me - it takes great skill to edit a piece of audio down but keep it sounding natural.

  5. 41 minutes ago, Gambit said:

    The 4.5 edition is now on Netflix. Thinking a double bill tonight of this and......Chip N Dale. :lol:


    Good spot! Is it a Netflix exclusive or something?


    8 minutes ago, Capwn said:

    How much new material is there? Is it just showing the new material or does it mix into the original?


    The previous .5s have all been new footage, although none were quite as good as the main films (you could tell why they cut it out).

  6. Honestly, it’s pretty decent really. I have Plus and Now at the moment, but I never use the streaming (it’s shite), so £80 (minus whatever saving you get on Black Friday/using credit/buying a code online) for the middle tier is really good in my eyes. Like, 6 quid a month? I pay that for some Patreon subs.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Hamus said:


    That's all fine, except if Chelsea had still won then what? Suddenly this breakdown isn't a 'fact'.


    So why did it take so long to settle the League cup final shootout? Did Klopp's tactics fail that it ended up down to the Keepers?


    It's easy to say "That's the way you win" when you've won.

    Penalty shootouts can still be entirely random - and you don't know how much pre-prep has gone into this.


    If Liverpool had lost no doubt a breakdown based around a "He was too laid back and laughing" narrative suddenly becomes the truth.



  8. 15 minutes ago, petrolgirls said:

    Hadn’t realised there was a new Klonoa and it comes with the first two games as remasters. Klonoa 2 is an absolute gem. 

    Well, it’s only the first two games as remasters, not a ‘new’ Klonoa as such.


    But yep, Klonoa 2 is a marvel, and I’m so glad it’s getting remade. Very difficult to play otherwise.

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