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  1. Panzer Dragoon Orta - Pretty good, would like to play more of it Kung Fu Chaos - I have this and I'd only played it for 30 minutes until last week, when I played it for the first time in multiplayer mode. That level with the spinning crane thing is multiplayer gaming at it's most hilarious Beyond Good & Evil - Ace game RalliSport Challenge 1 & 2 - Possibly the best graphics on the current gen consoles, they're very fun games to play, too Metal Arms: A Glitch In The System - Starts off very well, but I haven't played through it yet The House Of The Dead III - Lots of fun Quantum Redshift - Pretty dull, not a patch on Wipeout Top Spin - A technically brilliant but very dull game, I'd rather play Virtua Tennis Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Shit Fuzion Frenzy - Shit except for the excellent Gladiators/monkey fight hybrid game Jet Set Radio Future - Very stylish and also fun to play. Voodoo Vince - I bought this last week, funnily enough- it looks and plays great, pretty funny as well.
  2. Yeah, it did last a long time S3&K. I used to go on it every now and then and look at my save games, then fuck about on some of the levels again. Wasn't it strange though, how Sonic 3 let you save 6 games and S3&K let you save 8 I don't have the carts any more, unfortunately, but can anybody remember if your Sonic 3 saves interfered with your S3&K saves? It's complicated to explain, but if you played S3 and saved your game, then loaded up S3&K- would that game be visible? If not, I assume the S3 cart had quite a bit of memory to accomodate saves for both games (I remember S3 not having a battery back-up, and used flash RAM. Not that that makes any difference ), or the S&K cart itself also had FRAM. I don't know... I'm tired
  3. Damn UPC is a great map if you get enough players, but most of the UPC servers are always full. Whatever, when everybody's ready somebody just pick one out
  4. Want to try this one later on then? it's an empty 14-player CS_Assault_UPC server with a very low ping
  5. If you can't get it working, perhaps we should all join this server: It's an empty, rotating 10-map, 14 player server with a ping of 30... Add 'Rllmuk' to your name so we can vote out anybody else who strays in
  6. Yeah, looks like you set up a LAN server
  7. Got it (150 ping though )! I'll join you now and try it out This is with the port number set to 27015 BTW
  8. Can we have CS_Assault_UPC on the map list as well? Oh, and I haven't played for months so I'll be shit. Do you need a port number as well?
  9. added you, bandersnatch Anybody else I can add? 'eldandy69' doesn't seem to find anyone. BTW, who is 'Vlad Tepes'? (EDIT: I just searched and it's you, FlushEntitypacket ) EDIT: I'm up for playing tonight, find me by my email address 'paullynock@ntlworld.com'. If not, try my username 'Paulando'
  10. I have to disagree. I found Sonic CD to have a clumsy, over-complicated level design so I'd have to put it lower than all of the Mega Drive games. It's not easy to choose one, because all of the Mega Drive games are so great (and I do love them all), but at the moment I'd say: Sonic 3 & Knuckles > Sonic & Knuckles > Sonic 1 > Sonic 2 > Sonic 3 > Sonic CD > Sonic Adventure 2 > Sonic Adventure ----------------> Sonic Heroes The only thing with S3&K/S&K/S3 is that the new shields (fire/water/electricity etc) make the game far too easy. I mean, what's the point in having a level full of lava and flamethrowers when there are lods of fire shields around? Still a great game though
  11. Search suprnova for 'Borat'- they're both there Howard Stern played that Jew song on his show twice last week, and they were all cracking up. It's funny though how some people will just never get the joke.
  12. God knows why so many people have bought it- it's probably the fact that it's the first Sonic game available on a Sony console. It just proves the the general public are drawn to buying shit games. But saying that, it's the first 'hit' game from Sega for years, so it can't be such a bad thing really. But... it's fucking terrible
  13. I found the story mode very frustrating and often unfair. Timesplitters 2 is a superb multiplayer game, and the arcade/challenge modes are excellent- but if blue swIIrl is after a solid single player game, I'd advise him to look elsewhere. IIRC, the auto-aim on the Xbox version was broken, was it not?
  14. Ah right, I thought it included all of the 'real' CS maps. Ta, I thought it was pretty good
  15. Thanks for that, it looks very nice Are there any other levels apart from Dust, though? Also, what was that music track playing over it?
  16. I really enjoyed Wolfenstein single player, it's one of the few games I've actually finished in the last couple of years. If you've got Xbox Live then that's definitely a bonus- it's probably the best online game for the Xbox IMO. In situations like this, it's always good to go here and set up a specific search. In this case, it'll be "Action >> Shooter >> First-Person >> All" and "Xbox". Here's the top 30: Don't buy Timesplitters 2 though, while the multiplayer mode is freaking superb, the story mode is fucking shite.
  17. That's an excellent site, cheers There's a few interviews and some video footage on there of Sonic X-Treme which is pretty interesting. Just to add a little something (in case anybody doesn't know) there's footage of the Sonic 1 prototype on the Noah's Arcade advert on Wayne's World which includes UFOs flying around Marble Zone
  18. They were white, but the PSone pads are kind of off-white. They're more of a darker, greyer white B)
  19. Paulando

    Flat Out

    8-player on Xbox Live- I like
  20. The Sonic levels are actually pretty good- along with the opening level of SA1 they're definitely the best example of Sonic in 3D. Everything else is shit however, especially the incredibly dull Tails/Eggman shooting levels, and the frustrating Knuckles/Rouge 'searching' stages. Yeah, Sonic Advance 2 is definitely the best of the lot. The worst thing about the Sonic Advance games are the controls though. I haven't played one in a good few months so I can't remember how they differ from the Mega Drive originals in that respect, but they're definitely a bit off.
  21. The level design of the Sonic Advance series is pretty terrible IMO- it's a very overrated series. Come on, Sega- Sonic Mega Collection for the GameBoy Advance! Honestly- how great would that be? Sonic Crackers was obviously a prototype for a new Sonic game. They realised it was shit, so took Sonic out and released it for the 32X. And it's fucking awful.
  22. You mean fake as in somebody has made a PSone dual shock controller in a regular controller, or do you mean that RichM has photoshopped it? How would it be possible though, and like I said earlier- why the fuck would anyone bother? The PSone dual shock controllers are white rather than the grey PS controllers- and this looks white to me. I just don't see how it could be fake.
  23. Milla Jovovich... Word has it that he got into the film industry by taking a film (Gregory's Girl IIRC) and editing it to show his name in the opening credits, then he showed it to some hollywood producer guy and got the money to make Shopping
  24. Yeah You should try and get hold of the whole thing- it's all good Robin said recently that she also liked AVP (as well as Resident Evil), but I don't think Howard has seen it yet
  25. I remember the sphere, but underwater? Snake things? I actually think Event Horizon is very decent film up to a point, and then it dies on it's arse and turns out to be shit. Kind of like AVP, actually. Anderson uses the "the studio cut all the good bits out!!!11" excuse with every one of his films. They're all shit, and they'll still be shit even if these so-called 'director's cuts' ever get released. Just fuck off, Anderson. Oh, and watching AVP prompted me to dig out that audio file of Paul's hilariously funny 'interview' on the Howard Stern show. I've uploaded the best bit here in case you never heard it (< 350Kb) EDIT: I just realised that you were talking about 'Sphere', Icebox- not Event Horizon.
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