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  1. Ape Escape on the PS1 had three minigames, one of which was a pretty fun shoot-em-up. Because you needed a Dual Shock controller to play Ape Escape, all the the games really took advantage of the two control sticks. In the shoot-em-up game, you moved your ship around with one, and controlled the direction of your fire with the other. Fun for five minutes, I guess
  2. Pffft- that was pish. What stumped me was that level on Advanced mode- it kind of zig-zags back and forth to the end, but the edge of each zig-zag curves downwards. It's difficult to explain, and my GC isn't connected so I can't check the number (I have SMB Jr though, and it's level 12 on that ). That doesn't even come close to the difficulty of the later stages though
  3. Having that as the last boss would've been stretching it It's the small playing area of the game, coupled with the awful Game Gear controls and the annoyingly unpredictable bouncing bombs. I think I killed it once on my mate's GG when I was a kid, then I died on the next zone because I didn't know how to work the hang glider
  4. I totally agree- it's fantastic-looking yet also very simple... plus the music is fab The Riddick menu is initially impressive, but does get fucking annoying.
  5. I don't think the murder subplot was actually filmed, it was cut out of the script and became 'Manhattan Murder Mystery' IIRC... The original rough cut was 140 minutes though
  6. DoDonPachi- it looks fantastic and it's so much fun to play
  7. Annie Hall is a fantastic film, one of my favourites in fact My Mam is a bit of a Woody Allen nut actually, She has all of his films on DVD- though there's still quite a few I haven't seen. You should try Manhattan next IMO I watched Crimes & Misdemeanors not so long ago and loved it- you should definitely look out for that too You can't really go wrong with any of his old stuff though, it's all good.
  8. It's Borat, BTW I've just noticed this was on a few minutes ago after looking at the TV Guide. Borat is indeed hilarious, but if this is anything other than a collection of Borat sketches from the first US TV series I'll be surprised. It's the first of 2 'specials' as well. Still worth checking it out though, even if you've already seen them- he's by far the best part of Da Ali G Show
  9. Christ sake, can't you just play the game?
  10. I've ran it on a 2000XP, 768MB RAM and a GeForce2 GTS alright. Everything was set to low and the res was 640x480- but it was playable(ish).
  11. I think Doom 2's levels were included with the PS1 version of Doom...
  12. Something from the first Fantastic Plastic Machine album B)
  13. It looks to me like it's inspired by Cave shooters- DoDonPachi etc. I'll download it now and let you know what it's like, but if it doesn't let me configure a joypad I'm chucking it straight in the recycle bin EDIT: Fuck, how do you download it?
  14. I want to kill whoever does the voiceover. Also, the game does look nice- but I'm still not sure about the whole 'more combat' thing... I guess we'll just have to see when it is released. Will it be PS2 exclusive at first, like POP1?
  15. Sonic The Hedgehog is the first choice- you only need to press two buttons in the entire game (Right and either A, B or C). Then of course, there's Columns and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, which are simple puzzle games- so there's only a few buttons to press. Outrun would also be a good choice- again, just left, right and accelerate/brake.
  16. I've never used them myself, but they're listed on www.gamestracker.co.uk and get a decent rating, so I assume they're fine to order from
  17. That looks excellent fun... £12.94 delivered, too
  18. The R2 version of New Nightmare is 4:3 IIRC, so it's probably best going for the R1 of that. Funnily enough, I've just finished watching New Nightmare about 30 minutes ago Infact, over the last 7 days I've watched all of the Elm Street films again. What is it with the Nightmare on Elm Street films though? Most of them are complete arse, but I felt oddly compelled to watch them all. The first film is a classic and the third and seventh installments are good- but the rest of them suck. But in their own, special way, they're also quite enjoyable. It's definitely the 'least worst' horror franchise overall, purely for that fact that the Freddy character is such a pleasure to watch- you can't help but love Robert Englund's enthusiasm throughout the series. It's also strange how every bad film in the series seems to start off very well- they're fairly interesting and have some funny lines. They do lose the plot at some point though, which is what lets them down. ANOES Part 2: Freddy's Revenge was the worst of the lot IMO. Like most of the films- it starts off pretty well, but I really didn't know what the hell was going on after a while, and it turns out to be fucking shite. Anyway, just thought I'd add my 2 dubloons
  19. Yeah, the single player mode of GR isn't that great. It's scandalous that you have to play through it all (and get all of the medals) to unlock everything in multiplayer Saying that, it was the first great Xbox Live shooter, and it still manages to hold it's own. I'm currently enjoying RS3 at the minute, but I miss the wide open levels of GR. Picking off an enemy's silhouette in the dark with a sniper rifle is very satisfying
  20. Happy Birthday, Audrey! She's 26 today, ladies and gentlemen.
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