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  1. I want to kill whoever does the voiceover. Also, the game does look nice- but I'm still not sure about the whole 'more combat' thing... I guess we'll just have to see when it is released. Will it be PS2 exclusive at first, like POP1?
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog is the first choice- you only need to press two buttons in the entire game (Right and either A, B or C). Then of course, there's Columns and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, which are simple puzzle games- so there's only a few buttons to press. Outrun would also be a good choice- again, just left, right and accelerate/brake.
  3. I've never used them myself, but they're listed on www.gamestracker.co.uk and get a decent rating, so I assume they're fine to order from
  4. That looks excellent fun... £12.94 delivered, too
  5. The R2 version of New Nightmare is 4:3 IIRC, so it's probably best going for the R1 of that. Funnily enough, I've just finished watching New Nightmare about 30 minutes ago Infact, over the last 7 days I've watched all of the Elm Street films again. What is it with the Nightmare on Elm Street films though? Most of them are complete arse, but I felt oddly compelled to watch them all. The first film is a classic and the third and seventh installments are good- but the rest of them suck. But in their own, special way, they're also quite enjoyable. It's definitely the 'least worst' horror franchise overall, purely for that fact that the Freddy character is such a pleasure to watch- you can't help but love Robert Englund's enthusiasm throughout the series. It's also strange how every bad film in the series seems to start off very well- they're fairly interesting and have some funny lines. They do lose the plot at some point though, which is what lets them down. ANOES Part 2: Freddy's Revenge was the worst of the lot IMO. Like most of the films- it starts off pretty well, but I really didn't know what the hell was going on after a while, and it turns out to be fucking shite. Anyway, just thought I'd add my 2 dubloons
  6. Yeah, the single player mode of GR isn't that great. It's scandalous that you have to play through it all (and get all of the medals) to unlock everything in multiplayer Saying that, it was the first great Xbox Live shooter, and it still manages to hold it's own. I'm currently enjoying RS3 at the minute, but I miss the wide open levels of GR. Picking off an enemy's silhouette in the dark with a sniper rifle is very satisfying
  7. Happy Birthday, Audrey! She's 26 today, ladies and gentlemen.
  8. Drag the file out from the WinRAR browser to your desktop, then close WinRAR. Then you can open the vfp file, and select Notepad or Wordpad to open it with (but select 'always open with this program, obviously). Then open the .pak file with WinRAR again and it should be associated, then you can delete the vfp file on your desktop. I suppose you could just create a .txt file though, then rename it to untitled.vfp and set the association that way.
  9. Tales of Symphonia is getting a PS2 release in September, so you can review it then The features sound great, BTW.
  10. It works, and all! With 1024x768, 2xAA, High Quality it boosts the performance on the timedemo by a good 8/9fps. I've just had a quick go of the game and it seems to play much smoother, especially when there are a lot of those fire-throwing enemies. Thanks for posting that
  11. You have to download a special version of Virtual Dub to open/edit MPEG2 files which you can get here It sounds like you're sorted with that Dr DivX though I converted it to a 320x240 DivX version which was only 180MB, although it was still very watchable quality (it was with the intention of trying to provide the people who were downloading the SVCD version at an incredibly slow rate). Everybody seemed to have downloaded it by then though, and there were more seeds than leechers at one point according to Youceff. A 500MB DivX version of CV4 would be great- that'd make it almost DVD quality if it was converted with the highest possible quality settings etc. I know... I'm trying to seed, and I tried last night as well- but the tracker is down
  12. I too hated Tomb Raider II, especially that awful underwater level that you mention I did play through Tomb Raider III, though in hindsight that wasn't particuarily great either. Still, I reached the second to last level before the next one was released, so I must've enjoyed it more than TR2. I even bought TR4 ('The Last Relelation', or whatever), and enjoyed that up to a point. The huge levels were far too complicated when you had to remember where you'd seen a place you could use the key you've just found- they became exhausting after a while. I finally gave up after reaching a puzzle which involved swimming around in an underwater maze, pulling switches to open doors and the like. Frustrating isn't the word. TR1 -----------------> TR4 > TR3 > TR2 I never played the rest. Is Angel of Darkness really that bad? I'm still tempted to get it on the PC, if only out of curiosity
  13. Well I played more of RS3 today, and I have it say that it was much better with an original controller. While I do prefer the design of the Controller S, the control sticks on the original version are much better for FPSs- I'm actually pretty efficient at aiming now, so I look forward to playing it again online I think I'll be buying Black Arrow when that's released though- at least the maps will be new to everyone, and not just to me. I won't be such a n00b then. I'll look forward to playing this online again, though. Bit of a silly question this, but do you think it's be possible to swap the sticks from my Controller S and my original controller around, or are they a different size? Then again, maybe it's just the position of the sticks that makes the original version better to play with
  14. The only thing British TV seems to get right is comedy- Spaced, League of Gentlemen, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, The Office etc etc. Virtually everything else is just shite, IMO. Actually, I do remember a BBC2 series from a few years ago called 'The Cops' which was great, although it only ran for two series IIRC. It put The Bill's awful pseudo-soap-opera gash to shame. And while we're on the subject, Shameless was also pretty excellent. As for Red Dwarf- series 7 and 8 are shite, but 8 is funnier.
  15. A lot (read: 4) of us were playing Rainbow Six 3 Unfortunately, I spent most of the time concentrating on the controls The aiming really is a bitch- no sensitivity settings seem to work well for me. There seemed to be too much difference between moving the stick a very small amount and moving it all the way, so I was jerking about a lot. I might try an original controller, as I always found the sticks were on those were better for FPSs... But anyway, thanks for introducing me to the game, DavidB- it was fun!
  16. I'd watch The Shawshank Redemption. Pulp Fiction is a brilliant film and all, but you might as well watch it on DVD as the picture quality is excellent- the picture on the current Shawshank release is fucking abysmal. My VHS copy looked better for Christ's sake.
  17. I'll join in with the PGR2 at 7, and Rainbow Six 3 has arrived so I can join in with that too. I haven't played it online yet though, so I'll be total shit. I've just completed the training and I really like it though- I've played a demo on the PS2 once and it was complete arse Gamertag in my sig!
  18. That's excellent! Mine is: 'HASHIMOTO'
  19. [Dr Evil] Rrrrrriiiiighhhtt [/Dr Evil] But seriously, what made Legend so great was the public interaction- I suppose you could do that with any character and it'd be funny and interesting to watch. I liked that interview with the GAME employee in one the first episodes, and there wasn't a comedy character in sight- but it was still very funny. Perhaps what made it so funny and enjoyable to watch, was the fact that it wasn't trying to be funny- the humour seemed incidental, in a way. I also really like the reviews. Although the games might have already been out for a while by the time we get to see them on Consolevania, that's not a problem as it's always interesting to listen to your views on the game- you always gives valid reasons, whether you like the game or not. While the first two episodes were both 'A games show, with a hint of comedy', the latest ep seemed more like 'A comedy show with a hint of games', which I do think is the wrong direction to take Consolevania in. As for how you can distribute it in the future, well... I do think it might be better either as a high quality DivX (400-500MB maximum), which people can then convert to SVCD format if they wish. If you also sent some CDs out early, I'm sure people wouldn't mind chipping in to seed it on Bittorrent. [Jeff Lebowski] But that's just, like... my opinion, man... [/Jeff Lebowski] I do think Consolevania has heaps of potential, and I'll be looking forward to CV4. BTW, Thanks for the disc and the special message! B)
  20. I've just remembered one the best glitches/bugs I've ever took advantage of... In Ghost Recon on the Xbox, me and a friend found out on release day that you could crawl under the huts on the POW camp level and stand up. You'd be 'inside' the hut (which would turn invisible), and you could shoot anybody walking past without them seeing you. We had some laughs with that until everybody else found out about it
  21. ^^^ What he said I didn't think it was half as good as previous episodes- and I did miss Legend's street interviews, he was the funniest character by far However, the Scotland Today News Review thing was TEH FUCKIGN 1337(!!!!11), and I agreed with the Full Spectrum Warrior review, if that's any consolation I'd have liked the reviews to last a bit longer, like #1 and #2, and the 'sketches' a lot shorter. It also seemed to be less about games this time (apart from the reviews of course), which kind of negates the point I guess 'TAP! TAP! TAP!' was cool though
  22. I have to get a decent steering wheel just for this game- it's what steering wheels were made for . It's great that they've added so much to the Xbox version in terms of features as well. But... WTF is this all about? I want to know!
  23. Hopefully my copy of Rainbow Six 3 will arrive tomorrow, so I'll be up for that. I have PGR2 and MotoGP, so put me down for those too
  24. To play it in WMP/ZoomPlayer etc, you need an MPEG2 codec. You can get one for free from here: h**p://www.softpedia.com/public/scripts/downloadhero/11-2-2-40/
  25. Use DVD software (WinDVD/PowerDVD) or ZoomPlayer (and change the aspect ratio settings) Nero can convert video files (AVI etc) to VCD/SVCD format, but the results are far better if you use TMPGEnc, for example.
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