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  1. Ah, we have two seeds now! Merci, Monsieur Grande Chaux EDIT: But I agree the size could've been halved if it was encoded with XviD- and it would've been better quality than MPEG2. Ah well, if it's finished in the morning it's all the same to me
  2. The MP2 demo is the only thing going for it, and even then- it's not going to play much different from the first MP. I'd sooner wait for the game to be released tbh- I know it'll be good and I know I'm going to buy it- a demo will surely spoil things for me If it had all of the Metroid games on the disc, then it would be worth getting hold of. Saying that, if they made it available in the VIP thing over here I'd probably get it- much better than a Kirby desktop wallpaper that's for sure
  3. I installed it on my other PC (XP 2000+, GeForce2 GTS, 768MB RAM) and it runs fine That's at 640x480 res, low quality and everything else off- but it still looks nice on a farty 15-inch monitor
  4. Jeez, I never thought of that- what an excellent bit of co-operation that will be! There are already a load of co-op mods being made for the PC version. As for whether Doom III has changed my life... No, it hasn't.
  5. I bought a copy of Alien Soldier (in flawless condition) from GameStation for £6.99. I didn't realise it was worth much until somebody posted a thread about it. So I did a good deed and offered it to the world via eBay (*ahem*), and netted £74 for my troubles. I'm not a huge game collector, so I couldn't justify keeping something worth that much and never playing it.
  6. ^^^^ That was cool, I got goosebumps when everybody started cheering* *Following this thread, I'm going to get out more
  7. Timesplitters 2 had some interesting deathmatch modes. The 'Virus' one was good: one person starts off on fire, and when he touches anybody they set on fire too (and from then on, if anybody touches them the same thing will happen). The winner is the last man standing. It's simple, but it provided some incredibly tense and equally hilarious mutiplayer sessions
  8. This is, quite possibly, the dullest thread of all time
  9. I totally agree The Gamespot review is spot on (sorry!). Some of the criticisms I've heard about it have been ludicrous- and it's most definitely not a 'shit' game. It's good at what it does, and if people don't like it- then it's not the game for them. Anybody who says Doom 3 is shit should just go and play Kreed
  10. Me too I added the hi-res model pack from Blue Shift and it looked a bit nicer. I never played through all of it when it was released (due to the fact that my PC was shit), so it was nice to experience a lot of what I missed first time round
  11. Well I tried 300, and while there was only a marginal increase in FPS (about 1FPS according to the time demo)- it runs a lot smoother with high details. It doesn't seem to stutter around anymore (like when opening doors etc), making it far more playable. Thanks! I'm now running it with high details @ 1024x768 with 2xAA- it looks gorgeous and plays beautifully
  12. I'll try that out, thanks! When you say ' set this to less than the amount of ram you have', how much less do you mean? I have 512MB RAM... Should I set it to 500? 400?
  13. Yep, a lot of people use them
  14. www.omegacorner.com They're tweaked versions of the the official drivers IIRC, and they give better performance.
  15. Top of the Tower was funny, but the new one wasn't anywhere near as good. I've tried watching it on DVD before and it bored me. A couple of funny parts, but most of it boils down to: 1. Identify strange habit/relative etc 2. Say 'What's that all about?' 3. Chuck in a reference to one of his earlier stand-up routines for good measure I do agree with Hyperforce about Ricky Gervais- he's fantastic. Can't wait to see his new show ('Politics', is it?)
  16. Yeah! I posted that on page 5:
  17. I've just watched the third episode, and again, it was funny He does seem to re-use jokes from the UK series though. The 'Paris Hilton' bit in Bruno's interview is hilarious, as is Borat's attempt at being a country and western singer Great stuff!
  18. Alien Trilogy was pretty scary/jumpy. The fact that were was no music (IIRC) meant it was just you running around with your constantly-beeping motion tracker. Then suddenly an Alien screams and jumps out at you, and it's brown trouser time Silent Hill was a very scary game. I recall playing it on my own in the house at night with all the lights off (because I'm so hard) and being scared shitless. Running around in the pitch black with only a torch lighting up a small area around you was very scary (especially in the school with the headless kids slashing at you with kitchen knives) And that part in the sewer, where creatures hanging from the ceiling would screech and jump down at you from out of nowhere.
  19. It's in XviD format- which is a free codec You can get it here: h**p://files.divx-digest.com/software/codec/XviD-1.0.1-05062004.exe
  20. But Bomberman is a quality game- every platform deserves a version of it. And online multiplayer Bomberman? Yes please!
  21. I played this for the first time a month ago (well, kind of- I had a quick go here and there when it was first released) and I loved it. A remake would be great though, as the graphics haven't aged well at all. The game looks very blurry, the framerate is bad and to top it off- there's no RGB output on the N64 I know games don't have to look great to be enjoyable, but it does hamper the gameplay in places and can be very distracting. I've also played it on an N64 emu on my Xbox. Higher resolution graphics and RGB picture quality does the game wonders- but it's not as easy to play with an Xbox pad
  22. Well you seem to change your weapon so often in the game, and the fact that most of the guns require the main character to hold them with two hands sort of explains it. It'd be more interesting if you could hold the torch at the same time as your pistol though. I had a go at using Fraps before. I had to put everything on low @ 640x480 for it to work alright though Here's a quick example of what the torch/gun thing is like (just over 3.5MB IIRC). This part is very early on in the game.
  23. How about that 'Akuda House Propaganda' tune from Beyond Good & Evil? ...Well I liked it
  24. Hey Popo, you can run the techdemo with the code: "timedemo demo1" into the console (without the quotes, obviously) which shows you the average framerate at the end of it. I've just ran it with your settings and it came out with an average of 45fps. Here's a couple more shots from the game: Guy on ceiling Breathing in that nasty space air again! I'm still enjoying it... I've just reached a part where loads of those spider things come at you at once, which I thought was pretty cool.
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