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  1. Hey Popo, you can run the techdemo with the code: "timedemo demo1" into the console (without the quotes, obviously) which shows you the average framerate at the end of it. I've just ran it with your settings and it came out with an average of 45fps. Here's a couple more shots from the game: Guy on ceiling Breathing in that nasty space air again! I'm still enjoying it... I've just reached a part where loads of those spider things come at you at once, which I thought was pretty cool.
  2. It syncs every frame with the refresh rate (or something like that!). If you turn it off and move around, you'll see edges of things 'tear' if you look carefully. I find it very distracting
  3. It harks back to the days when all you did was run around shooting enemies and finding keycards? I fucking love the original Doom- it's a simple, fun shooter, and I still play it every now and then. I love Half-Life and Halo as much as the next person, but does it now mean every FPS has to be like them? It's like, as 3D became popular (with the release of the PlayStation etc), 2D games are now rarely seen. The fact that every enemy only takes a few shotgun blasts to bring it down (where I'm upto, anyway), suggests that this is a game for a quick blast every now and then- much like the original. I have Painkiller, and it's a great game (looks bloody beautiful as well ), but it's more like Serious Sam with it's wide-open and outdoor environments and hoards of enemies. Though admittedly, I was playing it yesterday and thinking: 'If this wasn't Doom 3, and I didn't know everybody else in the world is playing it, would I even be bothering with it?'. I really can't say at the moment, but if that adds to the gaming experience- then it's probably a good thing I've never been one to watch the preview vids or read snippets of information about the game, so I really don't know how 'revolutionary' ID were claiming Doom 3 to be. It's not revolutionary, at all- Half-Life 2 will be the game to revolutionize the FPS. I'll play it some more though, then I'll see if I still like it.
  4. I'd say that they all know where you are, yes- no matter how dark it is and whether or not you hide. I haven't seen the E3 demo video though, so I wouldn't know what happens in that. The thing is, Doom 3 doesn't pretend to be anything other than a good, solid shooter- it's sticks heavily to its roots in that sense. Like I've said a few times, it's the atmosphere that sets it apart from other FPSs- I've just got past a part where you're in a pitch black room and there are zombies walking around, coming for you. You can hear them shuffling and moaning all around you- it's very unnerving. I ended up flashing my light around the room for a second so I could see where they all were, then shotgunning a few, then getting out the flashlight again etc. Then you can hear screams coming from various places, cries for help on your radio... Fooking excellent stuff it is.
  5. Decent headphones do tend to make scary games more scary- I can hear all of these noises around me They block out all other noise in, ahem, the 'real world' as well, so you do get very immersed in the game. BTW, are you playing with vsync disabled? I always have to enable it- any games look awful without it. I've read a few things suggesting you switch it off for Doom 3 though.
  6. Ah right, thanks! I knew it switched to your light, but I didn't know it also switched to the weapon you were last using. I bloody keep pressing 'Q' in tight spots, you know why that is I'll re-bind 'F' to 'Q' methinks... I'm not that far through it, I've just reached up to the part where you go into the room and there's that pulsating thing on the walls with some kind of ritual symbol written on the floor. When I first walked in there a voice whispered 'save me' and I had to look behind myself (in real life that is), just to be sure Definitely the scariest and most tense game I've played, but I am playing it with some decent headphones
  7. Tell me about it This game is fucking scary. What is lacks in original gameplay, it more than makes up for with an incredibly tense atmosphere. Honestly, you switch on your torch to look into a pitch black corner for ammo and a zombie jumps right at you from nowhere- and there you are fumbling with the keyboard trying to get your shotgun out quick When you venture into new rooms, which are pitch black, you really don't know what's going to come next. Hopefully this'll carry on into online games- though I do have a feeling it's going to be more about how fast people can jump around, like every other bloody FPS It's an incredibly polished game- somebody mentioned before how when you exit the game it takes you straight to your desktop, well it does Far Cry's a bitch when you exit, it slows everything down for ages. I've also noticed how little damage you take off the enemies, and it's actually been very easy so far (that's on the medium difficulty). Has anybody, on their way back through the complex (sort of near the beginning) ventured into the bathroom? Jesus... I nearly shat myself
  8. Or 10/15 years ago for that matter. You do have to remember that every frame in Toy Story took about 30 minutes to render (or something). I had a sex wee when I first saw these screenshots back in 2000: Of course, at the time I was totally expecting the game to turn out like that- I wasn't to know how powerful the PS2 was going to be...
  9. Ahhh... He's downloading Ep1 and 2, it's all become clear Thought I was missing out for a second then!
  10. WTF? Has the torrent been posted? I don't see it on the site...
  11. I see what you mean- but it illustrates how dark and dingy the atmosphere is. I agree that Metroid Prime looks incredible, but can you really imagine Doom 3 having a similar graphical style? I'm playing on 1024x768 with High Detail now and it's running fine. I guess I was just too anal about the framerate before- it's perfectly playable on these settings, it's just that it does tend to dip in places (i.e. when you open a door). That might be down to the fact that I only have 512MB RAM- as Far Cry seemed to have a similar problem. It looks very nice though- much better than with Low Details
  12. Not really... It's more like Dawn of the Dead meets Total Recall. So far, I've been on the surface for only a few seconds as you can only hold your breath for so long- most of it takes place indoors. But it just shows you that even on Low Detail the game looks nice.
  13. Awesome. The atmosphere is incredible- and the fact that you can only hold your flashlight if you put away your weapon is Should I wait 2 weeks for my copy to arrive or should I just carry on playing, and start on the multiplayer in 2 weeks time? Jeez, I feel dirty... but I've got to have another go I settled on 1024x768 res with Low Detail with my 2500+, 512MB RAM and 9800Pro. My machine was overclocked to a 3200+ and a 9800XT (albeit with 128MB RAM) but one of my case fans bust the other day, so it was overheating and artefacting 1024x768 with Medium Detail was fine- but the framerate dropped fairly noticeably in places. Maybe others would still class that as running fine, but for me- if it isn't running perfectly smooth all the way through it, the details need turning down. My disk needs defragging though, plus I need a new fan- so I should be able to squeeze some more fps out of it when I sort everything. Check out this screenshot I took on the surface of Mars (I haven't pasted it here, as I fully understand if people want to experience it for themselves, not that it's a major spoiler or anything!).
  14. Full Spectrum Warrior completely took me by surprise- I thought it would be similar to Rainbow Six etc- but it's more of a strategy game (of sorts). I didn't even know until I started the training, I was like- So how do I move the man? I've only just started it so I'm not far (the last training mission to do), but it seems like a breath of fresh air. Just thought I'd give my 2 dubloons, that's all
  15. I had to laugh when friend of mine bought a 256MB fx5200 thinking it was the dog's nads (because it was an OMFGGG!!!11GGG!!! 256RAM"!""!!!MB!!!!11). Chuck it and get a 9800Pro, or something better if you can afford it. The fx5200 is an MX440 with DirectX9 support An upgrade will be good for Half-Life 2, STALKER and plenty more great-looking PC games on the horizon.
  16. My particular Sonic 2 favourite was at the end of the game, on Death Egg Zone. When you kill the final boss and Sonic is running through the corridor (while it's exploding), if you turn into a ring and move back into the room you can jump around with a bunch of explosions following you. When you're 10, things like that are pretty cool.
  17. Thanks for the replies It's true, I probably haven't played it enough. The little details were pretty cool, as were the multiple routes through the levels- I just thought the levels lacked the inventiveness of it's prequel, and they were far too long. I shall give it another whirl later on
  18. I'd be interested to hear just why everybody seems to laud Metal Slug 3 so much. As I said earlier, I found it boring and repetitive- and I much prefer MS2.
  19. Although I love 2D platformers, I didn't really see eye to eye with Viewtiful Joe either. I just... didn't like it. I couldn't really be bothered with it I certainly wouldn't rate it as one of the worst I've played, as I could see why people would like it. As for not buying shit games, I tend not to either. Sometimes I'll buy a game that magazines rave about, but I absolutely hate (Umm... Unreal Championship was one of those). I do tend to play games that other people have, rent games out, Yarr a couple to see what they're like, download or play demos, buy them from GAME and return them etc etc. Other times I feel obliged to buy them (like I do with Sonic games ), no matter what anybody thinks.
  20. You enjoy being touched? I'll buy Rainbow Six 3 and Wolfie tomorrow, so if you're up for that next week, that'll be great
  21. Metal Slug 2 is my favourite out of them all- I thought Metal Slug 3 was a bit boring, although it was funny in places I used to play MS2 all the time in arcades- 20p a pop 2>X>1>3 I only played 4 and 5 for the first time the other day, and that was only for a few minutes each, so I will reserve judgement on them for now. But yeah, the Metal Slug games rock!
  22. Awesome. Spike Jonze was excellent as well The fact that it was pan and scan was a major letdown, plus I totally agree about the awful ad breaks
  23. I've always wanted to see this, but I've never gotten round to it. It looks great though, so thanks for pointing it out! Shame it's pan and scan though
  24. Alien 3, Ghostbusters II and Hannibal are underrated LOTR is boring and massively overrated* Kill Bill Vol.2 is a much better film than Vol.1 The Matrix Revolutions is better than Reloaded (though they're both pretty average) Toy Story is the best CGI film ever made by far. Secondary to this, A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo are shite Austin Powers 1 is great, the sequel is complete crank * Please note that I've seen FOTR twice, but I've yet to see the extended edition. I've also tried to watch Two Towers, but I couldn't get into it. The films just bore me to death o/\o Too right
  25. That reminds me of this glitch in Far Cry. IIRC, I killed somebody next to one of those canisters, and they ended up lying on top of it. Then I knocked the canister away: Fuck, I must've been bored to do all of that, and then take a screenshot of it
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