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  1. I'd be interested to hear just why everybody seems to laud Metal Slug 3 so much. As I said earlier, I found it boring and repetitive- and I much prefer MS2.
  2. Although I love 2D platformers, I didn't really see eye to eye with Viewtiful Joe either. I just... didn't like it. I couldn't really be bothered with it I certainly wouldn't rate it as one of the worst I've played, as I could see why people would like it. As for not buying shit games, I tend not to either. Sometimes I'll buy a game that magazines rave about, but I absolutely hate (Umm... Unreal Championship was one of those). I do tend to play games that other people have, rent games out, Yarr a couple to see what they're like, download or play demos, buy them from GAME and return them etc etc. Other times I feel obliged to buy them (like I do with Sonic games ), no matter what anybody thinks.
  3. You enjoy being touched? I'll buy Rainbow Six 3 and Wolfie tomorrow, so if you're up for that next week, that'll be great
  4. Metal Slug 2 is my favourite out of them all- I thought Metal Slug 3 was a bit boring, although it was funny in places I used to play MS2 all the time in arcades- 20p a pop 2>X>1>3 I only played 4 and 5 for the first time the other day, and that was only for a few minutes each, so I will reserve judgement on them for now. But yeah, the Metal Slug games rock!
  5. Awesome. Spike Jonze was excellent as well The fact that it was pan and scan was a major letdown, plus I totally agree about the awful ad breaks
  6. I've always wanted to see this, but I've never gotten round to it. It looks great though, so thanks for pointing it out! Shame it's pan and scan though
  7. Alien 3, Ghostbusters II and Hannibal are underrated LOTR is boring and massively overrated* Kill Bill Vol.2 is a much better film than Vol.1 The Matrix Revolutions is better than Reloaded (though they're both pretty average) Toy Story is the best CGI film ever made by far. Secondary to this, A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo are shite Austin Powers 1 is great, the sequel is complete crank * Please note that I've seen FOTR twice, but I've yet to see the extended edition. I've also tried to watch Two Towers, but I couldn't get into it. The films just bore me to death o/\o Too right
  8. That reminds me of this glitch in Far Cry. IIRC, I killed somebody next to one of those canisters, and they ended up lying on top of it. Then I knocked the canister away: Fuck, I must've been bored to do all of that, and then take a screenshot of it
  9. Nice one Whether it's true or not, I guess it doesn't really matter if they're going to keep churning out shit like DaD
  10. The 'Mario 64 in 26 minutes' video showcases a lot of excellent glitches- allowing the player to finish the game with just 16 Stars (IIRC?). The stairs glitch is good- I managed to do it after 10 minutes of frustration It's amazing how people find these.
  11. 5% for me It's going at a pretty steady 30Kb/s, sometimes rising to around 50Kb/s.
  12. The end of september at the earliest- harharharhar!!!!1 o/\o It's funny how it's only about the size of 2CDs- I was under the impression that Doom III would be on 4 or 5... EDIT: Nah, it's 3- but that's still less than I thought it'd be
  13. I don't do this much tbh... If I like a game, I'll keep it I am missing Mario Sunshine though, so I might be buying that again in the near future! I did buy Virtua Tennis 2 on the DC and then the PS2. Verdict: DC version is better. A-thank you
  14. I've ordered my ships forward to loot and pillage I can't help it- It's a whole 2 weeks before it's released here. Obviously I have it on pre-order and I'll be buying it on release here (how else will I play multiplayer?), but I have to have a go. Serves them right though- if it had a simultaneous release I wouldn't be
  15. Yeah, you're right- I've just checked it. I must've been confusing it with something else. Still, 15 seconds is a lot of cuts
  16. I used to love this as a kid, but I watched it a few months ago and it wasn't quite as good as I remembered. It's still a beautiful film- with one of the most haunting scores I've ever heard. Johnny Depp is fantastic, yet again. The UK version is cut by a couple of minutes at the end though
  17. Whether or not anybody cares I don't know, but I played Luigi's Mansion a little bit more today (I've just caught the first Boo), and I've finally sussed the controls. I'm loving it so far! It has buckets of charm- I couldn't help but smile all the time I was playing it. The graphics are superb, and the music is very catchy (you've got to love it when Luigi hums along with it ). I'm glad it's not just a case of 'walk into a room, kill a few ghosts. walk into the next room, kill a few more ghosts' like the awful Grabbed by the Ghoulies. If the puzzles keep coming, along with more imaginative bosses/enemies- I can see myself loving this game for a long time. I've ignored it up until now just for the fact that it looked a bit crap, but I'm glad I did finally pick it up.
  18. Yeah, it was fun! I had to leave then as well- I've been playing games for a good few hours now I haven't played Live in months, so I'll have to catch up and get Rainbow Six (and I'll have to buy Wolfie again!). BTW mate- you are fucking weird (in a nice way)
  19. We're playing PGR2 now- add PaulStation or JonnyAlpha and join us
  20. Nice one! Unfortunately, PGR2 is the only Live game I have at the moment (I sold all of my others while I was at Uni last year- the net connection blocked all of the ports ). I haven't played it for about three months, so I've just started up for a quick practice. If anybody is in a similar situation, make sure you sign on a little earlier than 8pm- I've just been sitting there like a prick for about 15 minutes as it updated the dash
  21. And I'm sure the Soap Operas they watch every single day of their lives have any kind of purpose Infact, it's because of Brookside that my friend is buried under my patio with a knife stuck in his back.
  22. Spider-Man 2 [XBOX] - £30 Burnout 2 [GC] - £15 Luigi's Mansion [GC] - £10 Hellfire [MD] - £4 Streets of Rage 2 [MD] - £4 X2.3b Lite Plus - £30 ...But I sold my PAL copy of Alien Soldier on eBay for £75 I notice a mint Jap copy has just sold for double that- surely one of the most sought after and expensive games at the moment?
  23. How about an original games for once, or even a package with all of the above games together for a respectable price?
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