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    What's up with the PAL version? I have it, but I've only played for about an hour in total- I can't play 2D shmups without an arcade stick
  2. It is a kind of 'remix' of the MD Sonic games (though the graphical style is closer to the Game Gear versions), but I still enjoyed it more than Sonic Advance- which was crank.
  3. Ah yes, I completely forgot about that Get it from here
  4. It's my favourite game of this generation, and definitely one of my favourite games of all time. Then again, I didn't mind the backtracking at all- I really liked it, infact. The combat is perfectly realised, and it's what seperates it from other console FPSs, it's also what makes it such a joy to play. And the music, especially that superb track that plays when you're choosing your save game? It's fan-bloody-tastic
  5. It looks totally sweet. The character design is interesting, as it always is in the Oddworld games. I miss Munch's Oddysee... I sold it before I finished it as well!
  6. I only have... **quickly checks MAME folder** ...64 MAME roms, and Salamander 2 is definitely one of them. I'm using MAME32 v0.81 if that makes any difference
  7. It's emulated in MAME, innit!
  8. I can't even remember the last time I bought something from Game, I'd sooner save a tenner and order it online. If they cut the prices to £29.99 as Legendary says, I'd probably buy all of my games from there. Oh, I did buy a Gamecube from them earlier this year- but that's only because the store in the Arndale Centre had a special "GC and any two games for £100" offer on
  9. "Infact, erm... I'll give you a raise! Eight? Eight-and-half-thousa- NINE! Nine-and-a-half...? Te- tehhh-tehhhll you what, tell you what, it's nine-and-a-half thousand pounds" "Yeah... They're ruined" "Oh hello Michael" "What you doin?" "I'm just destroying my cereal" "Never Say Alan Again" is by far the funniest episode of S2
  10. I'm totally the same... Recently, only Metroid Prime has had me playing for longer than I expected to- though I did have a pretty hefty Half-Life session the other day. I usually just play to the next save point or the next level though, unless it's a game I'm really enjoying Thinking about it, the games I play for the longest are the ones that make it obvious how far I am through the game- with a percentage or a 'token'-style counter or something (Mario's stars etc)... Mario Sunshine, Mario 64, Castlevania: SOTN, Metroid Prime and PGR2 all had me hooked. Sure, they're all great games- but they kept me playing even more, just to get it a few more percent complete EDIT: Ah shit, sorry- I never read the question properly. If I'm playing an arcade game, I can sit there for ages at my PC with MAME and my arcade stick- just replaying the same level over and over and getting better each time. That's what gives you a really sense of achievement and that's what keeps you playing. I've only clocked up an hour and a half on my GC Ikaruga though, I just can't play it with the GC pad
  11. Up until the pretty crappy, indoor levels- Far Cry is a stunningly beautiful game to look at. I've just scanned through the shots in the install folder, as I couldn't help but take a few while I was playing it
  12. Good to hear! I've been looking forward to this one for a while now- when is released in the UK, or will I have to buckle and buy a Freeloader?
  13. #131, and it received a score of 7... Pretty accurate if you'd ask me, though I'd probably give it an 8
  14. Yeah, 'tis a great game I've actually just started playing it through again myself. It looked good when I had my Ti4200, but with my 9800Pro it looks gorgeous (although the men still walk like they've shit themselves- but who could blame them? ). A decent pair of headphones or a 5.1 surround system adds so much to the game.
  15. It is genuine, and M$ will also give you a free 12-month subscription to Live once your current sub has ran out. Lucky bugger...!
  16. It still looks totally sweet That night-time footage looked scary...
  17. That was excellent! I won some fish sticks Somebody should make a game like this, with loads of possible outsomes.
  18. That's great, thanks for posting the link! It can be so funny reading old magazines. In the E3 feature of that issue, one of the writers comments on how good Metal Gear Solid looked for the PS, and says: "A Saturn conversion is likely, if demand is high enough" I remember reading Mega Drive magazines when I was a kid, and lots of people wrote in asking when the "Giga Drive" would be released Of course, they were referring to what would end up being now as the Saturn, but it's funny when you look back
  19. I think it's a fantastic idea, btw I used to read Mega when I was a kid (the Mega Drive magazine). I have up until issue 21 somewhere, which I wouldn't mind digging out myself. I'd love to see some issues that I never had though- I don't really know why, it'll bring back memories I suppose Does anybody have any issues of this from May 1994 onwards? I thought Arcade was a brilliant magazine- but I can't believe the first issue is 6 years old already
  20. That's a nice find! Umm... How did you work that one out?
  21. Jeez, I was researching exactly the same thing myself yesterday! I found out that you can play Half-Life co-operatively over a LAN by downloading the Sven Co-Op mod. I haven't tried it yet though- I never got round to it as I had to update half-Life to use it but my interweb had gone down... There wasn't much else, tbh. It's a shame- all PC games should have a co-op feature. Does anbody know of any other PC FPSs that have a co-op feature? What about Halo or Return to Castle Wolfenstein?
  22. Say if you didn't pick up Saturn Bomberman for £1, what would happen to it then? Either somebody else is going to buy it and sell it on eBay themselves, or it's going to get bought by somebody who doesn't know what the hell it is- and then it might get mistreated and eventually chucked out. If you find something that's in demand at a boot sale, buying it and whacking it on eBay is providing collectors with a chance to get the game for themselves- and they'll be looking after it for (probably) years to come. I don't really sell many things on eBay, but if I did I'd be good enough to start every auction at 0.99p, with no reserve price. If people want to pay £40+, then they can- if they really want it so much. If I was looking for a specific game for my retro collection and I wanted a copy right away, I wouldn't want to chance picking it up at a boot sale- the chances of me seeing a copy would be remote if it isn't a particularily common game. I'd be able to rely on somebody listing it on eBay however. While I may be paying a little more than I'd like, the convenience and choice is what I'd be paying for.
  23. And then maybe Eternal Darkness, Smash Bros Melee, Mario kart, Bomberman Generation and Mario Party (the last bunch specifically for multiplayer fun ). Starfox is a bit shit, actually. Namco (IIRC?) are developing a Starfox shoot-em-up sequel which will be out later this year. Can anybody recommend anymore GC platformers for me? I've had Mario Sunshine, Zelda and Starfox- I also have PoP, Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman 3 on other formats. What else could I try, seeing as Starfox is already getting pretty tiresome? EDIT: Oh, and I love Sonic games- but if I ever have to even look at those shitty Sonic Adventure/Heroes games again I'll probably go fucking berserk
  24. Really? Where were they from?
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