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  1. I only bought a GameCube this year The best game I've played this year that was actually released this year is probably Far Cry. While the indoor levels are shite, and the 'OMFG!!11 WE'VE MADE MUTANT HUMANS!!!11" storyline is there to make the later half of the game artificially more difficult- replaying those first few levels in the hardest difficulty keep pulling me back for more.
  2. I'm enjoying Psi Ops at the moment as well... I'm not very far through it, mind- but last night I amused myself by chucking a few of the bad guys onto an electrified track, killing them instantly. Mwahahaha!
  3. EDIT: Bloody £6 postage as well
  4. So what's the worst game you've played this year? I imagine whoever has played Driv3r will have that at the front of the queue- but that's the catch, you see- no mentions of Driv3r Anyway, I've chosen Sonic Heroes as my 'shite game of the year'... So I finally buy a GameCube in March (£100 with any two games), and I have to choose which games to get with it. I choose the newest and most expensive games available (naturally), and these turn out to be Sonic Heroes and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. A week later I've exchanged them for Twin Snakes and Mario Kart. I returned Final Fantasy because although the graphics were gorgeous- it was shite. Sonic Heroes though, was something else. Sonic Heroes was fucking dreadful.... I've been playing the old Sonic games on emulators recently, and because I have such a soft spot for Sonic I think: "why don't I give Sonic Heroes another try? It really couldn't have been that bad...". I'm a bit of a platform game freak, and I always try to have at least one on the go. I've already completed the Xbox's fine catalogue of decent platform games (i.e. Oddworld) and I've finished most of what the Gamecube offers in the way of platforming fun- so I decide to get Sonic Heroes for the Xbox. I yarred it, by the way- I wasn't going to pay for it again, just in case it was as bad as I remembered. Well first of all, it turns out to be a ripped version without the character voices- so already it was looking peachy. After playing it for a little longer though, I remember why I took it back to GAME in the first place. It looks awful, it's frustrating beyond belief, it's dull, it's repetitive, it's glitchy... Basically, it's like a 'greatest hits' of everything that can be wrong with games. How anybody can play this shit I really don't know. Sonic used to be fun- playing this is too much like hard work. But no doubt I'll return to it in another few months to 'give it another go', only to be bitterly disappointed yet again
  5. That's just daft I've never actually played Radiant Silvergun. Not because I don't want to- it's just that I don't fancy paying 100-fucking-quid for the pleasure of it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  6. I haven't played on Live for a few months, so I'll join in with you on PGR2 tomorrow if you don't mind! Let me know what time you'll be playing it and I'll join if there are any spaces. Gamertag: PaulStation P.S. I'm absolutely shit at PGR
  7. I bought Luigi's Mansion today, finally, as so many of you had mentioned it. I've just played upto the first 'boss', and I'm finding it pretty good so far. The controls aren't particularily easy to get to grips with- and I keep pressing the L button by accident (pushing it even the slightest amount sets that ice gun thing off), which is a pain. I'll see how it goes though
  8. "THERE ARE NO COPIES LEFT IN PUBLIC CIRCULATION, ONLY IN THE PRIVATE SELLERS MARKET!!!111 OMFGGG!!!111GGG!!!!11 LOLZZ!!11" £14.79 @ Simplygames.co.uk I might create an auction with a link to Simplygames, just to piss off all the lying bastards on eBay
  9. A 'schmup'? Get Gradius V for the PS2, reports say it's 'ace'. Similar reports suggest that ESPGaluda is also 'worth checking out'. There was a similar thread to this a few weeks ago- it's worth searching for that and reading it over for recommendations. Download MAME for your PC, there are tons of quality shmups available for that. DoDonPachi is my favourite.
  10. Paulando


    It looks excellent- but I couldn't watch that video for more than five minutes, the constant flashing was giving me a headache
  11. Here he is: No fucking wonder you're sad
  12. Yep, I have Only once, mind- and that was after I'd finished it for the very first time. I have to admit that before SOTN I'd never really played the Castlevania games, so playing as Richter doesn't mean much to me- I much prefer Alucard (and Richter's chain thing pisses me off. Can you change his weapon though? I can't remember...). It's still great you can play as him, and I'll probably start playing with Richter again soon IIRC, the world record speed run thing was with Richter...
  13. If anybody knows of any decent freeware 2D platformers (that are actually good, mind ), I'd be very grateful if you could give them a mention! BTW, on the website that hosts that Magical Broom Extreme I noticed they have Darius Gaiden and Silpheed to download for free. Which I thought was strange...
  14. Jeez, you're both right It must have been removed by eBay, there's no sign of it at all. I'll link to this PS2 version with an hour left, let's see if this one goes any time soon Cacophanus: I totally agree.
  15. Christ, a 2nd hand Xbox Manhunt on eBay at £38 with a hour left All the talk of violent games making people aggressive is fucking bullshit- any game can make you aggressive You should see me playing time trial on Mario kart sometimes... It's just that people don't understand games, they haven't played them- they just assume they're responsible. I've played Manhunt, and I don't want to kill people. No matter what you've played- if you're capable of killing somebody in such a way, you're fucking sick in the head in the first place. Do you remember that murder a few years back where the killers copied the 'stuck in the middle with you' scene from Reservoir Dogs? Why wasn't that banned then? Why do Dixons still sell that? Fucking idiots...
  16. I played Eternal Darkness for a few hours when I first bought it, but I haven't bothered with it since I'll have to go back to that soon... I also left Pikmin after I'd finished just two days. I needed some memory card space so I had to delete the save, but I haven't yet returned to it. To be honest, I hated the time limit. I wanted to take my time, but I felt really rushed. I don't particularily want to spend time completing the 30 days only to fail and have to start again I like the idea of it, but I might just wait for the sequel to be released (sans time limit)
  17. I keep sitting down, ready to have a play on an Xbox game- but I end up loading Castlevania: SOTN from the HD instead... I've finished it twice in the last month or so, and I've just started it again. I don't know what's always pulled me back to it... I guess it's because the game is so simple at heart. Moving around is a breeze, and you don't get any of the annoying problems common with 3D adventures (camera problems, poorly implemented combat etc etc). There are a few Xbox games that I'm working my way through at the moment, but they're starting to piss me off bad. Spider-Man 2 is one of these- I'm fucking sick of foiling the exact same bank robbery, beating up the exact same criminals, and hearing the exact same girl crying for her balloon all over the city. SOTN has a real sense of achievement and progression- you gradually unlock the map, you gradually get better items and you gradually level your character up. It's a unique platformer, and remains one of my absolute favourite games of all time.
  18. IIRC, it runs at full speed on mine (3200+, 9800Pro) or close to it. It's still not perfect, but I've heard the next release of the emulator will be much improved. What killed it for me was the control settings- I couldn't configure my Xbox arcade stick with it I have a DC, a GC and I have Ikaruga for both- but I'd still sooner sit at a desk with an arcade stick. It's probably why I haven't really played it as much as I'd like to have. Saying that, I've been playing several shmups on my Xbox now I have MAMEoX on it (DoDonPachi etc), and I was surprised at how well they play with the Controller S...
  19. o/\o And happy birthday as well... Unless you entered it wrong on your profile that is
  20. Please tell me somebody recorded this!
  21. I adored those stages- give me a game full game of those and I'd be very happy. And the music? Fantastic... B)
  22. Maybe we can get a live feed of it... What channel is it on? I've looked at the BBC1 scotland TV schedule and it only lists Reporting Scotland at 1:30 for 10 minutes. Live feeds of news channels are here
  23. Get it recorded and get it on bittorrent
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