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  1. Get it recorded and get it on bittorrent
  2. Seconded. I've said it many times before, but it'e the best game of this generation (IMHO of course) But I haven't played Tales of Symphonia yet!
  3. I've just watched it now- it's excellent Ali visiting the farm at the end was definitely the highlight! At the start when he was talking to someone about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and saying: "Iz it right to start a war over BLTs?"- while it might be just another spin on the whole 'Ali G mixing his words up' theme, it still raises a smile
  4. I'm sure you cack-handed peeps will be able to use your left hand with the stylus, and the four buttons to move instead. After all, that'd make it a similar to the default configuration on Goldeneye (the 'best' configuration, apparently).
  5. I'd be wary of anything developed by Travellers Tales to be perfectly honest- they have a tendency to churn out incredibly mediocre games EDIT: My thoughts exactly, MikeP. Infact, the only decent game I can ever recall them being responsible for is Mickey Mania on the Mega Drive.
  6. Is GTI Club the one in the Trafford Centre arcade that costs 2 quid a go and moves about like a simulator?
  7. Yep, it could work very well. The way Samus was controlled in morph ball formation was interesting. The action was displayed on the top screen, and there was a ball on the bottom screen that you spun around (kind of like a virtual trackball). The fruit slicing game in Wario Ware looked ace as well
  8. Didn't Sonic Heroes use renderware? If it does, I have an inkling that Spider-man 2 also uses it, because your character's shadow fucks up on both of them when you walk up against a wall
  9. I really like Colin Farrell- but I just can't see him as Bond. Not yet anyway, give him a good few years and then we'll see At the moment, it's Eric Bana for me...
  10. Get involved with the Player's Page, watch some time trial videos, practice the mini-turbos and waste a lot of time. When I first got it, I dabbled around with it for a bit and put it down for a couple of months- then I returned to have a crack at the time trial. You think you're shit (after watching some of the videos available, that is ), but all of a sudden it clicks- and you're constantly looking for new shortcuts and more opportunities for a few more mini-turbos... And as it turns out, the courses are actually very good when you learn the layouts and the best route around them. If you give it time and put some effort into it, it can be a very rewarding game. Shame there are no online leagues though- that would have made it
  11. I thought SF3 was an excellent game as well (well, I still do... ). Has SF4 actually been confirmed? What I don't want to see is 3D graphics (and that includes cel-shading), hi-res 2D is what we want. Also, no more than 10 characters are necessary to begin with.
  12. Hmmm... The only one I can think of is Master of Orion for El Croux's, but I don't see how the middle pictures have to do with that...
  13. It is a great series. I bought Season 1 from Amazon earlier this year because it was cheap, and now I've seen every single episode I bought it for £20 (with free delivery as I bought Futurama and a book), and I sold it on eBay when I'd finished for £34... Never watched The West Wing either tbh, everybody keeps raving about it though. I'll have to buy it soon methinks
  14. I'm not good at doing cryptic ones, so this should present no significant problems:
  15. tbh, I never saw Mario Sunshine as a sequel to Mario 64- it's more of a 'sidequest', especially with that water pack. I'd hardly call it a 'big mistake' though Have a look at every other 3D platformer of this generation, and you'll find that it's up there with the best.
  16. I only registered at the beginning of June- so no, I hadn't seen that. Thanks for posting it That clip of him playing Mario 64 was funny- and it's still available!
  17. I've just read some interview with Dave Perry on some site ('The Official home page of games legend Dave Perry' ) where he mentions the cheating in GamesMaster: I had no idea that any of the challenges were rigged y'know! And here's something else regarding GamesMaster: The rest of the 'interview' is a pretty... Meh... Apart from the bit when he admits people used ask him to sign their copies of Aladdin and Earthworm Jim
  18. I went to see EpI at the cinemas and I didn't think it was too bad. I bought it on DVD a couple of years ago though, and I couldn't even watch it all- it's a terrible film. And let's face it, if it wasn't Star Wars- nobody would give two shits about it. EpII is better, but that annoying-as-fuck dialogue and the stupid CGI kills it. The third act is pretty cool though, as noted above.
  19. Funnily enough, this is my current phone wallpaper (and has been for about 6 months- I can't be arsed changing those things ): ' Get away from her you bitch! ' BTW, did they show the SE or the theatrical cut? The film was on for about 2hrs45mins, so I assume it was the SE. To be honest, I actually prefer the theatrical cut, although the SE does have some great scenes. Somebody should arrange a 'kickass film' meet, and Aliens would be one of those films. Preferebly somebody with a fucking huge plasma TV of course... B) Watching cools films with other people who love them would be... pretty cool I guess!
  20. I always do that... Although you can have the super duper ultimate DVD release with 5.1 sound, if it's on TV you just watch it 'because it's on' And when it's on TV, you can just have it on in the background whilst you're doing something else. You can't do that with a DVD- it just seems false, if you get what I mean. Anyway... Aliens is an awesome film- one of my top films as well. Everybody has their favourite bit, but the first time I saw the part where Ripley and Newt are under bed, and she wakes up and sees the empty facehugger container rocking away on the floor I got the shivers bad!
  21. Yep, sure- I've just started again EDIT: I'm downloading something at the moment though so it'll be slow, but I'll set it to full speed (15Kb) as soon as it's finished.
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