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  1. There's that Amazing Island on the GC and Sega Superstars (an EyeToy game) for the PS2...
  2. That was a superb game The single player mode was fantastic- I don't think I ever even finished it completely (I needed a gold relic on a few more levels). However, the new Crash kart game is fucking garbage...
  3. That's definitely it, yeah!
  4. FargalEX- Tails Adventure? I know it's something adventure, but I'm not sure about the first two pics
  5. Yeah, you can't just say that the AI cheats just because you're shit at the game If you're tactical with the weapons- saving your shells to fire backwards when somebody has shot a weapon at you, using your mushrooms on the shortcuts in the tracks- it's a lot easier. The single player mode can be pretty hard and frustrating- but it's very satisfying when you do finally finish it. And it's worth sticking with just for the Barrel Train- then you can start on the time trials.
  6. Ahhhh- Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball! Very good
  7. Yes, I could see that- that's why I ended up going for Colosseum in the end But communism/colosseum? WTF?! Soong: Street Fighter
  8. Farbob - Pokemon Colosseum is that? It's Pokemon something- though I don't know what the last picture has to do with Pokemon...
  9. WTF?! They cover the whole bloody road- now that's super
  10. Nobody's managed to get my variation on one of Lazychu's... I'll give it up if nobody gets it on this page You mean to say you never knew the 'Inferno' cheat? You're rubbish!
  11. I'll quote yours, Tyler- it's a pain in the arse going back 5 pages I still can't get it... That first picture could be so many things
  12. Space Channel 5 That was a good 'un!
  13. we-hey! Counter-Strike!
  14. Lazychu: Midnight Resistance 'Tis easy, but it was fun to do
  15. This is a bit harder:
  16. Full Spectrum Warrior!!!!!!!!!!1111 EDIT: Shit!!!!!111
  17. You're too good! I still can't bloody get yours though...
  18. Here's another eaaaaaaasy one:
  19. Sega released some great compilations for the Mega Drive- the Mega Games series (of which there were loads), Sonic Compilation (Sonic 1, 2 and Mean Bean Machine) and the Disney Collection (Castle of Illusion and Quackshot). Compilations of 16-bit games is what I'd like to see more of on the GBA, Sonic Mega Collection would be fooking great in handheld form. Though I do hate it when developers* bung a single ten year old SNES game onto a GBA cart and flog it for 30 quid *Nintendo
  20. I ripped every movie from FFVIII once and burned them to CD (sad, I know!). I'll dig them out and host the ending sequence if you have no luck
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