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  1. Cheers for posting this- I haven't seen GamesMaster for fucking ages, and it bought back so many memories :) I'll keep it seeding overnight.

    Well that was great. Especially the Robocop bit, which was making me want to cry with embarrasment, til Diamond stepped in in a highly comical fashion. Class.

    That part was great- Dominik is a funny guy ;)

    i just watched this. the guy doing the final challenge (on Doom 2) is blatantly cheating somehow... towards the end you can see him taking loads of hits from enemies but his life doesn't go down... although i'm not quite sure how he is doing this, because the character's avatar's eyes don't go golden like they do when you put in the "iddqd" invulnerability cheat mode. is a different status bar overlaid over the game graphics?

    I thought that as well... very strange. It's when he has around 20/22% health- he keeps getting shot at but his HP doesn't go down.

  2. I think one of the best bits about getting a new console is holding the controller for the first time :P

    I just had a PS2 and Xbox, but I bought a Cube in March as they were so cheap. I absolutely love it, and I've actually got more games for that now than I have for any other console. It complements an Xbox very well IMO, and vice versa. I was getting tired of all the 'realistic' games that were out for it, but adding a Cube to the line-up has me sorted.

  3. I'll probably be playing more Super Mario World... And then probably a bit more of Riddick. I was playing Riddick last night actually, I got past this part where there's a bunch of bad guys shooting at you, and then some ED-209 lookalike comes down the lift. Well I killed it, then I pressed the button to go up in the lift and... the lift squashed me! Fucking bastard... ;)

  4. Really? I'm surprised anyone would think Streets of Rage was better than its sequel...

    SoR2 was much easier than SoR, but it looked a lot nicer and was much smoother to play- so I'd agree with you on that one. SoR3 was the worst of the lot though.

    As for the Sonic games, well... Sonic 3 & Knuckles beats them all hands down :( Should I dare put all of the Sonic games in order of greatness? I'll have a go:

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles > Sonic > Sonic 2 > Sonic CD > Sonic Adventure 2 > Sonic Adventure > Sonic Heroes

    This is ignoring the MS, GG and 32X games of course (but could Chaotix be classed as a Sonic game? Saying that, it's shite anyway so it's likely to be at the bottom of the list no matter what). It's also counting Sonic 3 & Knuckles as one game- which I think is fair, as it's a totally different experience from playing Sonic 3 and S&K seperately. And yeah, I know there are a few more that I've missed out- Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D etc etc, but I have my reasons.

    I don't rate the 3D games much at all. Sonic Adventure 2 is pretty bad (thanks to the terrible Tails/Robotnik stages and the incredibly frustrating Knuckles/Rouge stages), but the Sonic/Shadow stages are fairly enjoyable- plus it has Green Hill Zone :) Sonic Adventure was very impressive back in 1998, but it has aged very badly IMO. That first level on the beach is pretty cool though! And as for Sonic Heroes? Don't even get me started on that sub-standard, glitchy piece of arsecrack- playing it was truly one of the most frustrating gaming moments I've had all year :)

  5. Nah. Yoshi's Island was gorgeous and unique, but SMW was platform perfection.

    What he said ^

    Don't get me wrong, Yoshi's Island is an excellent game- but Super Mario World is truly in a league of it's own. YI can be very frustrating at times, whereas SMW is a joy from start to finish. Funnily enough, I started playing through SMW again on my newly modded Xbox yesterday- I absolutely love it.

    I also started playing through Sonic 3 & Knuckles- and I finished it in one sitting with all the Super Emeralds :) I couldn't put it down, it's so much fun to play. Of course it's not in the same league as SMW- but it still reminds me why I started playing games in the first place: it's fun.

  6. Saw this for the first time last night. Excellent film.

    I've seen Aliens, but no Alien3 or Alien: Resurrection. I know the latter two are supposed to be bad, but I'd still like to see them sometime!

    At the end it said that Five were running the Alien trilogy, over the next few weeks... wonder why no Resurrection though?

    Because it's fucking shite.

    Alien 3 is worth a watch though- it's not a great film, as you quite rightly point out- but it looks nice, it's very dark and it has some decent performances. Alien Res is a joke- it completely fucks up the Ripley character and reduces the Alien series to a comic book action flick... :)

  7. I loved Chu Chu on the GBA- just for the puzzle mode that is. It's great that you can switch it on for ten minutes at a time, finish a few of them, then return to it later on. And the fact that there's no shortage of puzzles (over 2500 or something?) is another bonus <_<

  8. I just tried playing Quake 2-X, (which doesn?t use acceleration either), and it was pretty horrible. I can't get a head-shot when the instant you breathe on the stick, the crosshair is charging at full-speed!

    You have to turn the sensitivity riiiight down for it to be any good. Saying that, I don't know how Q1X and Q2X differ...

    Counter-Strike has great stick acceleration but also, if you click in the right thumb-stick, you will turn very quickly without any acceleration. It?s the best of both worlds and I miss the feature when I play another game.  :)

    Wolfenstein had that, and it was a great feature.

    Okay, so maybe analogue/acceleration/whatever shouldn't be taken out completely- but a lot of games overdo it. Especially if it's a very fast-moving FPS, and you have to aim in a split second.

  9. You've got that backwards, surely? :P

    I can't recall any acceleration in TS2 (Xbox version) and in Halo it seems very pronounced!

    Check it out: Fire up Timesplitters, tilt the look stick as far as it will go and you should notice it stays at a constant speed.

    Do the same with Halo and you'll notice it starts slowly then speeds up as you eventually start spinning really fast on the spot.

    If that is what you're talking about, I've definitely not seen Timesplitters 2 do it at all... never mind more than Halo! :)

    Oh sorry, I must've explained myself wrong... I mean when you move the 'look' stick on TS2 just a small amount, you turn very slowly- but if you move the stick any more you will turn a lot faster. If you hold the stick in the same place you will turn at a constant speed, yes :( I just feel that a lot of games fuck it up- and when added to the problem with the X/Y axis having different sensitivities it's a nightmare :P

  10. I can't seem to grasp your point.  I've been able to control Halo/Prime/GE and all other good FPS' using analogue control with acceleration.  I find it an accurate and easy control style, surely it offers a far greater level of control and accuracy.  I reckon we death match it with the alternate control methods  :P

    I too think the controls in Metroid Prime are perfect, and Halo's controls are very good. But when it comes to multiplayer modes, where you have to turn and aim much faster- it's a lot harder :( So if I want to turn around and face somebody, I always end up moving the stick a little bit too far and turn right past them (because you've sped up), or I don't move the stick enough and I turn really slowly- so this ends up being really jerky. And by the time you've actually turned to face them, they've moved and you have to do it all over again. Once I got the sensitivity to a comfortable setting in Quake1-X (it's a few notches from the bottom) it was great. TBH, the only console FPSs I have at the moment are Metroid prime (which isn't controlled like your standard FPS) and TimeSplitters 2 (which I've just had a go of, and the controls were arse). Even if they don't scrap this look acceleration, at least they could make the difference between moving the stick a small amount and moving it all the way less pronounced.

    Don't knock it till you've tried it :P

    Timesplitters (2) doesn't have look acceleration. As a result, it's quite slow to do a 'quick turn around' thing.

    Halo's was lovely. You could reduce the acceleration by reducing the pressure applied to the stick anyway, so it was easy to control. I'm sure some games get it horribly wrong though.

    The Xbox version of TS2 definitely has look acceleration :) It's fucking shit though- it's probably the worst offender. Halo's was nice, there wasn't much acceleration going on there and it was pretty easy to control.

  11. What on Earth are you babbling about (Paulando)? Analogue is a joy for FPS's. If you want to play without it, maybe you should buy a joystick.

    With a joystick/d-pad you get 8 directions to move, with the analogue stick you get... a lot more... There's still a reason to use the analogue stick- it's much smoother. Play Quake1-X FFS, and see how easy it is to play!

  12. To be honest, that sounds awful. I want to be able to slowly turn and aim. Not jerk around all over the place. Urgh!

    It does sound pretty awful, but it actually plays really well believe it or not :(

    They should at least give you the option I suppose... Or am I the only one who's shit at console FPSs? :(

  13. Okay, so I'm not denying there are some great console FPSs out there, but as the saying goes (the one I've just made up): "you can't beat a mouse and keyboard for an FPS". Or can you? I've always thought this, and I've always had trouble using a controller with FPS games. I think everyone would have to agree that it's not an ideal method of control. It's not always easy to shoot where you want to shoot, especially if you have to be quick to do it.

    Last night I downloaded Quake1-X and I FTPed to my Xbox (without anyone's help believe it or not- but that's another story...) and loaded it up. What struck me was not only how good a conversion it was, but also how excellent the controls were. I was running around, picking off grunts with ease, and very rarely would I actually miss. After playing a few levels, it suddenly hit me why the controls were so great- there was no acceleration on the 'look' stick.

    I think we all know that mouse acceleration is awful, and only serves to make looking on a PC FPS a pain in the arse. Why do developers even bother to include it? Some even make it compulsory- look to the PC version of Pandora Tomorrow to see some royally fucked-up controls (I know SC isn't an FPS, but it's an example of how shit mouse acceleration is). But back to Quake1-X... If you move the right thumbstick just a small amount to the right, say- you will look to the right. Moving it all the way to the right and you will turn at the same speed. Every other FPS I've played on a console has been different- move the stick further and you will turn faster. Sure, that's fine for other types of games- in driving games it lets you turn corners accurately and third-person games it's the difference between tip-toeing and sprinting. But when you need accuracy- it blows, and developers should include an option to turn the damn thing off. Not only that, the X and Y axis should always have the same sensitivity- or at least the game should give you the option. Wolfenstein on the Xbox has a nice feature to change this. If you've never played Quake1-X though, I urge you to try it to see how easy it is to play.

    Rant over.

  14. That's so cool- a PSOne-shaped console that takes N64-style carts and comes with a PS1-style controller with the buttons from a Mega Drive 6-button pad and a bunch of NES games to play on it ;)

  15. Yes it is that jaggy. very dissapointing huh? It fluctuates from looking great to looking terrible. But its a cracking game

    That's true, sometimes it looks great and other times it looks pretty shitty. I'm enjoying it a lot now, and although there are a lot of jaggies- the models and light effects look awesome. The real time cutscenes are fab- the voice acting impressed me no end, as did the movements of the people (it looks very natural, unlike a lot of other games where the characters seem to wave their arms about for no apparent reason :P ). It also has bags of atmosphere- running around the prison and you can hear people shouting at each other :D

  16. :P

    I did just get past it actually, but I thought there might be something I was missing- as I did seem to lose a lot of health. Jeez, if I knew that was the end of the level I would've just ran through there. I'm a bit of a careful gamer you see, if I lose a lot of health I have to restart the section... :P Many a time I've saved the game with about 3 hp, before a boss or something :D

    I must say, the real-time cutscenes looks great! :)

  17. Right... I've just got hold of this (yarrrr, and all that) :( I just have a few questions:

    1. Is the resolution supposed to be so low, are the textures supposed to be so crap and is there supposed to be PS2-style jaggies everywhere?

    2. I'm not very far through it (a few minutes), but I've just reached a part in a sewer. You go into a pitch black tunnel and there are two guards there. The thing is, I have a torch- but when you use the torch they can see it shining and shoot at you. I thought Riddick could see in the dark, and shit like that? What should I do at this part then? :ph34r:

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