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  1. No you need something to happen first which takes a little while - I also didn't realise when using Z to do straight lines you don't need to press A as well. DUH. A lot easier now. Also I found out about Demon Fangs.
  2. I've been playing this and really enjoyed it - never heard of it until the Wii version. I did spend roughly 6 hours trying to do the until I realised I was being lazy and not doing proper circles. People should also read the manual - there's some good hints in there. I spent ages trying to the power slash becasue I skipped the cutscene and didn't realise you used Z. I just had Google what to do with the as I was worried I'd missed something.
  3. Garden centre, or online at Suttons or somewhere. Try and get the stuff with pre-cut nasty sharp bits. It's supposed to give them a shock when they try to cross it so you tape it around the pots. Worked well for me last year. Be warned - 5m sounds like a lot, it's not. Don't bother with the organic garlic granule stuff - I saw slugs climbing all over it last year without being the least bit bothered. The only true way to stop them though is to go on slug patrol every night. Leaving a bit of board down helps - they all gather under it then you can dish out whatever evil punishment you want.
  4. It's veg box day, normally I'm happy to come up with stuff to use them for but I thought I'd see what you lot suggest. I have all necessary herbs, rice, pasta, extra potatoes, stock cubes etc etc already. This will probably be something to go with lamb chops or something. Not fussed about using everything in one go, either. I would normally go and get a courgette or two and make a ratatouille or something, or possibly a roast veg selection. Or bubble and squeak with bacon in it. Aubergine Red Pepper Green cabbage Carrots (large ones) New potatoes
  5. When there's roots coming out of the bottom! It's down to experience really, you don't want to overpot really, but still give the plants room to grow. With seedlings it's usually when they have their set of two or four leaves.
  6. That's what I have as well. Using pots has its advantages - you have complete control over the compost etc you use and you can put copper tape around pots to stop slugs/snails. Plus you can move them around if you need to. See my earlier post - all that is grown in pots on my patio.
  7. You want to be careful with mint - spreads like anything. Most people keep it in pots to stop it taking over the garden.
  8. NO. Completely different. Drummers nowadays seem to contain some kind of greasy slushy meat substitute whereas Dinosaurs contain a flavoursome, firmer meat substitute. And the coating on Dinosaurs is far nicer too.
  9. I don't like most of the stuff but I will admit to having a bit of a thing for the Dinosaurs that my daughter has. For some reason I love them. Drummers are awful, I'm sure they used to be better.
  10. Oooh. A veg growing thread. Nice. I only have a small patio for a back garden so everything has to be in containers. Last year we grew beans, potatoes etc but started a bit late so some stuff didn't work that well. This year has been well planned and am currently growing - Potatoes French beans (climbing and dwarf) Spring Onions Cauliflowers Strawberries Garlic Carrots (normal and Parmex - globe variety) Chili peppers Courgettes Also I started off some tea plants last year which somehow survived the winter in my crappy plastic patio greenhouse and are now carrying on nicely. B)
  11. These might help you - http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=225510 http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=329506 (pretty much the same list in both cases). EDIT: Trick for really nice fluffy mashed potato - Once the pots are drained, chuck in big blob of butter and grated cheese if required. Put lid back on the pan for a minute so the heat stays in and melts it quicker. Mash the potatoes and then at the end splash in some milk (only experience can tell you how much, but remember the golden rule - You can always add but not take away) and then whip it frantically with a wooden spoon.
  12. It seems to work perfectly well for my 5 year old as well. It even put her fit age as 5 when she did well. EDIT: I am surprised however that there wasn't some sort of disclaimer put in by Nintendo to avoid things like this. Deer Nintendo My kidz iz not fat. I sue you lots. Yors, Dum parent.
  13. Amusing. They were probably using it on a thick carpet or something. That's known to cause discrepencies. Or.. maybe.. their kid is just fat? I know people who won't buy Wii Fit because they're worried it will tell their kids they are obese (they know they have fat kids and don't want to be reminded of it). It's the people who don't want to upset their kids so they tell them they're not overweight even though they blatantly need to go on a diet.
  14. Risotto is worth trying as well. Dead easy and you can do loads of different ones. If you've got Risotto rice, some stock cubes and an onion that's all you need for the base, then add mushrooms, chicken, vegetables etc. When we have roast chicken we leave some of the chicken and then use it for a risotto the next day, which means two meals out of a £3 chicken. Stir fry - I used to do loads of those, but got a bit bored of them after a while. Stupidly quick and easy though.
  15. Homemade pizzas are the best, the sauce is so much better done from scratch. However I've never got the hang of the dough, so I buy the Napolina bases and then make the sauce and let everyone do their own toppings. Hours of fun.
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