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  1. Yeah I had no idea about that either! The 82 Spain ball for me, classic simple design, none of the busyness of the 86-onwards versions. Though my memories linked to it are from a good few years later, think I must've been 9-10 so would've been closer to the actual Mexico 86 cup, it's definitely the 82 ball I remember. As it should be!
  2. Aaand we may as well quote it to get it on the new page.
  3. The Tango's been my favourite ball forever.
  4. Yeah, just smashing it up the field when there is clearly nothing on seems rife, blind panicked clearances from around the box and the lack of composure generally. Yes! It's funny watching these games seeing how baggy the shirts are compared to modern ones, hiding a lot!
  5. it's a low bar, but this is without doubt the greatest thing ITV has ever done. All the games that have been played up to this point in the tournament are available on the hub and I've been watching a few over the weekend. Scotland v Netherlands (Netherlands were absolutely ROBBED here!), Switzerland v Netherlands, Czech Republic v Italy and then the Scotland/England game last night. The nostalgia hit is massive (and I'd forgotten that the Czech/Italy game had taken place at Anfield, and had Smicer and Berger playing!) but what I've been a bit surprised by that has stuck out has been the appalling quality on display in most of the matches. Intensity in most games has been high but there seems to be no ability to control and keep hold of the ball for any length of time, no team seems to be able to move the ball around more than 3-4 passes before someone inadvertently shanks an over-hit pass into the stand or it bounces off a shin straight to the opposition, it's like watching pinball. Even in the Swiss/Netherlands game the Dutch were struggling to display any significant periods of fluidity. I don't remember it feeling like this at the time, I'm surprised how much the game seems to have moved on even in *just* () the last 24 years. Not watched the France/Spain game yet, might put that on this avy, hoping that produces more flashes of brilliance.
  6. It's supposed to be a very good pad but all standard Xbox controllers have USB so if you don't need the extra functionality you'll essentially be paying an extra £110 for some chargeable batteries...
  7. Trying to play this now and getting a "services are temporarily unavailable" msg when trying to play, anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Oh, one final thing while I've had these controllers apart... I've read quite a few reports of of the 3.5mm headset sockets stopping working (and it was knackered on one of my own). The 3.5mm socket is just sandwiched between the two PCBs, it's not hard-wired (it comes loose as soon as you prise the two PCBs apart), there are 7 springs on the bottom of the unit that line up with 7 contact points on the board, you can see them here: Not sure why it's been done like that but issues are most likely caused when the springiness reduces against the contact points. This setup does however make it pretty simple to replace the unit, and there is enough give in the wires soldered to both boards that you don't actually need to de-solder anything to replace it. You can buy the replacement 3.5mm socket on ebay for a couple of quid.
  9. And the vinyl wrap pad back together: (sorry for the pic spamming, had to do it in two posts due to pic size limit)
  10. The thumbsticks I'd ordered for this *finally* arrived today! In the meantime, I'd set about butchering two other partially working controllers I'd picked up recently (analogue stick board was knackered on one and the d-pad + LB broken on another), to make one good one, so took the analogue board out of one and put it into the other. All that was needed for this was was to open them up, de-solder two wires on either side that power the rumble motors inside the triggers (grey+black in the images), unclip the bluetooth controller (small black wire with gold-plated end surrounded by the orange film) and unscrew one T6 screw on each side, then screw and solder the replacement in. I bought a camo front shell and some gunmetal thumbsticks for this one: (This pad must've originally been dropped and landed right on the left stick, the PCB is bent and there's a crack right under the stick module)
  11. I've put around 30hrs into this and only just discovered
  12. Cool, glad you went for it. Might see if I can pick up any elite sticks for one of mine now...
  13. Not done this but can't see any reason why you couldn't do it, the analogue module the sticks sit on are identical and the holes in the front shell look the same size too. All you'd need to do it is a T8 security torx driver and a plastic spudger to lever the rear grips off. Couple of quid from ebay if you don't already have them. What's up with the Elite pad, just out of interest? ---- I picked up another couple of broken controllers recently to fix up so thought I'd have a play with some vinyl wrap. Tricky to apply and you need a decent heat gun and a lot of patience but the results are pretty good. The vinyl is a textured turquoise/purple colour flip. Have some clear thumbsticks on the way to go with this one:
  14. Dead Space 3 is definitely worth a run-through, it hosts one of the best set-pieces of the series*, when you get to...
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