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  1. Started watching the latest series of Last Chance U last night, not really feeling it, feels almost like a parody of the previous seasons. The coach seems like a much nicer guy than previous ones though, although you could see him starting to crack in the second game where he starts blaming things on the assistant coaches. Obviously I'll watch the whole thing.
  2. Footybite it is then!
  3. Nowhere in the award does it say "best" though, I agree if it was based purely on skill he wouldn't be anywhere near that. Here's the FWA's own words on the matter: "FWA chair, Carrie Brown, said: “Leadership is intangible and often unquantifiable unless it is inarguable. Jordan Henderson is both the ultimate professional and now a bona fide Liverpool legend. “Jordan is a player his team-mates look to on the pitch and who his rivals look up to off it. The voting criteria for the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year is one who leads by precept and example and in this country’s darkest moment, Jordan, unprompted, personally rallied club captains to establish #PlayersTogether." http://footballwriters.co.uk/editorial/jordan-henderson-footballer-of-the-year/ It's about so much more than individual skill and he fully deserves it for the way he's driven the team all season.
  4. Bloody hell Firmino should've shot then.
  5. Yeah I'm beginning to get that impression. I can't even change the sign-in ID email account linked to his account now either (to an old unused one) as apparently that is disabled for child accounts, so I'll need to use another email address for the new account I set up for him. Jeeez. The workaround I linked to above won't work either as the system recognises it as a child account as soon as you log in so won't let me change the DoB. Oh well, onwards...
  6. Ta, will try to sort that tonight then. Can you still have adult accounts as part of a family so I can keep an easy eye on it, or would it just exist as a completely separate account on the PS4?
  7. Hi Folks, After a bit of noob advice/input around setting up/using family account management features and age restrictions after having just picked up a PS4... I set up my user account/PSNID and then created a second account/PSNID for my son, as a child account within my family. Went through all of the usage/access/connectivity/age restrictions stuff, set the game age limits to PEGI-16 as he's pretty trustworthy (he's just turned 11), and set him off. He went to play Fortnite, which blocked him immediately seemingly due to it checking his Date of Birth rather than just checking against game age limit I'd set on his account. Naively I'd used his correct DoB when setting up his account. Typically, DoB appears to be one of the only bits of data you can't officially change once you've set the account up, however there does seem to be this unofficial workaround: https://www.androidcentral.com/how-change-your-age-playstation-4 So it looks like my options are to try that above workaround and assume there are no further issues by doing this, or scrap his account altogether and create a new one using a false DoB for it that will allow him to play everything. Does anyone know if PSN will even let me set a new one up linked to the same email address/phone number? Ta!
  8. Bloody hell that's a bit of a strike from Zaha.
  9. Fuck me, can we get this ridiculous thread title changed back please.
  10. It's all bloody YEET! this and YEET! that over here, I hate it. youtube's far more influential than any swears they might pick up in gta.
  11. My 11 yr old definitely plays more than I think he should, especially at the moment while we're all at home and myself and my wife are both trying to continue working full-time, but I do keep an eye on him and make sure it's not affecting his wellbeing. The only really hard rule we have is that he's not allowed any gaming at all before midday, as this really does seem to affect him more than anything else, and can make him lethargic and affect his attitude for the rest of the day, whereas if he's done something more educational/physical in the morning and then goes on in the afternoon . the lethargy he shows after a long session (3-4hrs) in particular is a killer for doing anything productive for the rest of the day. We've always tried to keep it to age-appropriate games for him as he's grown up, but I have let him play some more adult stuff like Just Cause 3 and GTA5 under my supervision, as the actual driving/flying mechanics in these games are brilliant fun and generally fine for him to play around with (though I was slightly concerned over the glee he took mowing down a number of pedestrians one time in GTA...). One of the main issues with GTA is the massive amount of swearing in it, he knows a fair few swear words through his friends and school now anyway, but we discuss them and talk about not using them, and he is generally very good with his language. With the live online games like Overwatch and Fortnite it is harder to set a hard limit that means he would have to break off halfway through a game, and I understand this a lot better than his mum, who is more likely to march in and switch it off from the wall, but I have recently found quite an effective tactic to get him to mentally prepare for finishing his session, which is to send him a quick message through the Xbox app giving him a 5/10min warning, so it actually pops up on screen as he's playing, and he does seem to accept that more readily than us shouting into the room where he's playing.
  12. Watching this video reminded me just how many times we've come back to win from losing positions this season, really highlights the mentality of the whole squad.
  13. Cheers boys. Been a long time coming.
  14. Am going to try and get back into this with a couple of friends this weekend, just looking to roam the plains and do some co-op PvE stuff, without being hassled by anyone else. Is this actually possible? looking online it doesn't seem you can create private sessions like you could in GTA. We'll all be pretty much starting out from scratch, in fact I don't think I'd even got to a point where I could pick up a horse last time I played online, so will have pitiful access to weapons and resources, so I'd rather not have it descend into a griefing sh1tfest if we can help it.
  15. Strangely, the *only* time my launch model One really winds itself up is when I load up an X360 digital BC game.
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