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  1. Master System version for me. Very strong nostalgia with this, playing it right through many times with my brother, and then beating the crap out of each other at the ending, mirrored our real lives growing up as close siblings!
  2. I use a separate app for connecting/streaming from your own actual Xbox, Xbox Companion app: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-console-companion/9wzdncrfjbd8?activetab=pivot:overviewtab It can take a couple of attempts to connect, I found I needed to enter the IP address of the console manually (you can find this buried in the network settings on the console) and occasionally the first time you hit the "Stream" button it fails, but always connects the second time you click it. I also found I had to make sure my profile was loaded when the Xbox is switched on (by default it goes to my Son's profile, and then the companion app won't connect as I'm logged into the app with my own xbox profile) Once connected it's been pretty much perfect for me. Worth the initial setup hassle for the flexibility of streaming to my laptop or PC upstairs.
  3. Zero was the best mag of the era, multiformat but there was always a heavy slant towards the Amiga in it.
  4. Watched the first two Fear Street films over the weekend. Not sure what I was expecting but it's so confusing tonally. Looks like they used the same casting agency as Stranger Things (and even has at least one of the same actors) with loads of similar framings of nostalgic throwbacks to the eras (obviously slightly different eras but similar in style and presentation) and then BLAMMO! some 13 year old kid gets an axe to the head, on screen, repeatedly! Entertaining enough though, and I'll watch the concluding chapter, although reading back in the thread it's by far the weakest I need the closure!
  5. Started this and put a couple of hours into it last night. I've read through most of the second half of the thread now and think I agree with almost everything everyone has already said, both good and bad! Will give it a few more hours I think as it feels like I'm really just starting to get into the meat of it, but time will tell as to whether QoL/UI issues start to crush the enjoyment out of it... I'm also getting strong vibes of the massively underrated PSP original Killzone Liberation with the nip and tuck cover-based combat and camera angle at the moment, which is v.positive.
  6. Bloody hell are they still watching the itv hub stream?
  7. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    Yeah that all sounds like you're moving in the right direction, and in a couple of years when you do start getting into competitive leagues it definitely IS worth having streamed league squads as in my experience all leagues will be set up in divisions based on ability, but I'd definitely push for mixed training sessions.
  8. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    Yeah if it's just more of an informal kickabout I'm sure you'll be fine. After 7+ years of this now I do look forward to the break though! On the mixing players of different abilities, that's something we do as standard for the majority of our training anyway, unless there's something very specific we want to try out with one squad that they might have struggled with in a previous match. We find it works really well to mix them all up during training so they all get to play with different kids, including where they might have friends that would usually play in different match squads. We do have one age group that trains in squads all the time but it feels like the players may as well be at different clubs. Appreciate though it might depend on your club's philosophy as to how you approach it.
  9. christaylor

    Youth Sport

    "backing off" the training?! You need a proper break over the summer or you'll burn out halfway through next season! Good luck with the FA1, it'll be quite a strange experience if the whole thing is online.
  10. For anybody else suffering withdrawal Copa America Bolivia - Uruguay has just started over on the red button.
  11. No lunchtime game today? What the heck am I supposed to do all afternoon, work?!
  12. Flipping heck, what is with these commentators going on about how it should be given as a goal for the Slovakian player?! It was great build up play but his shot hit the post and was flying straight back into play until it hit the back of the keeper!
  13. Ordered mine yesterday morning and it arrived today! Looks great.
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