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  1. Think the keeper just needs to stand and guard that top right corner.
  2. Bloody hell Shaq could do with a haircut! https://streamja.com/A0Z19
  3. Christensen's just doing what we all wish we could do anyway.
  4. Leicester Burnley game live on BBC1 shortly.
  5. This is very good in online multiplayer with friends, had a blast with it on friday night. You can set the join options to friends-only and fill the rest of the spaces with AI so can keep it private. With the AI set on Normal they disappear into the background quite quickly and the three of us were just left to battle it out on the track, which was great. Minor grumbles would be that the setup options are very simplistic, you just pick a track and race it, and then pick another track and race that. No options to pick a grand prix-type setup with 4-5 courses and overall leaderboards
  6. Yeah that's a shambles. Lots on twitter saying the ref should have disallowed it as Harrogate players were still in the box when the keeper played it out, but that's all on the keeper, if you want to release it quickly you have to deal with the consequences. Terrible attitude from the defender though, no urgency to do anything with it, or recover the ball.
  7. This GCN video is brilliant to get an idea of how it all works:
  8. christaylor


    Black album was my introduction to Metallica so it'll always hold a special place, really like their earlier, more raw, thrasher stuff from Kill em all and Ride the lightning though. My local indie cinema put on a showing of S&M2 last year, which was awesome.
  9. The season hasn't even started and Utd have already got a penalty! (I'll see myself out)
  10. Do we think Barca will pay up then? https://www.goal.com/en-ie/news/coutinho-contract-clause-will-barcelona-pay-liverpool-if/2qmyo60uibdj1tfdzfxb1vt4p
  11. Bit of an open game so far!
  12. Oh Lovren you cheeky little scamp: https://www.egypttoday.com/Article/8/90995/I-hit-Ramos-for-what-he-did-with-Salah-Lovren "Lovren said, in an interview he had with Egyptian TV channel Sada El Balad, about the incident: "I deliberately hit Ramos after hurting Salah? Yes, this is possible. Regarding Salah's reaction to his beating of Ramos, Lovren said: "I will not tell you, but he laughed."
  13. There a great documentary/interview with Klopp/review of the season here:
  14. Oh god I've just been back to my home in Whiterun and found Lydia sat upstairs! She's been there for 6yrs! I feel terrible.
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