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  1. I've been on my third play through of this, on and off over the last couple of months. Turns into such a different game once you've got the infinite ammo magnum and grenade launcher!
  2. Slightly worryingly I think after that latest episode I'm now on #teamhoward
  3. Just confirming the Gold conversion still works, my Ultimate ran out yesterday and I've just extended until end of April 2025 for £109 + £10.99. CDKeys currently have 12 months Gold on offer for £36.50: https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/12-month-xbox-live-gold-membership-xbox-one-360-eu-uk-cd-key
  4. Brave of Pep to go with a false No. 1 today.
  5. Can the Spurs boys ease off a bit now please, we need to keep Frank in post for a while.
  6. I'd say the default OS is functional, but you get a far better user experience setting up and using 351ELEC: https://351elec.de/
  7. Yeah I've still got my original awesome GBA SP famicom ed (imported from Lik-sang iirc!) with an EZ flash cart, which is now basically redundant.
  8. Late to the party as usual, but I picked up an RG351P recently (from here) and have been experimenting with it over the last few weeks. Reflashed it firstly with the ELEC351 v2 OS, which is definitely FAR more user-friendly than the default OS it comes with, and then added a load of roms I already had from when I was playing with PC emulators years ago. It's mainly a nostalgia tool for me, so loaded it up with some Atari 800/Amiga/SNES/MD/ScummVM/classic MAME roms. For anything up to 16bit stuff it seems perfect, and even Mario64 runs pretty much perfectly as far as I can tell (it certainly matches my fading memories of it), but it does struggle with some of the more advanced N64 stuff, though that doesn't really bother me for what I wanted to use it for. It also seems to be the perfect GBA emulator, the form factor more or less identical, and loads of great versions of classic Nintendo series were released on it, and quite a few Amiga games were also ported to it (Wings, IK+, Lost Vikings, Speedball 2, Soccer kid etc.).
  9. More importantly, it was just absolutely imbecilic behaviour from Martinelli, I don't think I've ever seen anyone at any level of football attempt to disrupt a throw-in like that before. Why on earth would you push someone over as they're taking a throw-in?!
  10. Maaan, I wanted to like this I really did, and I am usually pretty forgiving but the sheer amount of contrived and nonsensical nonsense in this really soured it. Feels like a load of ideas that seemed reasonable on paper but incredibly poorly executed. Such a strange and inconsistent series (bar the two additional eps of the Mandalorian).
  11. Dear Esther was only released commercially in 2012 (and it's great). I also really enjoyed Kona, has a few more adventure game elements than some of the others and a mild survival mechanic, but is very compact, well-told story in a single location, nice bleak Canadian wooded setting.
  12. I'd be amazed if any of the players had had any more than a slightly confused nod's worth of involvement in this. Also looks obviously farcical that they can't include any of the team's branding in the images.
  13. Heads-up that the Senegal v Equatorial Guinea game is live on BBC2/iplayer shortly. Mane is playing despite that head injury in the previous game.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60033711 "Mane curled in off the underside of the crossbar soon after keeper Vozinha had been dismissed over a nasty clash of heads with the Liverpool forward. Mane continued despite appearing to be briefly knocked out in the incident. After celebrating his goal he lay down on halfway, and before the game restarted he was led off the field." Fucking hell.
  15. Yeah he wouldn't have looked out of place with this crew:
  16. The vest changing colour thing always used to puzzle me when I was younger, so it's definitely always been there. I mean, it's obv reflecting the fact he's spent an hour crawling through the ventilation ducts but it's just so uniformly khaki that it clearly looks like a different top.
  17. Excellent job by Everton tonight too!
  18. Is there a stat for most goals scored from an opposition corner? If not there bloody should be.
  19. It is, it seems so crass, celebrating the 15th goal with the same gusto as the first. If this was my U13 team we would've invited the opposition to add a couple of extra players by now and swapped all my defenders and attackers over!
  20. This is so fantastically self-indulgent, I think its only failing is possibly in how it was advertised to set people's expectations. Anyone with only a passing interest in the band and music is never going to be drawn in, it is a real labour of love unashamedly made for the superfans who will obsess over the detail. I was never really a massive fan of the music, but have appreciated it far moreso as I've gotten older, along with the global influence, but growing up on Merseyside and with both parents from Liverpool I couldn't help but absorb it in the background. There's just so much you can take out of this, it's all the little nuances and interactions between them as they're chatting and jamming that make it for me. Anyone who has ever been part of an even semi-serious band will recognise the dynamics in discussions and tensions as songs are developed, rehearsed, trying to tell someone to play something differently or not to play is almost impossible without coming over as being critical. I'd also wondered if maybe Yoko's presence had been overstated over the years, but she's just permanently there almost surgically attached to John's shoulder (Spinal Tap was so on the nose here!), it must have been so irritating for the rest of the band, you can see by this stage they are all *completely* ignoring her. Only watched the first two episodes so far, looking forward to finishing it off tonight.
  21. Finished this off the other night, just over 16hrs on the clock. Fantastic game but definitely takes a dip towards the end. The whole section didn't really work at all for me. Was all set for an immediate re-run using an infinite ammo Magnum but realised that I'd missed an upgrade for it, which is right towards the end of the game, so I'm basically going to have to do another complete run-through without it first (albeit with some significantly upgraded other weapons), not sure I have the stomach to do it again just yet. Will do eventually though. Having the infinite Magnum makes it into such a completely difference experience, almost playing a different game.
  22. Yeah there absolutely is!: https://www.jessicajonesdesign.com/hallmark-christmas-movie-bingo/ It is amazing how many of these there are, and that they're all more or less identical. I found myself watching one the other day and ended up watching right the way through. It was amazingly awful.
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