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  1. I sunk a load of time playing this with my seven year old yesterday, it really is wonderful. Jumping around from marble runs to beat ‘em ups to space shooters to fun little multiplayer romps (Turn Left Duck had us in hysterics), and everything loading in a few seconds means there’s no downtime. While there is some really polished stuff up already, I think the fun is in embracing the jankiness of many of the creations. And that’s much easier when to do when considering I could barely place a block in the first Dream Shaping tutorial! My only negative is the Made in Dreams watermark on the bottom right of the screen, it’s there all the time and I’m convinced it’s a burn in risk for my OLED. Can’t see any way to turn it off unfortunately. P.S check out Witchy Woods for a deeply meditative take on the nature of fear.
  2. sammy

    Uncut Gems

    I reckon somebody coming to the end of a career, particularly in sports where physical ability may be fading, might be more likely to get desperate about an object that they feel could prolong their glory.
  3. Joining the Uncut Gems love. I read somewhere it’s the movie equivalent of a panic attack, it was certainly very intense. And Julia Fox, damn.
  4. I think Oscar may have been too distracted wanking that out and missed the actual film.
  5. Anyone caught Cheer yet? Six part documentary following a top Texas cheerleading team in their search for another national title. I thought it was really good, some incredible athleticism with a high risk of injury, and (mostly) likeable students and coach. Definitely worth a watch.
  6. Looked a touch on the small side to me.
  7. I’m playing through RE7 with my 16 year old lad, admittedly we’re only an hour in (just beat the first ‘boss’) but it’s one of the most intense gaming experiences I’ve had. Taking turns until we die/it gets a bit too much, we’ve giggled nervously, sworn, whimpered and generally been a bit like the film crew in Blair Witch Project. Absolutely no fucking way on this planet would I be playing it on my own.
  8. Finally picked a headset, camera and a few games up today. First thoughts: Holy Fucking Rez. Played some Astro Bot - mind blown. Going to trawl through my library and work out which games have had VR updates, probably going to buy Polybius in a bit and am definitely eyeing up some move controllers. Amazing bit of kit
  9. Really good, but the grimness was slightly undermined for me due to Friday Night Dinner’s Martin “lovely bit of squirrel” Goodman in one of the key roles. Took me right out of it every time he was on screen.
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