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  1. Ah! I’ve just started Season 3 - it really is an amazing show, great characters, script and acting. And Bosworth, man I fucking love that guy
  2. Aye @gooner4lifeits not concern trolling, we all know what that looks like, this is just good old-fashioned concern. Just because it’s always been an issue doesn’t mean Sony shouldn’t be sorting it out. As an aside, fourth news item on BBC Breakfast this morning was the PlayStation 25th anniversary. They don’t even have to try.
  3. Apparently there’s going to be some hands on previews with the hardware from gaming sites going up in the next hour or so (according to ResetEra).
  4. I got some Cabin in the Woods vibes from the latest episode, great stuff.
  5. What’s the deal with Game for console preorders, if we’ve chosen delivery from store will we be able to just turn up on the morning of launch and collect it? If so I’m booking the day off work!
  6. My C9 is thirsty for HDMI 2.1. I want some of that instant loading, crazy haptic, resistant trigger goodness. 2020 has been utter wank and I’m treating myself. My lad will fucking hero worship me for at least a week.
  7. Has anybody preordered from Game and not received an email confirmation? I think the site was getting rammed last night as I couldn’t sign in and had to use a guest checkout.
  8. What’s with the Oddworld hate in this thread? Strangers Wrath was an absolute banger!
  9. Can’t embed the tweet but OPM uk are stating UK pricing for games is up to £69.99. Still too pricey, but by buying PSN cards from shopto/cdkeys you’d be looking at saving another tenner. Which brings it just below my “fuck that noise” territory. Just.
  10. There’s some 4K videos up on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Demon’s Souls looks stunning.
  11. Ssssshhh . No @gospvg you should definitely sit out the first batch, there’s going to be bits falling off all over the place!
  12. Who are people going with for preorders? I pre-pre-ordered with Shopto in June for £0.01(not entirely sure how that works!), but might hedge my bets with Amazon as well if it’s looking like supply is going to be short.
  13. I’m very much looking forward to Dinner Villeneuve’s take on the Weirding Way.
  14. @Ry More that you’d need the deductive powers of Sherlock to reach such a definitive statement while we don’t yet know the launch line up for either machine. (I’ll come back and edit it to a Mystic Meg emoji if you’re right )
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