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  1. Peaty is an absolute machine, supremely self-confident but not arrogant with it, he comes across really well in interviews. So fucking chuffed for Tom Daley as well, the shite he’s had to endure over the years. I too had a leaky eye at the medals presentation.
  2. I feel like the restaurant critic at the end of Ratatouille except I’ve been transported back to a moment of abject terror instead of delight. Mr Scarecrow! Fucking hell that’s nightmares for me tonight.
  3. @KartoffelKopf Yes! just finished a rewatch with my wife last night, wonderful stuff. Roy Kent is a great character, I hadn’t realised the actor who plays him is one of the writers on the show. I see the guardian gave it a 2 star review, opinions and all that but he talks about Ted’s character being arrogant?! Surely up there with their Chernobyl review as completely off the mark.
  4. What the fuck is this @Fry Crayola WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.
  5. Enjoyed the Goodfellas homage at the beginning of the final episode I’m glad I checked it out, usually avoid Clarkson like the plague but among the insufferable oafishness a different side of his personality came through. Kaleb was a star, so much knowledge and ability for a 21 year old.
  6. According to resetera it’s now targeting 40fps in fidelity mode.
  7. @jonamok yep feels pretty nailed on for a PS+ release in the next few months. Appreciate you taking one for the team though
  8. sammy

    Apple TV +

    We’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes of Physical, darker than we were expecting - Rose Byrne is awesome as always and the 80s vibe is great. Possibly a bit of a guilty pleasure but I’ve loved Trying as well - Rafe Spall and Esther Smith as a couple on a journey to adopting children, lots of sitcom tropes but they have great chemistry and there’s a couple of Green Wing alumni in there which always gives me a smile.
  9. @kempstar I watched them a fair while apart so difficult to compare directly but I found the violence in Possessor (uncut version) more graphic and difficult to watch.
  10. Not that presentation is the be all and end all but the first thing you see is a highly pixelated pennant flapping in the breeze at 15fps. Feels like the game’s been rushed out half-baked but the combat felt ok (only played through the tutorial), will give it an hour or so later on.
  11. Only watched the first episode so far, fucking hell it was tense. I got a knot in my stomach from the opening scene that just didn’t go away. Sean Bean was incredible and provided a mirror for how I think I would be feeling and behaving (although not at all convinced I would be able to challenge the prick who nicked his phone call). Great writing and acting all round.
  12. This game is a playable bullshot. At 60fps. And we’re only 6 months on from console launch! It’s going to be an absolutely glorious generation.
  13. @scoobysi you’ll have it bought and pre-installed by 10pm
  14. My wife and I were both sat in tears at the end, a beautifully pitched show. Even though I absolutely loved it, I really hope they don’t feel the need for a second season.
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