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  1. zoo

    Edge #345

    I missed some of the usual features - but the artwork was stunning, its the reason i still have the print subscription as well as digital - it did cheer me up and loved the rainbow pages from the side. A good read, which is needed currently, also gave me a couple of games i had missed to potentially try out.
  2. Been handed an Adman Grandstand Video Entertainment computer that was found in a relatives loft - its not boxed but has 7 cartridge games. From a quick scout on google it was the first cartridge based video game system, from 1978. I'm not a collector and wondered if its worth anything or anybody is keen to have it?
  3. zoo

    Xbox One X

    My son has an issue with this as well - updated the controller through the settings still nothing. Had loads of issues, tried it in a brand new controller and works fine, so I guess it must be the connection. Any suggestions gladly received
  4. If you liked uncharted you'll love this - some great visuals and enviroments that the games take place in, even in the middle where you end up going around an open world space trying to find a bunch of stuff it didn't feel overly repetitive. With a low price point its well worth picking up. I loved it.
  5. Like many of the answers above its a tough question - I think your first console always plays a big part in your evoloution, so after the Spectrum/Amiga days, I went into dixons and bought a SNES with Street Fighter (I say I bought it - it was on a store card where I was paying it off for about 2 years!) but I was about 19 and had my first job so could get games when I wanted and no responsibilities...it was a great time of my life. Importing a PS1 from Japan and having to buy a new TV (Radio Rentals) was a great experience, DreamCast was an amazing time for games and as someone else said it felt you were a little hardcore when you had one as the new millennium started. Something special when my wife bought me a PS2 on Xmas day (nothing beats new hardware on Xmas) and then the nightmare of trying to track down everything I needed for my 360 on launch day when the shop didn't have any HDD for the unit!. The Gamecube was just beautiful and the Screen on the PSP with ridge racer - a real wow moment especially as I had to import that as well. Xbox One / PS4 are both great as well...but since March the Switch has just been stuck by me - travelling its there, late at night I'll have a game in bed before I drop off, and its there next morning. It fits into my life, with 3 kids caning Minecraft, rocket league etc on there Xbox ones I can pick the switch up and play. traveling long haul with work becomes something to look forward to, just to get some game time...plug into the seat and 8 hours later i'm landing. So I would have the Switch and the SNES as joint favourite as they seemed to fit my life style at that time.
  6. My youngest wants a switch for Xmas and i'm tempted to get the Mario Odyessy limited edition Switch (basically red joy cons) and the game, plus Lego Worlds and Rayman. I can't seem to see if its a digital download for Mario, as I want to grab the game out the box and play it on my switch from tomorrow. Anybody know if its digital or boxed product - Game website doesn't seem to specify.
  7. According to the blog post on playstation.com its a standalone game. Haven't seen any conformation that it will be included with the season pass.
  8. Really enjoyed Brothers - A tale of 2 sons. I know its been out on the 360 for ages but picked it up for the Xbone and loved every minute. Finished Rise of the tomb raider over Xmas which felt like more of the same, which is fine by me. Also went through Lego Jurassic World, did this with my youngest so it was nice to from that point of view, decent enough Lego game. And hes now looking forward to the Lego Avengers Assemble
  9. zoo

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    First game in a long time to really grab me and pull me in. Finished a few games in the last few months, but some were a chore in parts. Never felt this with Tomb Raider. Never played earlier games in the series, I think after 30 years of gaming the Tomb raider glory years found me in my early 20's where every spare pound went on going out. Beautiful world, and a great game.
  10. Cheers for the advice, I will try the various stratergies tonight and see what works!
  11. i'm stuck there... have been for about a week, any advice? trying to defend the wheel till the chopper arrives and getting overrun
  12. zoo

    Water Cooled 360...

    Well I guess Microsoft do have some Borg tendencies with the way they deal with the competition.
  13. Well I guess all of us have had heat problems with the 360...but its a brave man who attempts this! A water cooled 360....... Any one mad enough to have a go! http://www.onansdisciples.com/modules.php?...wtopic&t=17 I did a quick search and couldnt see it posted elsewhere...
  14. I was browisng around while still in bed...it was a bit of a lazy post...sorry
  15. did a search and couldnt see this anywhere... a gimmick or maybe the start of something quite neat. The current setup obvioulsy wouldnt sit well in homes but I guess if they could package it right it could be worth trying. http://on10.net/blogs/laura/Z-Dome/
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