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  1. ravon

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sea of thieves that is all
  2. XSX day one, have a PS4 pro and a standard Xbox one. So will have a lovely 4k jump for sea of thieves
  3. 1988 C64 Got a few, speedball, last ninja 2, forgotten world's, prefer drift..
  4. ravon


    Looked like viva piñata to me
  5. ravon

    Sinden Lightgun

    Finally an answer for my point blank fix
  6. I think Al is going to do another dansak recipe, that’s a dish that has a sour note.
  7. It worth looking at basics with babish on YouTube, very informative and simple to follow.
  8. Managed to do Al’s chicken tikka pieces and then put them in his jalfrezi, both turned out very very good.
  9. Chicken Methi turned out brilliant
  10. Wild weather are doing 10l boxes of there new brew
  11. It's very delicate but complex, I have done the one from the curry secret book a good few years ago which I found a little to bland so I have high hope for this... And with it been lockdown I have the time to spent.
  12. Just whipped up my first batch of Al's base gravy V2, just need to work out what I'm cooking tomorrow with it...
  13. Fuck that bitch Carole Baskins. also worth noting louis theroux did an episode with joe exotic.. ps.. joe exotic stole all the songs and it’s someone else singing lol
  14. My guilty pleasure is definitely Wraith
  15. I also had terrible time getting into the 1st season and only recently went back to the expense.. on S2 E12 and I'm so happy I went back to it... 2nd season is so much better paced it's really keeping my interest...
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