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  1. There's definitely some changes coming in season 2, will have to see if they hold up.
  2. In love with this game it's just a real nice relaxed feel, about 10 hours in not done the 1st boss yet. Just love gathering and building little dwellings while exploring a little further afield.
  3. New update came out today to stabilise it
  4. Yeah unfortunately on the app it's just on/off for the noise gate, I'll try the mic cover if that doesn't work I'll send them back and have a look at the razer's instead as I know the mics decent even at the cheaper end...
  5. I’ve recently picked up the turtle beach stealth 700 Xbox edition really nice headset except for the fact the mic is far to sensitive. It picks up every little thing in the room, I was using the wired razor kraken mercury and the mic sensitivity was spot on.. I have turned on the noise gate and updated to the latest firmware on the TB’s, would a mic cover help with background noise..
  6. Just seen that bbc iPlayer will be the new home of Bellator all shows streamed live apparently
  7. Really liked the season but didn’t love it, Naomi constant whining and moaning got tiresome.
  8. Make sure the last pillar is exactly made up of the other 3 pillars... The lock and key can be upside down and the chains can be horizontal or vertical...
  9. Wasn’t a galleon reaper boat was it because that might have been my crew..
  10. Squaring the sails in the sloop when running into the wind will out run a brig or galleon
  11. Was a pleasure and both of you got to grips with everything really quickly.. And decent amount of gold to enjoy, can’t wait till later when the update is live will definitely be sailing later.
  12. Need to be in the same rough area, so Europe for example then start the game exactly at the same time. If you have a good few of you and you all do it you will get on the same server eventually... once in game just kill yourself and meet on the ferry it’s the quickest way to do it..
  13. Only time you drop is in a storm, left to open if it’s down by an island as you can’t rotate the ship to collect treasure or to broadside an incoming ship.
  14. More stuff to grind towards is always good... Just need more reason for gold though.. have nothing left to spend gold on...
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