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  1. Same old, same old.. Definately won't be renewing my sub.. this mag has been going stale, boring and predictable. I hate the layout, I hate the same old header font that has been used for years now. The screenshots are awful, small, cropped. What's the point of a screenshot if it's shit? Most of the writing is just uninspiring and unoriginal, one might just read a wiki article about a game instead. It's a waste of time and money.

    I wan't a retro mag in the line of the Edge Retro specials, why can't i have one?

  2. Pretty disappointed to be honest, not the great 50th issue I've looked forward to.

    Still very low quality in many screenshots.

    Examples: Top 10 Dreamcast games. 10 ugly screenshots.. blurry, weird colors, cropped.. COME ON. Does not exactly show just how beautiful they look in real life. There are lots of others.. Lemmy (yes he is ugly by default but he deserves a decent shot at least), some of the Giana Sisters shots, Let's Go Jungle photo, some of the GTA shots.

    Same thing every month, don't you ever check how the images turn out before printing? I really do think the magazine is in great need of layout overhaul. I'm sorry but also content wise the magazine has started to slip over the last 6 months.

    And not having Crazy Taxi in the Top 10 Dreamcast games is truly BIZARRE. Not even F355 Challenge or Under Defeat, which both are way better games than MSR and Shikigami No Shiro 2, are considered (however F335 Challenge is mentioned in the article, I must check that one out). :(

  3. Next issue needs to be nuked from orbit already.

    Spectrum special.. that issue will probably last no longer than 5 minutes for me. Don't misunderstand me, I think the RG team is doing a good job putting the mag together (some more arcade/obscure would be nice though) but sorry, lately it feels like the magazine has been going downhill with all the really old stuff. #47 was pretty weak IMO. Others might not agree..

  4. Only had an Amiga, don't know how the ST games were so..

    Absolutely essential:

    It Came From The Desert

    Future Wars

    Stunt Car Racer



    North & South

    Speedball 2


    Batman The Movie

    Blood Money

    Monkey Island 2


    Super Cars 2

    Kick Off


    The Chaos Engine

    Buggy Boy

    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2


    The First Samurai

    Rocket Ranger

    Pinball Fantasies

    Pro Tennis Tour 2

    Silk Worm

  5. Haven't got mine yet, but it's a nice cover.

    I really like the collector's corner and the old gaming magazines features in recent issues.

    I enjoy the arcade inspection very much too. Don't care much for the pre-1985 stuff though.. I'd like to see some/more of:

    The Great Giana Sisters

    Neo Turf Masters

    Emergency Call Ambulance

    Scud Race

    In The Hunt

    Raiden Fighters

    Jambo! Safari

    F355 Challenge

    Propeller Arena (and other unreleased games)

    More Amiga games

    Fujitsu FM Towns

    Sharp X68000

    Naomi games/hardware

    Joystick/pad/controller article

    C64 & Amiga cracking/demo scene

    SID 6581 article

    Generally more obscure gaming - loved the gaming illuminati feature John did before he quit

  6. I missed the Crazy Taxi one :( I'm so gay for Crazy Taxi. Yus! Strider! Dreamcast issue, chop chop! Make it a good un <_<

    Unfortunately it was partly ruined by the low quality screen shots, possibly some of the worst I've ever seen of Crazy Taxi.

  7. I'm getting tired of reading about Rare and their games.. otherwise it was an OK issue, I enjoy reading Stuart Hunt's articles.

    The compilation feature was a great idea, hope it will be a regular thing, screenshots would be nice though.

    Does anybody read the homebrew section? Waste of space..

    Or the retro price listings? 6 pages wasted in my opinion.

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