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    It's Out!

    so metal slug 3 is out on friday? loooovely.
  2. this is way off topic but - don't bother with it - it is SHIT. as is most of the other games from that "Play It" budget range. IMO only Road Trip Adventure is somewhat playable/fun/original. They have also released the Strikers 1945 1 & 2 budget pack, don't know if it's good or not..
  3. PS2: Battle Gear 3 (probably will play this down in the arcade too) Kaido Battle 2 Initial D Special Stage drifting heaven!
  4. A new version of Outrun 2 will be released in december in Japan
  5. yes! spent a lot on that game.. used to go to my local arcade between classes playing the likes of championship sprint, ghosts 'n goblins, outrun, commando, chase hq, mikie and bomb jack.
  6. just recently bought the 3rd season DVD box and i'm enjoying it as hell! the funniest sitcom ever? i think so. no wonder Frasier have won the most Emmy awards in history. i must now get the 1st and 2nd season as well. and when the rest of the series are released i will be in heaven.
  7. yeah, how can anyone complain about something that's completely free. i have the greatest respect for the people who made NesterDC, SMEG, MAMED, the NeoGeoCD emulator and all the other great emu's. made on their spare time, and freely available. i think it's a good thing that people are trying to do some cool homebrew stuff on the DC, i see nothing wrong with this. so what if they all aren't 100%. and if you complainers are so ELITE - programme it yourself.
  8. it got my attention the other day. a little girl, perhaps around 7-8 years old, stood playing it in my local GAME store. in the game she was about to smash somebody's or something's head in with a baseball bat. as she saw me, she looked up at me and smiled. that was a very bizarre moment.
  9. yeah well thats' a bit worrying. although i think it would be pretty stupid to have a bot at micro-limit poker.
  10. i have recently just started playing poker online. it's great fun. does any of you also play? and how are you doing? i'm playing at very low limit texas holdem. i'm doing ok, make about $20 a day and i play for about 2-3 hours a day. but soon i will be moving up to $1-2 tables.
  11. totally agree with you on that, mate. that and the dreamcast era was the most exciting for me, yet.
  12. i still love playing the classic C64/Amiga games, and NO i don't think they are dull at all. however i think many of the 32 bit games are just plain dull. but it's getting gradually better. at the beginning of the 32 bit era, they used the graphics and FMV's as a replacement for gameplay. or alternative, they tried to pull off stunts which the hardware couldn't do and it resulted in poor games. in the 8/16bit era they put the gameplay in the front room. that was what 'sold' the game. but as i said, i feel it has been getting a little better again for the last 5-6 years, when the Dreamcast and the PS2 arrived. and i regard Tomb Raider one of the Worst Games Ever Made.
  13. well i'm certainly no expert at all, i just like the homebrew/emulation scene on the DC it's fun tryin out some of the great stuff. both NesterDC and SMEG works perfect in my opinion (full speed, full compability) and are easy to set up, especially if you use a tool like DC Factory. It's a tool which you use to put all the roms and the emu on one disc. NesterDC supports Game Genie too. check out DC Emulation , it's one of the best sites for DC emulation, there are lots and lots of great stuff there and a messageboard. the NeoGeoCD emulator looks very promising, but sadly some of the other stuff has been abandoned.
  14. as a very good Neo Geo CD emulator exists and works great with Neo Geo CD's it shouldn't be impossible to do.. Link to the Neo Geo CD emulator
  15. it is still very early days and the games run slow and it's buggy.. but hopefully they will continue to work on it. they have done a great job so far, considering there hasn't been a good emulation of SNES yet on the DC. an Amiga is even harder to emulate. haven't tried the ST emulator yet, but it is supposed to be very very good. these guys are talanted. the DC homebrew scene is great.
  16. .. it is sure great news. the development has just started and it looks great already. they also got a very near perfect Atari ST emulator going.. the cute little white box refuses to die Amiga emulator UAE4ALL Other DC emulators - Amiga500 with 1MB RAM. - Frameskip 1 close to real speed. - Menu System: select frameskip, sound, throttle... - Filemanager (load and reload floppy images). - Virtual Keyboard. - Emulate joysticks and mouse. - Preliminar Sound (not clean and slow a bit). TO DO: - Speed up. - Error handling. - Add Options Menus. - Clean sound.
  17. Borat says: - It's NIIIIIIIICE!!
  18. yeah, it's a shame. i got it but haven't got around to play it properly yet. must print out the translation on gamefaq first as i can't understand a thing in the menues. have to beat Battle Gear 3 and Kaido Battle 2 first also
  19. GBASP - 68,014 PS2 - 28,340 GC - 4,976 GBA - 1,527 Xbox - 326 PSone - 70 Wonderswan SC - 19
  20. so.. is it toploaded then? it would be nice if you would be able to play imports without chipping..
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