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    Drum & Bass

    i was totally into drum & bass in like 97-99 and bought loads of cd's.. i think i have like 70 or so. which are now deep down in my basement. but i've started to dig up a few of them and surprisingly quite a lot of them are still listenable, like the harder stuff by ed rush, doc scott, decoder etc. but some are poo. however, i'm thinking of getting rid of them all. does anybody here still listen to drum & bass?
  2. personally i'd prefer a ps2 conversion of outrun 2.. outrun 2 is HUGE in japan. sega is HUGE in japan. PS2 is HUGE in japan. why the hell don't they do outrun 2 for PS2? it would sell LOADS. but, hey, sega rally 3 might turn out good. let's just hope they keep it arcadey and sega-ish.
  3. nausea

    Chaos Field

    this looks great. is it a naomi conversion? i've never heard of it before though..
  4. the best design: dreamcast one of the worst: amiga CD32
  5. yeah, but have you played this one?
  6. nausea


    i think it's sad if they break up. they were brilliant live too. that song beth gibbons did with rustin man (?), 'tom the model', the other year was great..
  7. nausea


    have they split up? i just love their 2nd album.
  8. i really like these.. oh i must fire the 'meeg up again real soon. Blood Money Drivin' Force Gods North & South Rock 'n Roll Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe Super Cars 2 IK+ Druid 2 Battle Squadron
  9. Philips G7400 - cartridge port is about to break, bought 1984 C64 - no problems, bought 1986, DEUTSCHE QUALITÄT Amiga 500 - first one didnt work, got a new, no problems since 1988 Playstation (chipped) - no problems, bought 1995 Saturn - no problems, bought 1999 Dreamcast - no problems, bought 2000 Playstation 2 (chipped) - no problems, bought 2004 i think it has alot to do how you treat it really. heat, dust, bad handling and children seems to kill the modern consoles more than anything.
  10. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE Borat did anyone see Borat live on Conan O'Brien a couple of weeks ago? that was hilarious! there's a link to a full clip of that on the excellent page Borat Online Conan Real Media Clip "A little bird told me, Conan like a sex crime. High five!"
  11. i came up with some more i used to like: h.e.r.o. the great american cross country road race fist 2 - the legend continues rally speedway boulder dash 3 mega apocalypse
  12. it was released under two names on the c64, bop'n rumble and street hassle.
  13. i'm just a bit confused as it is strange that sega chose (?) it to be xbox exclusive.. it's like saying no to a lot of money as outrun 2 is without a doubt a money generator. but perhaps hardware limitations is the problem. and i will enjoy it on the xbox
  14. bop'n rumble is hilarious. who can resist punching a blind man in the face? or a gorilla?
  15. sorry if this has been asked before, and sorry for hijacking the thread, but why is outrun 2 xbox exclusive? why would sony miss out on this? i can't understand why sega choose to make it xbox exclusive as the game is HUGE in japanese arcades, and the PS2 is still outselling the xbox in a big way over there. latest figures per week are PS2 35409, xbox 334. it would have been huge on the PS2 in japan (and worldwide). microsoft must have paid alot for getting it exclusive, but why didn't sony pay up more? can't the PS2 hardware handle it?
  16. the great giana sisters bazooka bill blood 'n' guts bop 'n rumble (aka street hassle) combat school ghosts 'n goblins ik+ krakout nemesis the warlock delta sanxion starquake traz wizball
  17. nausea

    PS2 imports

    i've noticed that the korean versions about $10-$15 cheaper than the japan versions. as i don't understand any of the two languages, does it matter which ones to get? some guy told me there's more english in the korean versions, but is that true?
  18. well there is a Model3 emulator in the works, called SuperModel. there is a link to it (with screenshots) on the System16 page.. they've got Get Bass working.
  19. you don't have to have a chip to use HDLoader.. no need to have a chip to be able to play imports or backups on your PS2. if your machine is not chipped and you want to play imports or backups without the slide tool trick, the best way seems to be using the HDLoader together with the HDL Dumb or WinHIIP program on your PC. just connect the PS2 HD to your PC and load the HD with whatever you want, then plug the HD back into the PS2.
  20. could you please let us know how it goes? i'm very interested in this hd thing as it means there is no need for a mod chip to play imports, you could just use the slide trick instead to get the imports installed, so you won't ruin the warranty of the PS2. i am however concerned about the compability issues. i found this list and it's getting me worried. is this list real? or is it just for the HDAdvance version, not the original HDLoader? i want to be able to play my initial D and battle gear 3 imports dammit! i don't know if i'm going to chip my PS2 (and ruin the warranty) or get this HD thing. i know there are LOTS of tools being worked on using this technique, one of the being the HDL Dumb program. it's all very interesting.
  21. Status of GTI Club (Konami , 1996) +Dumped +Not emulated in MAME.. yet ;-) The hardware has similar complexity to Sega Model 1 or 2. The main CPU is an IBM PowerPC 403GA, with a 68000 also. The lower PCB is loaded with custom QFP's. The good news is the ROMs are pretty standard and easily dumped.
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