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  1. sega rally championship scud race <- this will happen soon hopefully
  2. Dreamcast: 36 Saturn: 5 PS2: 6 trying to sell off the crap, just keeping/looking for quality games.
  3. i want some good arcade games for the PS2.. i already got: tekken 4 (namco) vf 4 (sega) battle gear 3 (taito) initial D special stage (sega) and is there any being worked on right now, that's worth looking forward to?
  4. it might be. i was just acting high and mighty.
  5. got any figures to back that up? my source for me, what counts is japan. that's where the good games and hardware are being made.
  6. i think it sells quite well actually. Hardware sales Japan July 12 - 18, 2004 PlayStation 2 - 37,871 Game Boy Advance SP - 30,217 GameCube - 4,684 Game Boy Advance - 1,891 PSone - 276 Xbox - 272 Wonder Swan Crystal - 57 First Half 2004 PlayStation 2 - 1,365,260 Game Boy Advance SP - 1,295,460 GameCube - 340,204 Game Boy Advance - 158,516 Xbox - 18,239
  7. there is a test version of Model 2B here which is fully playable. but unless someone comes up with the doc for the Fujitsu chips (3D co-processor) nothing will happen in the Model 2 and Model 2A emulation. the 3D can't be displayed. see the progress here. Model 2C games are fully playable, like sega touring car championship and the house of the dead. however, a Model 3 emulator is being worked on and it's turning out good so far.. sega rally 2 and scud race.. mmm..
  8. nausea

    Fu Manchu

    just great. no, make that brilliant. king of the road - the best road and car album EVER! B) Fu Manchu "Start The Machine" out sept 14th...
  9. if you like driving games, then sega rally is the finest there is. it's soooo playable! it's a shame they didn't add a few more tracks. it is very hard going back trying play sega rally 2 on the dreamcast (without the 30fps trick)..
  10. if brutal violence don't work, then try some more brutal violence.
  11. it's a shame if it's true about the loading etc because, i really enjoyed the arcade version of route 66, however the reviewer doesn't even know it exists, and overall the review was very bad. who the hell wants to read his pointless rants about "good" programming? somebody should teach him some basic html so his page fits 800x600. and he thinks this is too hard? put this guy in front of ikaruga/F355 then. 18 wheeler on the DC/arcade was quite fun in my opinion, but a bit short. well i might rent it first for a day.. speaking of F355, is there any difference between the DC and PS2 versions? Afterbirth, thanks for that list
  12. i'm an arcade freak about to buy a PS2, so i need some recommendations. doesn't matter if it's import. i'm thinking of getting: initial d: special stage tekken 4 battle gear 3 (i love this in the arcades) king of route 66 anything else out there to get?
  13. it's encrypted and many doubt it will be emulated, it's a shame. that goes with Turbo Outrun aswell..
  14. i'm thinking of getting a PS2, just so i can play the excellent JAP racers. initial D special stage, battle gear 3, kaido battle 2 etc. what would you recommend, getting a very cheap PAL machine and chip it OR getting a slightly more expensive JAP machine and a step-down converter? is the chipped PAL running in 50 or 60 Hz? getting a JAP machine seems to be the better choice right?
  15. i like these MAME shooters.. 1944 The Loop Master (2000, Capcom) Strikers 1945 III (1999, Psikyo) Salamander 2 (1996, Konami) Air Gallet (1996, Banpresto) In The Hunt (1993, Irem) Truxton 2 (1992, Toaplan) Out Zone (1990, Toaplan) and of course Zero Gunner 2 on DC. Yod@ - i love the Psikyo shooters too!
  16. check out these bargains.. Phantasy Star Online 2 - Dreamcast Sonic Jam - Saturn look at his other auctions.. this seller must be on LSD!!
  17. Rival Schools 2 is my favourite fighter on the DC.. totally underrated.
  18. i think VICE is pretty good. VICE
  19. i bought an amiga 500 in 1988.. i sold it in 1993. it had some incredibly good games.. Super Cars 2: Gods: North & South: Blood Money: Drivin' Force: IK+: Rock'n Roll: Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe: Wizball: i could go on and on.. but i don't think there's enough bandwith.
  20. in my opinion the Hall of Light is way better. screenshots, disk scans, box scans, programmers, which hardware it runs on, and every other info about the game you might want to have. it currently has info about 5794 amiga games. http://hol.abime.net
  21. i remember i tried a lot of different joysticks in my C64 and Amiga days. but none came even close to the mighty TAC 2 from Suncom. it gave you a perfect grip. perfect control. it was fast. anyone agree? playing games like IK+ with it was great. it was very hard to break too. the smaller Slick Stick also from Suncom was also good, and it was dirt cheap = perfect for joystick-wrecking games like Hyper Sports and Track & Field if it broke, you got a new one for almost no money at all. but the TAC 2 was THE joystick for me. i didn't like the Wico sticks at all. i mean, just look at the Wico Bathandle... it's just obscene! and soooooo sluggish. but i know it has a lot of fans. nutters. B)
  22. what are the best saturn titles? is there any good PAL shooters out there?
  23. Added Truxton II (Toaplan shooter) and Championship Sprint (Atari racer).
  24. i used to have the Snoopy Panorama Screen. i can't find it, though. it was great, i remember i thought the screen was really good. it's worth quite a lot now -> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...1&category=4315
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