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  1. nice to see some more arcade content for a change. overall RG has too much micro.. but i seem to be alone on that opinion? more arcade! also it feels like there has also been quite a few N64 related articles recently, i'd like to see some (more) Saturn coverage. otherwise it's great!
  2. yeah, that's a great list. obviously everyone has their own old favourites, myself is missing Krakout (Ben Daglish's music rules) and the cult classic Bop 'n Rumble (beating up blind people and gorillas is fun) and a few others, but the selection is really good. i'm definately going to order this at the end of the month.
  3. Looking forward to it, I hope that some of my personal favourites are in there somewhere: The Great Giana Sisters B) Bop 'n Rumble (aka Street Hassle) Krakout Bazooka Bill IK+ Hero Commando Ghosts 'n Goblins
  4. nausea


    it's called Raw Danger and is about to be released next month in the US. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/751/751526p1.html
  5. S0L, thanks for clarifying that. Will pick up the JP version then. OutRun 2006 C2C / OutRun 2 SP is the best arcade racer ever released on a console.
  6. OutRun 2 SP will be released in japan very soon for the PS2. http://outrun2sp.sega.jp/home.html does anyone know it the original OutRun 2 is included as well (as was the case with OutRun 2006 C2C)? what does make it interesting is that the japanese version supports wheels. i might pick it up just because of that. but i want to be able to play the original OutRun 2 as well, i like that better.. apart from the standard edition, there will be a limited edition with a soundtrack CD, and also a special 20th anniversary box containing OutRun soundtracks from lots of versions from 1986-2007.
  7. they better be. i was about to order a $59 chipped Dreamcast.
  8. The Great Giana Sisters - a classic. lovely gameplay, gfx, music Krakout - very nice horizontal breakout game Commando - great conversion with incredible Rob Hubbard music Ghosts 'n Goblins - another fine conversion, the music rules IK+ - still plays brilliant
  9. DrMD on the Gizmondo is perfect.. SquidgeSNES is also very very good.
  10. yeah i read it, i even pay for it. and i enjoy it. haven't got the new issue yet, so... but there has been very little pure arcade content in past issues compared to micro/console. oh and sorry about the suggestion, won't happen again..
  11. yeah. right now it is like 99% micro computers and console. there were literally hundreds of classic arcade games released between, let's say 1985-1995 alone. there's so much to write about.. games, fantastic cabs, high score scene, arcade culture, companies, developers, arcades.. so come on RG, bring us some arcade love.
  12. any way of getting this for us who lives on mainland europe??
  13. glad to hear that, Strider, there is a lot to cover in that area. up to this point, Retro Games has mostly been about micro computers and consoles, arcade has been left out almost completely. lot's of interesting stuff to cover - developers, companies, machines, games, players and the overall arcade gaming/highscore culture. it's not dead, it's alive - it's just gone private. it would also be nice to see a big feature on the arcade scene in japan. arcade is still huge there, especially in shmups/fighting, and in recent years, dancing/rythm..
  14. i'm thinking of putting a PAL Saturn PSU in my white JP one, to avoid having a stepdown for it. is it possible to switch the board without frying the machine? the board i have is from the "round button" PAL machine. i know this can be done with the Dreamcast, but what about the Saturn?
  15. wow, that cover looks amazing. i'd like to see a lot more arcade coverage though.
  16. It's getting better and better but.. 1. some screenshots and images are way too small. - one example is the Model 2 article in RG25. lots of tiny screens and pics.. it surely deserves better. the review section suffers from this as well. 2. screenshot quality. - one example, the Radilgy screenshots in RG24 were horrible. horrible! as was the Ibara ones in RG25. again, way too small and of low quality. 3. i'd like to see more arcade coverage. games, systems, cabinets, boards, history etc. 4. a cleaner layout, i think it's still a bit messy. simple is best.. 5. ditch A-Z of the 80's.. what's the point?! 6. Archer is boring. 7. the American dude is boring. 8. SEGA AGES OutRun is pure garbage, no matter what anyone says. other than that.. i kinda like it..
  17. new units can be found on ebay and amazon, they seem to go for about £100 now. HMV did sell them for £39.99 at one point. it's likely that thousands of unsold units are being held up in some warehouse somewhere by the liquidators, that will surface at some point. it's actually a great, very powerful little machine. it also plays divx, xvid, avi, mpeg, wmv, flash, mp3, ogg, wma, all possible e-book formats flawlessly.
  18. the emulators for the GP2X are brilliant.. almost all of the runs perfectly and the screen is amazing. now what ruins it for me is the GP2X's awful stick and the overall build quality. my headphone jack has been pushed into the machine and the stick is getting somewhat unresponsive. and i'm very careful with my gadgets. all I can say is that I just got a Gizmondo and it is absolutely perfect for emulation. the D-pad is the nuts! the screen is a little bit smaller than the GP2X's but it doesn't bother me, it's still clear and very nice and so is the overall feel of the machine. love the "rubbery" surface. it was recently cracked for homebrew and it has already GizNester, GizSNES, MAME4All, ScummVM, UAE4All, PSX4Giz and more running.. Reesy is going to port his DrMD and Vobbo his HU6280 (PC-Engine) to the Gizmondo.
  19. "Have a blast.." what a brilliant game.
  20. love the "Arcade inspection". more of that please! love the new cover too..! much better than the last one. i had to disguise myself before buying Issue 24..
  21. Under Defeat is brilliant, one of the best shooters ever to grace a console, in my opinion.. a real quality shooter. G.Rev has an excellent track record indeed.
  22. the greatest death 'n roll album ever made in my opinion! the songs Hollowman, Wolverine Blues and Out of Hand are true classics. this is a masterpiece, i keep returning to it again and again. anyone else here to share the love?
  23. how do you get access to the 15-stage races??
  24. got this game yesterday and I love it.. it looks incredible, for a PS2 game. really, it looks absolutely stunning. it plays like a dream. the slowdowns don't bother me that much. well a bit, but hey.. i don't care about the somewhat confusing menus. OutRun 2 SP is included ..it's just that.. why the hell is there no wheel support!?
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