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  1. not enough people want to read about Spectrum, Commodore, pre 1985 etc stuff. it's just too obscure, unfortunately. the focus of the new magazine should be on console games between around 1986-1996, because that's probably the era that's most popular right now regarding retro stuff.
  2. standard PAL 50hz, no switch unfortunately..
  3. i've just bought an Action Replay to use with my PAL machine, this one -> http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-1v-49-...lay-70-1b2.html it works great with all my JAP games (i can now play Metal Slug - yeehaa!) but Sega Rally is very sluggish and slow, something like 15-20 fps. what is this all about? anyone else have this problem? none of my other JAP games seems to have this problem and my PAL copy runs perfect.
  4. ok, my 1st impressions: what strikes you most are the absolutely STUNNING graphics, certainly one of the most visually impressive shooters on the DC (and on ANY console!). the explosions and pyro are breathtaking, the black smoke looks stunning.. everything is very impressive in the looks department. can't wait to run it through VGA in tate mode. the control is a little tricky the first few minutes, until you get used to it (i prefer the normal control setting), but then it's great and precise. there are a lot of detail and things going on and it feels very polished, but it seems to get hard very quickly, only just managed to get to 3rd stage. i'm not 100% about the scoring, what's best to use and when - the rocket, vulcan etc. i'm sure the guys over at shmups.com has this covered. going to play it more tomorrow, can't wait, it's really good!
  5. i would have preferred any of the Arkanoid games than Space Invaders with cows.. still great though. let's hope the will be a third in this series.
  6. nausea


    totally agree with you..!
  7. nausea


    Sega Rally Championship. with Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi, Rez, Streets of Rage 2, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic The Hedgehog, Virtua Figher 4 Evolution, F355 Challenge, Daytona USA 2, Jet Set Radio and Outrun 2 SP in close second.
  8. i liked the WWF Wrestlemania arcade game.. how is it on the Saturn/PS1?
  9. i'm looking for some good wrestling games.. is there any good WWF game?
  10. Battle Gear 3 (JAP) excellent Taito racer.
  11. brilliant, can't stop watching it.
  12. nausea


    big mistake, S0L.. now you will never get rid of them. the thing is.. i'm pretty sure 50000 Dreamcast owners worldwide are willing to donate £10 each. and don't be surprised if there's a Katana dev kit standing in front of your door one morning. B)
  13. nausea


    crazy http://outrun.clandestinestudio.com/str01EN.html well, good luck with that. how can you not love the DC community?
  14. THANK.YOU. been after that one for a long time now.
  15. i'd say Resident Evil (the 1st). Manhunt was pretty intimidating as well.
  16. the Series 4 tracks are the original Sega Rally tracks, nice one.
  17. magic lord: are you enjoying 2006 too? i like the way tracks from the previous SR games start to pop up.. now i must complete the whole damn thing to see all the hidden goodies. remember, a wheel and in-car view is the way to go. i'm having a blast with this.
  18. right, i've played 2006 now and i'm pretty surprised. after reading things about it on various forums and the (pathetic) IGN preview, i was prepared for the worst. but it's actually good! well most of it. the car models could be better, but you don't notice it during racing. the best view is ofcourse the in-car one. the (very little) pop up doesn't bother me one bit. i'd like to have more cars to choose from right off the start. it's fast! arcadey and very fun to play. the handling is great, but after playing 1995 for hours it takes a few plays to get used to it. like someone wrote, it's a mix between Initial D and Sega Rally 2 (not the godawful Dreamcast version!). people should actually try this game and play it, not just boot it up to see what it looks like..
  19. are the music files on the disc?
  20. Nazca. They only did two games but both are 100% classics.
  21. me too.. Dälek were brilliant, very loud and hard live. Recommended.
  22. i'm really looking forward to it.. it looks amazing (just watched videos of it in action) and the positive reports from people that have played the naomi original i jap.. this is a no-brainer, play-asia here i come.
  23. nausea


    PSX emu being worked on.. early days, but it is looking very promising.. SOTN anyone? http://www.gp32x.com/
  24. how is it, any good? does it differ much from the PS version?
  25. Great news. G.Rev, come on, we want Under Defeat too!
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