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  1. yeah, is it going to be available in mainland Europe? if not, can one order copies online?
  2. nausea


    well, i'm definately going to buy one, when the 'proper' version is available..
  3. nausea


    95% of the "reasons why it's shit" are firmware related, even Gamepark admits the bugs in it, but they chose to release the unit so devs can play with it, rather than delay it. the firmware will be fixed, no question about that. there are hundreds of devs on their way hacking this thing to pieces.. this first production run is really only for the 'hardcore'..
  4. A lot of the games are from the D3's Simple 2000 series.. -> http://fujicity.cogia.net/505/
  5. play.com has: Splatter Master Deep Water Zombie Zone Fishing Fantasy Assault Suits Valken Yakuza Fury Shogun's Blade Demolition Girl Street Boyz Party Girls Fighting Angels Paparazzi Dodgeball Energy Airforce: Aim Strike Bujingai: Swordmaster a lot of the other titles are to be released, the dates have in the past been fairly 'optimistic'. but they seem to be coming out now. i have seen Zoo Puzzle, XII Stag, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Fishing in my local EB Games.
  6. i searched the forum, but that thread didn't come up. anyway, sorry!
  7. alright, can anybody recommend some good playstation 2D-games? already thought of: Metal Slug X Castlevania SOTN Einhander
  8. so it is still available in the UK? i missed out on the Retro special issue when it was available here in mainland Europe. if someone can pick up a copy for me, i'd be very grateful. will of course pay extra for the trouble.. PM me if you can help me out.
  9. nausea


    http://squidgey.co.uk/ COME TO DADDY!! i'm so excited over the potential of this handheld, get me one NOW.
  10. nausea


    several pre-units has been sent out to well-known homebrew coders. so they are already hacking this thing to pieces. but the "real thing" will be sent out late october. http://www.gbax.com the SDK is available online. http://fear.me.uk/gp2x/ it's a digital pad (thank god), supposedly very good by the first impressions.
  11. nausea


    a PC Engine emulator is already up and running.. and the unit is yet to be released.. wow. Amiga is next.. wow. WOW. http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?showtopic=20946
  12. not only do you have the best user nick ever, you did the right thing to buy the greatest console there ever was.. you already got the best game, but get: virtua tennis f355 challenge sega bass fishing jet set radio sonic adventure rez daytona usa 2001 project justice : rival schools 2 cannon spike zombie revenge zero gunner 2 (jap) puyo puyo 4 (jap) tokyo bus guide (jap) ikaruga (jap) cosmic smash (jap)
  13. what is it with everybody? those screens are early pics, first published over 1 year ago, when the game was in the initial stages of development. do you guys really think that SEGA has been doing nothing with the game during the last year? let's see how it moves, plays and looks in january.
  14. why the hell did you post pics that are over 1 year old? we have seen them already (and a bunch of others, about a year ago). the game might not look like that at all now. totally pointless.
  15. nausea


    this is going to be huge in the emulation (and homebrew) scene. the first GP32 got a huge underground following and this will not disappoint. it apparently has a very nice digital pad. no stupid analogue one, like the Zodiac. you can connect it to your TV (with a special s-video cable) to play and watch your movies or whatever on the big screen. i will definately get one of these!
  16. i used to quite like this http://hol.abime.net/633
  17. WTF? are RFTC about to split up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! let's hope it's just a rumour.. i'd like to see them live again, brilliant brilliant band.
  18. nausea


    it came out in 1998 and i still listen to it regularly.. it's brilliant. space lord i love "dopes to infinity" too..!
  19. sorry to be a bit off topic, but is there a good roller coaster game for the PS2? i have Jet Coaster Dream 2 for the DC and that seems cool, but it's a non-RGB game and all the japanese text is putting me off.
  20. WOW. incredible game, i'm really enjoying this. one of the very best games of this generation, no doubt.
  21. i would have liked to see these three SEGA games on a home system (but probably never will): Emergency Call Ambulance i have actually never played this or even seen the cab anywhere, but it looks absolutely brilliant. i can't get this game out of my head, i must play this someday. Jambo! Safari i've played this once and found it really fun. this was actually planned for the Dreamcast in a games pack together with Emergency Call Ambulance and Brave Firefighters. why oh why didn't they release that pack? Scud Race no comment needed. so, what are your favourite arcade games that never got a release on a home system?
  22. finally got to play this.. and wow. best arcade racer EVER! the standard outrun 2 is excellent, but this.. it must be played.
  23. nausea

    Helmet - Meantime

    Quicksand are similar.. Check out "Manic Compression" or the brilliant "Slip".
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