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  1. when you are at it, you might try cleaning the prongs. excellent guide here -> http://gamesmaster.suddenlaunch.com/index....&num=1039811513
  2. How good is the version of Streets Of Rage 2 on the Sega Smash Pack 1 (Dreamcast)? The games on that disc runs though an emulator, right?
  3. that was 100 years ago, get over it.
  4. http://www.genki.co.jp/games/touge/index.html http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-41-15-kaido-70-lny.html i just love those PS2 jap drifting games.. Initial D Special Stage Battle Gear 3 <--------------my favourite Kaido Battle 1 & 2 Touge 3 Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix D1 Grand Prix can't get enough of them
  5. i've never heard of an august release date, what are your sources? Play Asia has always had that "tba" release date. i read that on the System 16 page too this morning.. things are really moving slow with Naomi 3 (if it even exists).
  6. so whatever has happened to this PS2 title? any news? the official sega rally page hasn't been updated since last year. wasn't there supposed to be an arcade sega rally 3 / 2005?
  7. so is it a 100% fluid 60 fps on the JAP version, with the cheat enabled? how much of the trackside detail is removed?
  8. Spy Vs. Spy for PS2.. is it any good? i'm a big fan of the C64 series..
  9. wow incredible.. it's not just the massive amount of games and systems, there seems to be some very odd stuff and toys etc. it must have taken a long time and dedication to hunt down all that and build that room. that must have cost a fortune.
  10. alright, the PAL 'cardboard' Saturn game boxes must be one of the worst box ever. it falls apart by just looking at it. and it's impossible to remove stickers from it. it just sucks. the other PAL 'plastic' box was actually very good. anyone know what the deal was with that? i think i've seen Sega Rally with both box versions.. another one is the Dreamcast PAL one. that was just.. wrong. i think i like the standard new DVD style the best.. or just a plain CD jewel case.
  11. if Cena beats JBL i will go crazy, i can't stand Cena. racist homophobic whigger. i like Bradshaw on the other hand, a great actor. almost every match he does is fun to watch. yes, WWE is getting worse and worse i think.. i mean, Ric Flair is still there?
  12. alright, Bastion Booger wasn't perhaps the greatest wrestler, but it was very funny seeing him disgust the hell out his opponents.. another favourite of mine was I.R.S.. great. and Razor Ramon! and Bam Bam Bigelow.. simply incredible for his size. the most annoying wrestler ever must be Shawn Michaels. i mean, every other wrestler can't stand him. i think The Hitman would agree.
  13. Bastion Booger - best wrestler ever
  14. alright thanks. i think i will hunt down a second, japanese saturn.
  15. i have a PAL sega saturn but i want to be able to play imports, mainly jap imports. what should i go for, the import cart or to chip it? are the games playable with the cart only or is chipping recommended (i have the round button model)? i'm not very good with electronics so i don't think i would be able to solder it myself. i really don't know where to get the chip either.. also, could you please recommend some good jap games? not the obvious ones.. B) thnx.
  16. NAOMI. http://www.system16.com/sega/hrdw_naomi_page3.html#st it's sega. it has funny monkeys. it has bright colors, sunshine and beaches. how can it fail?
  17. Puyo Puyo 4 (better than the crappy Puyo Puyo Fever) - Dreamcast Sega Tetris (the Naomi game) - Dreamcast Bust-A-Move 2 - Saturn all EXCELLENT.
  18. nausea


    you should check out the band Megaherz and their album "Herzwerk II", which is their best IMO. similar to Rammstein in style. i think you can listen to previews on the German Amazon site.
  19. INCREDIBLE. i've also heard "getting smaller" and "the line begins to blur". both very good too, but "the hand that feeds" is excellent. i loved "the fragile", so i'm looking forward to the new album..
  20. nausea

    The Dwarves

    i saw cult punks The Dwarves live this past weekend in Sweden. they're playing th UK this coming week. you don't want to miss them, trust me. it was really spectacular. nothing like i've ever seen before.. HeWhoCannotBeNamed is my God. go go go!
  21. nausea

    D1 Grand Prix

    yes i think he would B) he should be checking out Genki's upcoming Racing Battle C1 when it hits the shops this May.
  22. people who love the arcade? i love the arcade so.. i prefer the control on that over the gamecube's. playing it on the gamecube was weird to me in the beginning, but got used to it. i think it will be good on PS2 too, when you get used to it. well, let's see how it plays when it arrives.. anyway, and this really bothers me, people are so quick on judging games. almost everyone were so quick on bashing Tekken 5 after reading the GamesTM preview last year.. and it turned out ace. you can't judge a game that's hasn't been played or even finished..
  23. http://smbdx.sega-europe.com/ this i must have.
  24. saw this one the other day.. not too impressed with it, i must say.. but.. it's good, bale's good. it just didn't seem to capture me.
  25. i loved 'kurt & courtney'.. hilarious.
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