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  1. nausea

    D1 Grand Prix

    i've played it now and it is very nice indeed.
  2. apparently it wont be released. who cares? Trizeal is coming! G.Rev's "Senko No Ronde" is also coming..
  3. i saw the woodsman yesterday and it was brilliant. easily the best movie i've seen in months. the acting, directing, story, the script, how it's shot, everything is pure quality. it really makes you think about stuff. this movie will stay on my mind for a long time. the scene in the woods was really intense. kevin bacon does his best acting ever in my opinion, he really shines here. the portrait he's giving of walter is nothing but blinding. he should be nominated for an oscar, at least.. film at it's best.
  4. will see this tomorrow.. i loved bale's acting in american psycho, and i have high hopes for this one.
  5. i've just dug out Gradius V again and what a game it is.. a great great shmup. i love Ikaruga even though it's hard as hell. can't play Bangai-O, because it isn't VGA compatible.. why didn't they do it VGA?
  6. nausea

    D1 Grand Prix

    surprised this thread would get a reply anyway, drift racing is huge in japan..
  7. so D1 Grand Prix has been released now. has anyone played it yet and can comment on it? http://www.yukes.co.jp/d1-game/
  8. i liked 'mental hangover' i think it was by scoopex. budbrain was ace! some of the phenomena demos were great aswell.
  9. sega has always and will always come up with something good, playful and unique.. don't worry.
  10. that would be the 'Juggler Demo'. B) for other Amiga demos -> http://amiga.nvg.org/warlock/
  11. well.. as Puyo Puyo Fever was crap compared to Puyo Puyo 4 i really hope this doesnt happen. Sonic Team totally destroyed it's charm..
  12. SOLD another GP is definately coming. i was about to get a GP32 late last year, but didn't.. i will definately get this one, GP32 has a huge home dev/emulator scene and they will jump on this right away, no doubt. there will be emulators for every system for this one in no time.
  13. no they are not that rare. tokyo highway challenge 2 is still very good though!
  14. it will sell very good, like every other DC shooter. the dreamcast still has a lot of active users that buys every new release and has done so the last 2-3 years. i personally think G.Rev will do a DC port of their upcoming Ronde. Trizeal looks good by the shots, has anyone played the arcade? i will definately get this.
  15. battle garegga - the best saturn shooter IMO. sega rally - for obvious reasons
  16. From Dreamcast Scene: this is amazing news.
  17. i have 0.89 and i can play gunbarich.
  18. amiga power's list was a fucking joke.. no it came from the desert? no north & south?
  19. it came from the desert gods ik+ nitro rock'n'roll super cars 1 & 2 wizball north & south you can't go wrong with these, trust me.
  20. if so, get Drivin' Force. great Power Drift clone
  21. i really enjoy these jap imports: Tokyo Bus Guide this is one cool game. alright, it's no Crazy Taxi, you must obey the rules. but it is still good fun. a truly unique game, really relaxing. i wonder if the naomi arcade was as hard as this one? Sega Tetris the naomi game, not the crappy other Tetris 4D and what they are called. it has monkeys and sunny beaches - pure Sega, 'nuff said, get this one. but beware, it get's REALLY hard quick. i'm sure there's an option to set the difficulty level to novice, but i suck reading japanese.. Ikaruga for obvious reasons. a classic shmup already. Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate get the best looking, most authentic port of Psyvariar 2. Cosmic Smash a hybrid breakout/virtua tennis game in Rez-style. very very good and very stylish. Jet Coaster Dreams 2 the jap only sequel to Coaster Works. this is far far better. once you get into this, you can't stop making those roller coaster rides. the sicker the riders get, the more points you get. if they throw up, you are doing good. you can also make a whole park full of attractions, and run it to make money and so on. be sure to download the faq for that though.
  22. then just download it mate. to be fair, propeller arena isn't that great.. just great. THIS would have been out of control though. i've read that there were plans for a dreamcast conversion, but sadly that didn't happen. anyway, back to the scud race. now that there's been a breakthrough in model 3 emulation, we might get to play that thing in our livingrooms.. soon.. perhaps.. oh well i guess i can wait another year or so.
  23. yeah, it's a shame that game pack got cancelled, it would have been awesome. stupid SEGA, they have (had) the best games but they have always been shit at business.
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