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  1. this is becoming really common on ebay, a silly buy-it-now price and a huge shipping fee.. it's against ebay's rules -> http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/list...cumventing.html the fees aren't that high you cheap selling c*nts.. report this guy, someone, please.
  2. Emergency Call Ambulance i've always wanted to test this one out.. don't know why.. it just looks/sounds brilliant.
  3. http://www.mameworld.net/vlinde/ 3D graphics now working..
  4. adding battle garegga, layer section and dodonpachi to that shooter list..
  5. the unreleased bowling game you are referring to is PBA Bowling 2001. it was only a beta, but it is fully playable i'm told. there is a torrent out there.. http://dreamcast.ign.com/articles/134/134757p1.html
  6. no it's not the bowling game, it's a kart racing game. retro? ok
  7. After Half-Life, Propeller Arena etc another unreleased Dreamcast game gets "released".. It was released on the PS2 and Gamecube aswell wasn't it? Is it any good?
  8. any will do but the very very cheapest i think. i got a standard no name, gold plated scart though, cost me £12 for 10 metres and it's got brilliant picture quality.
  9. bonanza bros seems to work perfectly on my machine.. i'd love to have the complete set, going to order it one day. it's not like you MUST play them all.. i have about 100 in my favourite folder (out of 2513).
  10. i grew up with "arcade" games in the 80's. that's still the only type i'm really interested in. halo, half-life, metal gear solid etc don't do anything for me..
  11. i come to think of Major Title or the brilliant Neo Turf Masters (but that was 1996).
  12. i'd love a portable that is able to emulate mame and amiga properly.
  13. it would have been a helluva launch title for the DC though. i still like it.. i played it 2 years ago and i loved every minute of it, looked and played lovely. it's still one of a kind i think. it was something different than the generic GT type racers with bland track design that was released back then.
  14. nausea

    Chaos Field

    alright, maybe i haven't played it enough. a 6 then? but i just found it to be slow, and the gameplay didnt got me hooked. and the ship you're controlling is HUGE. however it's very nice to see games still being developed to our dreamcast.
  15. what makes me sad is that sega released shit like Sega GT and passed this one up.. weird, as it would be a massive hit, it has after all loads of fans. i've yet to play daytona 2001 with a wheel.. i can't control it with the pad!
  16. nausea

    Chaos Field

    well.. i'll answer my own question then. i've played it now and i'm pretty let down i have to say. i had big hopes for this one. it's not awful, but not great either.. just uninspiring. pretty simple graphics, yet some slowdown when massive bullet patterns arrive. it plays ok, don't know if i like the 'only boss fights' layout. however, the soundtrack is brilliant! but i don't know why they will bother releasing the game on the gamecube though... it's out 24/02/05 i would give it a 5 out of 10 score (edge scale) let's hope G.Rev will release their upcoming Ronde on the DC, as i really enjoyed Border Down..
  17. some of you might have seen this before. anyway. a demo was on the dreamcast prototype board and it's a bloody shame sega didnt do the whole game! there. i said it, now i must let it go. i need therapy for this, really.. http://jollyrogerdev.ath.cx/Set2_1/Set2_1.html
  18. there's yabuse dc (sega saturn emulator), for all us dreamcast freaks, being worked on again. http://www.dcemulation.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=60693
  19. there has been an important breakthru in the sega system 16 decryption, by charles macdonald. http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/
  20. didnt know that.. too bad it seems to be crap, it could have turned out great.
  21. for all shutoko battle and kaido battle fans: http://www.genki.co.jp/games/rb/index.html this kind of racing is huge in japan. i saw a documentary on discovery the other week about drift racing over there, very cool indeed.
  22. there are millions of odd jap games.. why not post your links/recommendations here. i'd like to try these two: japanese low riding battle! i want my car to look like this.
  23. i'm to be convinced about the DS's capabilities of emulation besides systems such as nes/sms. after all it's main cpu is quite weak, it's lacking processing power.. i want handheld amiga emulation dammit! B)
  24. well.. confession time. how much money do you spend (on average) every month on games/systems? me: about £80 of which 50% is retro
  25. nausea

    Drum N Bass

    discs i like: john b - visions (2nd disc) doc scott - breakbeat experiments origin unknown - sound in motion grooverider - the prototype years dj hype - true playaz in the mix vol 1 tunes: ed rush - subway ed rush - technology decoder - fog neotech - valves boymerang - soul beat runna that's only old stuff but i stopped listening to dnb around 1998... but it is still good. B)
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