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  1. the gamecube did very good, up 500% since the week before.
  2. nausea

    Chaos Field

    Chaos Field http://www.mile-stone.co.jp/eng/product/pr...g/release_e.jpg has anyone got their copy yet and can tell how it's like?
  3. it's been updated: DS - 198,892 PSP - 160,019 PS2 - 98,323 GBASP - 48,912 GC - 25,359 GBA - 897 Xbox - 385 SC - 44 PSone - 35
  4. very nice idea. but as far as emulation goes, there's really not that much you can do with a 67mhz processor, besides nes/sms/pc engine/snes (maybe). c64 would be great with that pictochat and all, but can the nintendo ds can handle the c64 specific cycle timing issues and the exact emulation of the hardware required?
  5. have you been to liseberg amusement park in gothenburg? i went there this summer and it was wicked, 3 stories high building packed with some great games. played outrun 2 and battle gear 3 til my eyes bled. that park seriously rocked, wow, the big wooden rollercoaster with a 70+ degree downhill, i almost shit my pants twice.
  6. told you not to take anymore pills, jan erik.
  7. the xbox is dead in japan, it died a long time ago.. so no news there. dead as a dodo. pretty sure that the dreamcast would outsell it if it was still being manufactured. what's crazy is that the PS2 sells this good. has there ever been a week it sold below 50,000 units? everytime i have checked that chart during the last year it has been like 50'-100'. it's becoming silly really. a couple of months ago, when the first proper release lists, pictures of the units, and screenshots of both PSP and DS games etc were released, i honestly didn't think the DS would sell this good. those DS figures are great, considering nintendos other handheld is still selling really good. i'm curious to see the PSP figures next week..
  8. Nintendo DS - 468,883 Sony Playstation 2 - 93,829 Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP - 27,313 Nintendo Gamecube - 5,465 Nintendo Gameboy Advance - 822 Microsoft Xbox - 621 Wonderswan SC - 44 Sony PSone - 40 EDIT: links: http://www.m-create.com/eng/e_ranking.html http://m-create.com/jpn/s_ranking.html
  9. anyone played the GBA versions of defender of the crown, the three stooges or wings? are they anything like the amiga verisons?
  10. sonic adventure 1 was excellent when it was released, and it still is. finished it last christmas. sonic adventure 2 looked (looks!) even better but is very flawed in the level design.
  11. games that still has the box in mint condition can be worth some. if they don't get sold on ebay, perhaps it's an idea to ask on the eab.abime.net board if anyone's interested.
  12. also read somewhere that is was edited together, it took forever to do it according to the guy who did it. he's posted how he did it on a forum (cant remember which forum though).
  13. i'll recommend you some C64: archon bop 'n' rumble (aka street hassle) boulder dash blood & guts great giana sisters hero ik+ krakout the last ninja little computer people nemesis the worlock sanxion star quake wizball
  14. i really enjoyed these.. rocket ranger, it came from the desert, wings.. ahhh the incredible atmosphere! at least thats how i remember them. having a 2nd disk drive was a blessing though.. any more cinemaware fans here?
  15. i must play it! does this masterpiece exist on other platforms, btw?
  16. too busy posting on rllmuk and ntsc-uk forums eh?
  17. the Amiga had many custom chips that handles the graphichs and so on, i think that's why it's pretty hard to emulate properly. Amiga custom chips
  18. my tape wouldn't load side 2 no matter how i tried - putting the player upside down, pressing the lid, fiddling with the azimuth thing - nothing worked.
  19. i'll probably get killed now.. but don't know if i'm getting old (yes i am) or losing my interest in videogames (perhaps), but i'm having a very hard time getting excited over new releases. halo? fable? half-life 2? san andreas? sims 2? they don't do anything for me. the thing i like is simple action, that is what i grew up with. but where are those games now? i don't like sitting hours solving puzzles, making slow progress. i want instant action arcade thrills. i love the handdrawn 2D graphics of the old games, some of them are true masterpeices. now, almost all the graphics in new games are being 3D rendered. many are lacking soul and are badly designed. it's not that i hate all new 3D games, i don't. i love VF4evo, Initial D, Outrun 2. but sadly, old school gaming style games seems to be getting fewer and fewer. or am i wrong? most of the games nowdays seems to be semi-adventures, rpg's, sims, 1st person bla bla bla. i've only bought 3 new games for the current systems in the last months, viewtiful joe, outrun2 and metal slug 3. that's why i loved the dreamcast, it had so many games that appealed to me. i'm off.. going to fire up the old MAME
  20. yes that rlyeh dude seems to be one talented programmer. he's working on many at the moment. let's just hope he finishes them all, even though the existing ones seems great. http://retrodev.info
  21. i've given up my thought of getting a Pocket PC for gaming. but how about the Gamepark32? i've read that they are very very good for emulation. the back lit unit 166mhz version looks sweet. does anybody have one? i'm going to use it mainly for nes, c64, pc engine, sega master system emulation. should i go for the Gamepark or perhaps the Tapwave Zodiac? the emulators don't seem to be that good on the Zodiac (yet).
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