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  1. i remember as a kid getting this for christmas 1986 and i really enjoyed it. the SID music was great.
  2. if i lived near your place i would have placed a bid. only £231? i'm amazed, i thought it would go for a lot higher. that winner got a real bargain.
  3. i'm having 2nd thoughts about getting a pocket pc just for gaming.. maybe i should be getting a gamepark32 instead? i've heard they have excellent emulation.
  4. more budget PAL releases? are there any more planned than the King of Fighters 00/01 package?
  5. is there any pocket pc that allows multiple key presses? EDIT: the Asus ones (A620) seems to be pretty good for gaming, has 8 direction pad and multiple key presses.
  6. i'm thinking of getting a pocket pc. are they recommended for playing emulators and such? which model is best suited for gaming (thinking control-wise), processor speed etc? it would be great to run things like MorphGear and other emulators on it. has anyone tried it with a pocket pc? is it any good?
  7. bought the first one cheaply for my dreamcast, found it on the otaku site before they merged with playasia. anyway, i thought it was crap, i had big hopes for that game. but it looked and played like a poor 1st generation ps1 game. plus i sucked at it. B) hopefully this one will be better.
  8. got my copy of metal slug 3 from play.com today. (£14.99 delivered, PS2) the best 2D shooter ever.
  9. only played it on my old amiga, haven't seen the arcade anywhere. i loved it back then. but i assume it's one of those games that can't fully be appreciated if you don't have the proper controller it was designed for. arkanoid, which had the 'knob', is another example..
  10. I.WANT.THAT. but it will probably go for an unearthly sum of money. rightly so! i wonder where you can find those cabinets these days. there must be some of these collecting dust somewhere. or god forbid, most of them have been thrown away.
  11. the slowdown isn't THAT bad.. until level 3, where i found out it's nearly unplayable at some points don't know about the levels after that..
  12. if you haven't found it yet, it's on the 'playagain' site. just google that. and.. -Jeux --Tosec Sets ---Single Roms .. thera ya go B)
  13. until my metal slug 3 arrives i'm playing 'in the hunt' on the saturn to satisfy my 2D needs.. it's good i think (besides the sometimes horrible slowdown). it's also on mame. anyone else like it?
  14. alright, thanks..! already thought of road trip adventure, will check that out. mobile light force 2 is shikigami no shiro, right? SOS looks quite interesting. Mr Moskeeto looks wonderfully weird. oh and i forgot, i might add tokyo road race (battle gear 2 in japan, taito arcade racer).. so-so graphics, but i think the handling is great.
  15. for the saturn and dreamcast you can find those little gems almost by accident. you know, an almost completely unknown (for us in the west anyway) game that turns out to be gold. like obscure arcade ports, puzzlers, fighters, racers, compilations, maybe budget only games that perhaps only were released in japan or slipped out unnoticed here in the west. there must be lots and lots of great games that only got released in japan and asia right? i wonder if any of you can recommend such games to hunt down for the PS2.
  16. my local Game didn't have it (ps2). no surprise there.
  17. nausea

    Ps2 Chipping

    i bought a brand new chipped PS2 (V.9 + DMS3 chip + laser voltage mod) this spring. i'm worthless when it comes to soldering and that stuff, so i stay well away from that. it was my urge to play Initial D, Kaido Battle 2 & Battle Gear 3 amongst others that made me buy one. it set me back around £220, but it was well worth it, and it has 1 year full warranty if it gives up. i just burn games to test them if they're worth buying.
  18. i have 41. the best IMO: Zero Gunner 2 Ikaruga F355 Soul Calibur Crazy Taxi Project Justice - Rival Scools 2 Capcom vs SNK 2 The King of Fighters Dream Match 1999 Samba De Amigo Rez Cosmic Smash Shenmue Psyvariar 2
  19. incredible, this is it, i'm getting one! those videos are mindblowing. and when i think of all the other PSP games.. MUST.HAVE.ONE.NOW.
  20. might have to check it out. tony hawk 2 on the dreamcast is one of my favourite games, but i didn't like the 1st underground at all.
  21. just been listening through some of my mp3's and got to listen to some old ian brown songs i haven't listened to in ages. and i liked themquite a bit... f.e.a.r, whispers, northern lights are all great songs. so how is is new album? or is it in fact new? never heard of it before..
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